Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Dear Dr Naapali...

Dearest Doctor Naapali,

You always have been a deep person,

this is me writing...searching for advice, asking you to please tell me It will be okay.

okay I know it would be okay but...

I really am not myself,

I feel as though my life is in pause mode, I'm not moving forward, not moving least that's the way I feel.

Naapali, I'm losing my friends.

well not exactly,its not like they are dying or saying they don't want to be friends with me again or anything you see Ola is relocating to America this Saturday, we used to hang out alot.

friend of mine has returned to his home...IN ANOTHER STATE,we used to hang out alot too.

one of my closest aburos left home to go school in Jand, she hasnt even deemed it fit to call she having that much fun? (we used to hang out alot 3)

I feel as though I'm about to lose friend no1. will we still hang out alot?

Al is my newest friend, he needs me to be his friend right now, I cannot afford to be weak.

But I am.

very weak.

I read my Bible everyday, I pray to God for strength. I listened to Sam Adeyemi Preach, he is wonderful by the way. he said little that went a looong way. I believed...I believe, I have faith but I am still so weak.

tell me Doctor, what happens when you are not loved as you should, as you believe you should, as you want to?

I feel as though something is coming, anticipating it, I don't want to be dissapointed.

Dear Naapali,

I'm hurting. I want to cry, I want to be held.

I need Jesus, I have him, but I want him some more. only him can save me now.

will money solve my problems? I don't think so I mean, I'm not entirely broke, moreover the best things in life are free ainnit?

Naapali, I have been busy, very busy working on a project, I'm not getting paid for it no but at least I don't get to think about God knows what it is I think about.
and when I'm working I actually smile. When I'm not working, when I'm alone, I am actually not smiling.

Smile down on me lord, I hate these times in my life, I really really do.

I didn't even respond to all the comments on my last post, (guys ema binu your comments used to make my day)

Doctor, perhaps I need to be quiet for a while, maybe I need to search deeper. Maybe alot of things.

peoples, I might not be doing my blog rounds but I will be approving my comments daily. Thank you for being there for me.

Dear Doctor, my blog family, friends...Me sef tire!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Me being honest.

I hate Facebook,

yet I spend the better part of my days there. it is soooo frustrating!

pictures, people having fun.

this one getting married, that one having a baby, the most unlikely people getting engaged...why not me? do they possess ori meji? (two heads)

honestly I am happy for them, really really am but wadafork! why d hell am I d one that puts up pictures okay I didn't quite do that, but I'm so close to.

OKay Mo says to thank God constantly, I do how can I not, baba loke is always on point but...ehn

I'm still hating facebook.

I don't mean to sound funny but blogsville is more the place for me, nobody is forming happy here, if you are happy, you are happy, if you are sad, then it is so, for that Fb ehn, e be like say I go go rent man. lol

I love blogsville and I love the people in it, even though I only know a handful one on one, I still love y'all. I feel like I known y'all forever.

thank you for my honesty award from Mz Dee and Ibiluv, I shock say na only 2 pple give me, norin do una I still love you.

I'm gonna do somin funny and pass my award to the unlikely pips so I hereby Tag...

1. Porter d Harcourt
2. Ubong Da Randy
3. Jaja
4. NImmo
5. Unshined Congo
6. Cally Waffy Babe
7. Baba Alaye
8. Yosh
9. Zephi
10. Unnaked

those days when I was unknown in blogsville and I used to get 7-8 comments...they came from you.

half of you have quit blogging but you still a part of the family.

I miss una gaaaan!

this has got to be my shortest post in a while.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Phone Pollution

"trying to sleep and wondering what to do with this hard on I get whenever I think of you,
wish I had your freshly washed poosy in my mouth with you kneeling on my face
with your legs spread out eating."

Laaro kutukutu Monday! actually, he prob sent the text last night but I turned my phone off hence gettin it this morning. Na wa o!

ordinarily, I would be excited

ordinarily my possy lips would twitch and spew forth liquids, so much I would need to wash off or/and change my panties "(and I soo hate washing off valuable poosy juice)

but nah, I looked at it, sighed and shut my phone, got better things t o BLOG!

He's really nice and all but I'm incapable of feeling that or almost anything for him, what did you call me now Red Sapphire? Mushy? sorry. though I stripped the post (the tin wanted to finish my career), I know whats in My mind and it prob should have stayed there. Geisha SHARRAP! dont even breathe! lol.

I might have it misconstrued but I know for a fact that even if things do go as I have dared imagine (even for a split sec) God has his plans for us all and we go laff about all this in d future. in the mean time, I know I have a somebory that genuinely cares about me. end of story.

seriously though

I THINK EVERYBODY WANTS TO FORK ME; well not exactly everybody but a whole lot of people do, guys and girls alike...DISGUSTING? riiight!

I mean,take txt guy for instance, at some point in my life I really liked him, problem is I don't feel that strongly about him. I have asked him to stop sendin em msgs but he's stubborn. I dont really mind cuz asides him bein silly we really are good friends so let him text all he wants, his bizness.

problem is, if somebody is sending me those? I want to feel all hot and bothered immediately, I want to feel as though I need to rush into the bathroom stick a massive dildo into myself or better still wait it out squirming in my seat waiting to close so I can rush over and seat on his face with my "freshly washed poosy" funny, I was prob taking a crap when he sent the text. eeeeeewwwwww.

seriously they wanna fork me, (must be my very sexy behind...riight!) I don't wanna fork them and the one I wanna fork? don't wanna fork me. aint that funny?

SBR was fun, Princessa, Exschnerd, Fineboi, Wummie, Mz zynic, Charizad, the two mystery bloggers, Musco you sef wey save the day follow me dance, you didnt know what you were in for now did you? and the others I no mention (no vex) you guys made the trip worth my while.

It was fun coding, I wasn't a blogger I had just followed my friend there despite the fact that I had my boobs on display and I was wearing the same necklace from my profile pic, (tho chari guessed right in the beginning) it was fun when I finally asked princessa for my tshirt and she went bonkers, it was so so fun dancing with two left legged fine boi and screaming with mystery blogger, it was loads of fun. thank you guys.

"Wondering what your ringtone would sound like, your legs on my shoulders, me buried deep within you, hitting that spot, you going crazy from me hitting your womb, I cant stop thinking about taking you from the back, hitting that beautiful arse of yours, reaching forward to squeeze on those sexy titties, dayum Im hard!"

Wetin consain me?

why the hell is this boi polluttin my phone with rubbish?

I tire.

now if it was Jaja or Porter or Invisible (sorry thats my broda) or wavemasta's Straffe Okon or even My Tade, maybe then I for happy small but for now?

Thursday, 11 September 2008

My feelings 'Far' you

I havent changed My mind...

how can I?

but I have changed my mind about what I say or in this case, write.

only God can save me now.