Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Monday, 15 September 2008

Phone Pollution

"trying to sleep and wondering what to do with this hard on I get whenever I think of you,
wish I had your freshly washed poosy in my mouth with you kneeling on my face
with your legs spread out eating."

Laaro kutukutu Monday! actually, he prob sent the text last night but I turned my phone off hence gettin it this morning. Na wa o!

ordinarily, I would be excited

ordinarily my possy lips would twitch and spew forth liquids, so much I would need to wash off or/and change my panties "(and I soo hate washing off valuable poosy juice)

but nah, I looked at it, sighed and shut my phone, got better things t o BLOG!

He's really nice and all but I'm incapable of feeling that or almost anything for him, what did you call me now Red Sapphire? Mushy? sorry. though I stripped the post (the tin wanted to finish my career), I know whats in My mind and it prob should have stayed there. Geisha SHARRAP! dont even breathe! lol.

I might have it misconstrued but I know for a fact that even if things do go as I have dared imagine (even for a split sec) God has his plans for us all and we go laff about all this in d future. in the mean time, I know I have a somebory that genuinely cares about me. end of story.

seriously though

I THINK EVERYBODY WANTS TO FORK ME; well not exactly everybody but a whole lot of people do, guys and girls alike...DISGUSTING? riiight!

I mean,take txt guy for instance, at some point in my life I really liked him, problem is I don't feel that strongly about him. I have asked him to stop sendin em msgs but he's stubborn. I dont really mind cuz asides him bein silly we really are good friends so let him text all he wants, his bizness.

problem is, if somebody is sending me those? I want to feel all hot and bothered immediately, I want to feel as though I need to rush into the bathroom stick a massive dildo into myself or better still wait it out squirming in my seat waiting to close so I can rush over and seat on his face with my "freshly washed poosy" funny, I was prob taking a crap when he sent the text. eeeeeewwwwww.

seriously they wanna fork me, (must be my very sexy behind...riight!) I don't wanna fork them and the one I wanna fork? don't wanna fork me. aint that funny?

SBR was fun, Princessa, Exschnerd, Fineboi, Wummie, Mz zynic, Charizad, the two mystery bloggers, Musco you sef wey save the day follow me dance, you didnt know what you were in for now did you? and the others I no mention (no vex) you guys made the trip worth my while.

It was fun coding, I wasn't a blogger I had just followed my friend there despite the fact that I had my boobs on display and I was wearing the same necklace from my profile pic, (tho chari guessed right in the beginning) it was fun when I finally asked princessa for my tshirt and she went bonkers, it was so so fun dancing with two left legged fine boi and screaming with mystery blogger, it was loads of fun. thank you guys.

"Wondering what your ringtone would sound like, your legs on my shoulders, me buried deep within you, hitting that spot, you going crazy from me hitting your womb, I cant stop thinking about taking you from the back, hitting that beautiful arse of yours, reaching forward to squeeze on those sexy titties, dayum Im hard!"

Wetin consain me?

why the hell is this boi polluttin my phone with rubbish?

I tire.

now if it was Jaja or Porter or Invisible (sorry thats my broda) or wavemasta's Straffe Okon or even My Tade, maybe then I for happy small but for now?


aloted said...

first? :)
let me go and read

dunno when i became part of the struggle for first

aloted said...

hmm this is real phone pollution o..

lol @coding...i see you gave urself a way at the SBR...

Invisible said...

LMAO!!! Hmmm, all these text sex sef. Na wa for you sef, na so your behind set reach?
Quickly, pardon my ignorance but what is SBR? I've been invited to join in the spirit (I no dey fly like that o) but I don't even know what it is.

You are my brother's sister, me I never claim you as sister so gimme your number, let's play. Lemme make you happy small. Small ke, happy big time *wink*

Anonymous said...


Funms said...

lol @ text dude... let him keep texting. its good for entertainment.... its true o. the ones u want to "fork" r unavailable..... glad the party was great

Just...Toluwa said...

annoting how ppl u r interested in arent feeling the same towards u...

but lol @ txt dude...

princesa said...

