Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Saturday, 18 April 2009

What da fork?

Not exactly my close friend,

I dont really do close friends with chics, well, they are few I can talk to and trust CWB, exschnerd and Afro Inclusive

Well sha, just a hi hi jist jist kinda friend

scratch that Acquaintance.

She asked me the question of the century

A threesome!

I felt insulted.

I am so straight you have no idea. and even if I wasn't, even if I did have those tendencies and am willing and ready to explore them...she sorry they are definitely NOT my type.

apparently she and her partner decided I was 'best' for the 'job'

what rubbish!

what am I supposed to do? vie for the role of best supporting actress?

My heart sorry throbbing nethers lie elsewhere, (perhaps far a way in some town four hours away).

I conveniently told her to fork off, really ati iwo ati man e? NOT MY TYPE!

(kinda flattered though) but mostly upset.

now if it were Eva mendez and Denzel Washington asking for a 'crowd'?

I woulda dropped my jeans a long time ago.

As in?


Thursday, 2 April 2009

I am soo Chicken.

He's not Man enough, he is just not it I'm thinking. he is somebody else s everything but me? nah!

so what do I do about it?

let Mr Mean know the truth, maybe there's still a part of me deep down that wants you to shag me senseless but I really don't see it happening, I apologize. I still want to be friends though, I really have missed your sarcasm and the phone calls.

Call up Mr ex and let him know how I feel about us, I decide some 40 minutes later and tell him as much, we prob should never have had this conversation, there's a reason as to why you are an ex like Ibiluv said.

start droppin hints for Mr gimme those orgasms that are rare, so very hard to find. then decide to say it in not so many words, make up my mind we broken up and then realise y'all men dont even see it till it hit you in the head, i'mma tell you to your face

well thats what I planned to do

till I saw him

He had been ill and I had been ignoring his ass in the pre "i cant do this shit no more" mode

I went all putty

"why didnt you call me, I would have come over, you don chop? if you dont eat how you suppose to regain your strength? why the heck didn't you call me?"

and then I remember, He DID ask me to come over in those series of text messages, I was just sooo cold, I didn't bother responding positively.

My lord, did he look soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute with his shirt in his jeans, i didnt realise he was sooo good looking, I could just kiss him there and then, In traffic, aww baby, sexy as fuck.

we hung out for the better part of the day, I couldnt get my mind/eyes off his dick sorry I meant to say buns...and then we had an argument, stupid ass argument, to which I notice he's having a hard on....

"bitch, does this mean everytime we fight you get hard? cuz I could EASILY start a fight with you EVERYTIME if it means mad make up sex is going doooown abi?"

then I remember that one time he forked me soooo hard I ended up in the closet, we had just had a fight...wait a minute, seems to me like he one sick morafoka.

so he's hard, I'm Horny

lets go back to yours babe

errrm nope

I gasta go see my friends mom, he has a meeting.

what a freaking waste.

I missed him I realise, I missed his crase and the way he makes me laugh no I didnt miss the way he drives me up the wall

suffice to say

I didnt do it.

its your fault blogsville, you told me to hang on to the guy that gives me orgasms

okay its my fault Im the one who's chicken.

whilst I try to gather the liver to bounce

I say this with no shame, not an ounce

Bobs, walahi if u saw me now na to pounce

Im so hot for you scratch that I will pounce

Ill call you whatever name you want all na noun

more importantly Im thinking

"bitch please feel free to make my ass bounce."