Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Saturday, 18 August 2007

And again.

5 More things...

1. Everyday on my way to work, im treated to the gruesome sight of a man with cancer of the testicles ( i assume that is what it is) another with burns on his leg ( i have actually seen him pour engine oil on it maybe to ease the pain or for better effect) another with a swollen face, i have learnt to avert my eyes anytime i hear the music, yes they actually play music, christmas carols in the middle of the year, there are also uniformed 'collectors' speaking into a megaphone telling you to 'help' some people that have inadvertently messed up your day and that will more than likely make more that you in a day (even after taxes) dont get me wrong it is not like i am not sympathetic to their plight its just that it is wrong to have to subject people to this especially kids. many a time, ive had to ask my siblings to search for something on the floor, just so they dont have to see it. its even more pathetic the women with twins, limbs intact begging for money. i guess in Naija, everything na business, even begging.

Nobody is doing anything about this.

2. I saw a cop slap an old man. "cmon shut up" pa! pa! the man was old enough to be his father. the other cops looked on, i couldnt stop my cab could i? lets see "ehn baba oni taxi wait. officer, why did you just slap a senior citizen?" i would probably have been arrested for indecent exposure in my jalabia.

Nobody is doing anything about this.

3. Of all the things affecting this country, high crime rate, not finding Bola Ige's, Funsho Williams and that cute 19yr old they killed b4 elections killers the most impotant thing the police have decided to tackle is indecent exposure? Fork the police! what happened to increasing crime rate? what happened to robberies in traffic? what happened to Agberos? what happened to general security? somebody tell that guy whoever he is that Lagos is no Sharia state. I am against indecent exposure, girls going all nasty, but do you think arresting people for their fundamental human right is going to make things right? do it the right way, educate them, go to their schools, teach them they are wrong, have more time for your kids, stop them watching Beyonce, Rihanna, try Corrine Bailey Rae, she better, India Arie. More importantly you pointing the fingers and calling indecently dressed chics whores stop financing their moves, na you be the Aristo. whoever came up with that law, raise your hand and say you have never given a young girl money to sleep with you. Pharisee.

Nobody is doing anything about this

4. SSS short for super sweet sixteen. that has got to be the worst show ever! it is fascinating at first but after that it is messed up! they make us watch children disrespect people all in the name of birthday parties? sulk if they dont get a car? spend money on jewellery like they were p diddy? what the hell happened to teaching a child to be strong? like my friend asked "if this one na 16th birthday wetin she go do for wedding?" fork that! when children are hungry in dafur somebody spent 140k dols on jewellery alone? like my mom would say "se o sise owo si mi lapo?" did you work and put money in my pocket? when you are giving your child the impression that money would sort out any and everything for you truth is no probs destroy your childs life but for the sake of almighty God MTV stop destroying ours. what really is SSS trying to teach/preach?

Nobody is doing anything about this.

5. The way children dress to the movies, YEPA! kilode? is it that they pack their rags in their bags and change in the bathrooms? abi? ko ye mi o! trust my agbaya'isous friends, they would go to the railings and look down, straight into these childrens cleavages. i blame them not! to them, they are young ladies who need helping abi who no like better thing? later now they would tell me Roman Polanski, Rkelly, Mike Tyson carried underaged children how now? is it under aged commodity they are carrying up and down? or if u meet a girl in the club or where agbalagbas are will you ask for identity card? abi when she tells you she is 21 will you go to her house to find out if it is a lie or not? lets not even go into that worped oyibo sense but meen leave it! these children dont look their ages, dont act their ages, if they want to dress adult then they should be ready to play adult games abi? dont blame the men, blame the parents! while your busy making more money to buy plasma screens for your househelps to watch, your innocent children are not so innocent anymore.

Nobody is doing anything about this.

God save us from the wonders of this world o!

On a lighter side? lets try some praise and worship song. if you know it pls sing along."ota to ba fe doublecross me, igbalandogi won" (enemies wanting to doublecross me (not quite sure what igbalandogi means) i guess they would run down?) i got bad news like2 weeks ago, its taking away about a year of my carefully planned life but hey! no shaking, everything happens for a reason abi? nothing do me.

And so ive had you ask me what PHD means, for those who are truly oblivious, i will enlighten you.

P- quite attractive, beautiful.
H- of a large mass, of great weight
D- Tom, _____ and Harry.

Do the math! hallelu...halleluyah!

Exschnerd, kay and all em peoples that wanted to know why i wasnt blogging thanks for caring, the winches were tring to 'cash' me but they can not succeed. speaking of winches, i heard jist o! some chic was on a bus with one of em preachers in it, i hear it went somin like this..."All women that wear trousers are prostitutes, that wear make up prostitutes, that this...prostitutes, that...prostitutes, it is against the will of God" or somin like that apparently he was going a bit overboard. and for everytime he said something 'hilarious' the chic would laugh hysterically sha to cut long story short, as she was getting off the bus after laughing at the 'preacher' she fell flat on her face. now is that the will of God or just winches?

Holla at your girl!