This na serious phone pollution o and the worst is that u are not feeling the bobo at all.

Was great meeting u babes and yes u did fool me initially. I guess I didnt look at ur chest,lol! You no say na only guys dey look that side and Chari no dey carry last for that area,lol!

Do i put the link for the pics on my blog?

Buttercup said...

lol @ the title!

but y u no feel anythin na..those texts r, um, yea...


i get u sha, it might be sexy comin from some, annoyin from others n downright disgustin from others!

aww so u eventually went for the SBR..coooooooooool!

Afrobabe said...

Lmao….nothing as annoying as attention from someone we don’t want huh…got ur mail…on a sleepy night…I see you had fun…I’d have known u straight away..

Yeah…I sometimes feel like everyone wants to fuck me too…hmmmm which fineboi came? Fineboi agbero or naijafineboi?

miz-cynic said...


bumight said...

afrobabe asked my exact question:

is it naijafineboy or fineboy agbero?

lol @ washing away valuable pussy juice!

Dee! said...

Yeah! This is really "phone pollution".

teecity said...

its so ironic dat d ones we want dont want us bak, and d ones we dont want r all ova us??????????? i culs scream? glad u had fun.

exschoolnerd said...

sweerat!!! i told u it wouldnt have been the same without u!!

Anonymous said...

take time oh, every time i come here, you make me horny

*sneaks out*

Enigma said...

Naury somebori!! O serious men!!!

seye said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping at my blog.

Re: Phone Pollution
Well, some men were wired like that!

FineBoy Agbero said...

2 left legs?!???!!
egba mi o!!!
dis chic is in big trouble!!

Mz. Dee said...

Lmao.. gurl with boobz like that i'm so NOT surprised!!

Woman dey chase u too?? Kai...

Sabira said...

lol, phone pollution? sounds to me like u enjoy those texts even if you don't like him as much, am i lying? :D

Mz. Dee said...

hun i re-updated o!!!! check my blog.. i found the initial post!

naijalines said...

Laaro kutukutu Monday! LOL!
What better way to start the week now, ahn-ahn. Leave the guy jare. You obviously got 'warmed' up too. Pollution indeed!

Btw, I like mean the way you spell it.

Sting said...

U went to the blogger reunion too? I wonder if it was u exschoolnerd took a picture with. I need to go check out that pic again.

Meanwhile, chari is forming detective abi?

Afrobabe said...

I am going to study those pics like a career and decode....will come back with my findings....

Waffarian said...

"You going crazy from me hitting your womb"

heheheheh that has got to be the razzest thing I have ever heard...

abeg, leave the man jare, make im dey entertain us...hehehehehe

ShonaVixen said...

LMAO...heey let him keep sending those harm done @ all!!

Pink Lips said...

You dis girl, its ramadan o!!! I need to go and pray for reading ur post!!! Lol

NaijaBabe said...

lol....this is funNY!!!!!!!!!!

I envy you guyssss..we must have a winter bloggers reunion in JAND....I dont care if its freaking freezing!!!!!!!!!
lol...babe how far now>

Ade Adeyemi said...

'I don't wanna fork them and the one I wanna fork? don't wanna fork me. aint that funny?'

isnt that the story of our lives... lol, love ur blog very real!:)

Black Berry said...

LOL..the guy sounds like he thot carefully before he 'constructed' the texts!! lol...and in his mind now-ur probably shaking with longing!! lol..*rolls eyes*

rayo said...

this makes 4 a good laff, make d guy continue jare...

poeticallytinted said...

Imagine if you went through life as a babe and nobody, I mean absolutely nobody, sent you these type of text messages or even emails... (see what i mean?)
Abeg be thankful someone is having wet dreams because of you. lol

Invisible said...

Leave that snr sister thing o, lol.

Anonymous said...

lol, hey I went back to look at the necklace that you had on your profile.

Anonymous said...

lol, hey I went back to look at the necklace that you had on your profile.

LG said...

lolllll@ rayo'
o gal u nor well, if na u nko??

bada no mind dem'
norrin do u jare'
*glad u had fun at the SBR

badderchic said...

