Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Matrix pt 1

I opened my eyes slowly, didnt want the dream to end, didnt want the sun dodging my curtains and finding its way into my room, not at all.

I had been dreaming, me thinks it was a nightmare. I had been tossing and turning writhing and moaning in Lust, yes the dream had you in it...yes you.

In my dream, you had called to ask if you could pick me up, against better judgement i said yes, against better judgement I felt a million butterflies in my tummy when you walked into the room, I had been on the phone, needless to say I started to stutter dayyum murrafucker you had looked good, in your outfit, you looked good enough to eat, and eat you I was going to.

I looked up like I didn't care, truth is my heart had been racing jumping, doing tic tac toe and suwe, I had gotten up on wobbly knees, formed badt guys and walked out. your fada!

I heard my phone ring in real life but I no gree, this dream was too sweet, you were going to fuck me soon, fuck me the way only you knew how to, fuck me very very hard and very very well. I knew that was true again I had been very very bad, you were definitely going to punish me.

In the dream we stood outside while we waited for credit, you look down from up there and ask me, 'Have you seen me today?' I know thats your way of saying, I missed you, hug me woman!

I held on to you, tried not to elongate it but i felt you, that hardness I crave so much.

next thing I knew, very characteristic of dreams, we were alone,
laughed hard, smoking siga, sippin on bubbly then I grab you and kiss you hard, so hard

did I mention I had missed you so so so so much?

I had to hold on as you held me against the wall and grabbed on my nipples, you Are mean!

you take off my shirt and pull down my panties, sticking your finger in just right and feeling those juices you know you love, dont even try to deny it.

soon they coated your tongue, not one drop going to waste, you know you love it, that juicy poosy, if I could, I would eat me up!

Fuck me!

Fuck me pleeease

you proceed to fucking me

very hard

very very hard

cock me baby

I have missed your mouth you kiss me hard
I missed your tongue you eat me harder
that your trouble causing d*** you fork me hardest

Mission Accomplished you say as you get off 'hmm Mission accomplished?'

it feels as though you were truly on a mission.

to make me want you more and more

I crave you

No not the sex


that laugh, the way you speak, very very razz

you who was there with me before the panel

you who I love to Hate cos it only means heated sex

I want you telling me to 'ride it'

eeediot now you are breaking the rules of engagement

why woman wa'ala plenty like this nau?

I am not afraid

I am more afraid


your own no good o!

then I start to worry, fret, panic

then I try to erase all evidence

evidence showing I have stolen meat from the pot

Soup we no be me cook

Your Mother must not catch me

My Own sef must not catch me

I was worrying

worrying o!


I am jolted awake by my alarm

I am startled

where am I?

In my bed
safety beside me

I had been dreaming! it was just a dream! phew!

... Im off to church for confession.