Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Putting the cart b4 the horse.

I like Man O!

lol not just the way you thinking, I'm thinking as friends, they do make a whole lot of sense, My closest friends are men... stop calling me a man wrapper jo!

Just sitting here reminiscing University days, the worst times ever, those times I was hot and cold at the same forking time, na woman cause am. accusing me of doing somin I never would have done, somin none of my male friends could ever think of let alone say I did.

emi BAD?

It was either yr 3 or 4, I wasn't much of a party goer in school nope, I just wasnt bothered with all the fake hype ye? was friends with this girl and ended up being friendly with her roomates et al.

Rm had tried to hook me up with her Beau's friend, the guy was single I dont think I was at the time but I wasnt serious or somin I no too remember. I had been talking to the guy and replying his text messages but all that stopped after I saw him once as in YUCK! to be fair to the brother he wasnt ugly, he was just not my type, not interesting, didnt set my blood to boil (and you know how much I crave excitement) anyways moving on.

say 1 or 2 months after that the call came

I remember that particular day

not from the guy but from RM

She wanted to know why the fork I had gone to spend the night at her boy friend's house on Christmas day.

she told me how I had called him to tell him I was in the area and if it was okay to drop by, she said I decided by 10 that my 'cousin' couldnt pick me up and I had to sleep over, how he had decided to sleep on the floor but I had offered the bed and how in the middle of the night I had asked him to fork me...and he had obliged.

I might suffer from Short memory syndrome but it cant be THAT bad, all that activity? e pass say make I no remember. the accusation was too mad, telling me not to even bother denying had her sisters and cousins yelling at me over the phone "dont you dare deny it you bitch" I weak.

for starters even if it was Ms Hyde that dunnit, I know I have NEVER missed christmas with my family. it is a rule wherever you are in the WORLD you are summoned home for christmas whatever the cost...they dont care!

How I wan take start explain am? aha! I remembered one of the guys living in our block had seen me at church that night, ask him! she did I think, cuz after that no more accusations (God punish Devil)

it was stupid I was embarrassed for us all, females.

I had no idea who her bf was, never met him, spoken to him once WHILE SHE WAS IN THE ROOM kai woman?

I think she later found out the guy was just a fuck and had been lying cuz after that she tried to call and apologise without saying sorry just that they had discovered the truth actually i think my friend did the calling, the guys (our friends) were soooo embarrassed about it, my friend was as well I was disgusted, that I was caught up in that kin bullshit, it is common knowledge, I hate rubbish...that was rubbish.

how the hell can a guy (with a history of being a pathological liar) come up with that kin bull and you dont ask? you accuse. why the hell do females put the cart before the horse?

what I hate most is our ability to want to act like nofins wrong, lets move on, "girl Im loving your hair where you do am..." like bitch yesterday I was forking your man today you like my hair? ko ma da fun e! that is it cannnnnnot better for you.

I can NEVER be friends with you. who knows what it would be tomoro?

I havent seen her since, didnt even bother adding her on fb, she always lived a superficial life, me? Im thinking of how to to keep loving and apprecialting my Male friends, few female trustworthy friends and of course get on the next flight so I do YOU!

o Ye... I missed y'all too.