@ aloted

congratulations omoluabi, your present awaits thee.
how i for do, I had to collect my SBR t shirt now plus it would have been unfair if I hadnt told them after they all had revealed themselves to me lol.

@ Invisible,
I am still your sister no matter what, rubbish child! neen down dia! lol

as in the bucket seat was designed for MY backside lol.


Because I know you and your mouth. lol

@ Funms

abi o! atleast I dont need to go and pay for sliferbird lol.

@ Just...Toluwa

the matter o suuu mi o!

@ princesa
Lovely to have met you too, fine ass sister. lol
if you put my foto I strip my blog o!

@ Buttercup

I dont know for me o!
lol, your second (CHARI) is soo cool, your lucky to have such a friend...are you?

@ Afrobabe
Nothin as annoying true. it was agbero with his two left legs lol.

@ miz-cynic

@ bumight

it was the fine agbero o! fine boi tru tru sha

@ Dee!

he should be banned!


ironically annoying. psheew

@ exschoolnerd

I did it for you babes.

@ zephi

Hope you know I miss you sha.


but you know naughty is my middle name.

@ seye

you r welcome dear.

guess some men are.

@ FineBoy Agbero

but Im not lying noow, okay come and take kiss...

@ Mz. Dee

I cant shout

batting eyelids

what can I say?

@ naijalines

Laaro kutukutu iyen O da o!

me get earmed? nah wrong guy sent the text, now if it were Taye Diggs for instance...

@ Sting

it wasnt me! e no be me! walahi emi ko lo ri!

@ Afrobabe

why now? I go see you soon na haba. lol

@ Waffarian

very razz, okay I no go disturb am but gimme your number so he go dey send am come your phone. lol

@ ShonaVixen

you too bring your number. lol

@ Pink Lips

oya go and do asta gafurulai ( I know I messed up the spelling)

@ NaijaBabe

I dey o! make una come home december make we do another one, bigger and better!

@ Ade Adeyemi yep it sure is. thanks dear

@ Black Berry

Nyama, emi longiong? wrong guy dear, wrong gai.

@ rayo said

abi o!


o ri yen so o! word, word! I so concur

@ Invisible

I say NEN down dia! lmfao

@ Kin'shar

who showed you pictures ehn?
confess lol

@ LG said

taink u jare my sister

to all. sorry I just dey respond, did a long ass response and my isp messed up, so I leaf am. lol

musco said...

let's call this 'blogville' pollution!

why i no go vex?d dance wey i dance wit u aftr i take ova 4rm fineboyabgero still dey make all my body pain me.u kan dey tell me say make i no vex say u no mention my name.i vex!

they were nt on display o,u just 'flashed' us wit it.i can really relate ur personality wit ur blog.nice meeting u at d SBR!

NaijaBabe said...

but you are still laughing!!!!!!!!!

Shubby Doo said...

Wow...glad i read this 4rm my phone...i eyes should not have seen this at work...mehnnn...u are 2 much! Glad 2 c u enjoyed SBR...Like u ruse but trust chari 2 figure it

Shubby Doo said...

I came here on monday but i thought i'd bad hun

Afronuts said... the past mojo was restricted to VHS, later they appeared on CD, now they are on mobile phones...

You said everybody wants to 'straff' you. You sure u aint flashing signals?
No smoke without faya!

ibiluv said...

babes u too sexy now....gree the guy make he hear ya ringtone!!!!

AlooFar said...

Yepa, this funny O.

Oh! so u were at the SBR. Damn, I should have been there to give a real b**ting. U have to know that i have a serious beef, Yes BEEF, for you!

NikkiSab said...

Babe...i'm here to ax if i read correctly on xschnerd's blog. Dere is anoda showdown in dec? Abeg informant well so i go ready "go there"!!! I missed o.

naijaleta said...

Hey, 'sup? Seriously, if you're not feeling the guy then tell him to stop sending the texts. Well, unless you've told him and the fool continues sending them.

That's called harrasment in this pat of the world and he could go to jail for it.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

some guy he is
at least he sends orgasm inducing texts
that might be a sign
of how hot he actually would be when it comes to the real deal (or not)