Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Thursday, 21 May 2009

You Miss Me?

Good Cuz I missed y'all too.

actually I miss YOU a whole lot but fork you! who needs you right?

as usual my life is a series of amusing events, countless watdaforks? have dropped from my lips trust me, it seems to get more and more interesting everyday yet Im bored...contradictory ye?

By the way I met some Benin guy whos some 12years older and who made me produce more fluids than the damn Atlantic Ocean...pity, I cant even remember the guys name.

Maybe its cuz Im off em effers called Men for now (ye ye Bad make up your mind will ya?)

okay lets get it straight. Remember Mr Man? well we finally finally finally scattered, after alot of false starts, I finally gathered enough 'balls' to look past the fact that he is some cute ass mofo who knows how to bone me right and tell him what a jackass he has been and bitch? Im moving, I had never been so mean to him, maybe if I had been that mean in the past he wouldn't have acted the fool. strolling home today he drove past me, damn my pulse quickened, he didnt see me though, he doesnt even know Im in town, funny funny funny. I have many regrets with him, no one is that I ever was good and that I was there for him a whole lot...he didnt deserve it. Ladies is it me or it seem like we ought not to be nice to em guys? they dont deserve it ye?

Most of all I think I regret not cheating on him when I had the chance, but that one don pass now se? If not for the immense satisfaction I would have gotten from gettin laid by YOU atleast now I would have this smug look on my face thinking 'Bitch I wasnt so faithful to you' ye?

past done past

On a fucking hilarious note, there is this Man hittin on me like whao. been at it for say about 2 -3 months now but has currently intensified these last couple of weeks

Ye he goodlookin
Ye he has shitloads of money (not like that matters with me)
Ye he funny as hell

but follow me and say



Cuz Mad is waaaaaay older, I have no Idea how old he is but I estimate 47-50
if you hear this man over the phone ehn you would this he was some 25 year old with all the talk, innuendos and shit. to be on the safe side (cuz Aristos aint my style), I involved one of my uncles make e no go be say bad dey follow baba rugbo on a coded level.

I have said no in different languages but he aint buyin so I have been adviced to post him like a note, my friend sexy thinks I should Chop his money but Im adverse to that, aint no reason to give him a reason to want to do me bad thing. Vik thinks I shouldn't be worried, He a man I'm a Woman, no long tin, why are you so surprised, you can make your own decisions, fuck him if you want!

Have I told you how much I hate Vik? lol

Its not my style...sorry.

I saw Slumdog millonaire... beautiful movie, saw it with Sexy and Blogger-in-the past. the movie was even more beautiful cuz I snogged thru half of it, you know to keep my mind off breaking it off with Mr Man. lol

How I miss him...You

Fuck Him...YOu

wish I could say I am back fully but y'all know I gotta go back to that fucking place. Ill say this guys keep me going on those really fucked up days. all I have to do is remember one of Afro's or Ibi's exploits or think of how much trouble Baroque caused or Man Cee comin out and I cant help but to smile.

Ye I missed you.