Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A series of events the end of the saga.

Phone ringing. pick up your phone mofo, its Friday ain it?

My thoughts are far from pure, I'm thinking all these things I want to do to you, all these things I want you to do to me...

phone still ringing, darn lemme try the land line

1st ring


heartbeat quickens, no not in a good way, its not you on the phone

"good afternoon, may I speak to jibiti please"

"Oh! he's in the bath, would you call him back in five minutes?"

"ye sure"

funny a chic should pick up his phone

dum dum, dum dum, a chic?

calm down babe, calm down, its not like you are dating this guy, its not even like you 'want' to date the guy so whats the long thing if a chic picks up the phone?

20 mins later.

phone ringing


same chic

"hey, sorry to bother you but I really need to get to jibiti, may I speak to him please?"

"oh! you know what I'm so sorry, I forgot to tell him you called earlier and he has stepped out, I'm folake his fiancee do you want to drop a message?

STOP! what did you say? girl? his fiancee? I knew the guy was bad but I didn't think he was that baaaad, I mean hey...we ALL knew the guy was a jibiti but?

"erm na, I'll call him back thank you"

"you are welcome"

Ol boy, I don't believe this, I actually don't disbelieve it but hey? okay next course of action? sorry I meant drama obviously ain't no action going on tonight, good thing I hadn't bothered with the whips and cuffs, just joking but really glad I hadn't bothered with any elaborate plans, so really what next?

phone ringing

"hello? sorry he still is not back yet"

"yes, well, I changed my mind, I would drop the message with you,could you please tell Jibiti that I just got his test result back from the lab and it is imperative he comes in for an injection"

"injection for what"

"oh! well I'm not sure I could tell you that but since you are his fiancee aybe you should come in as well to get yourself checked for the STD, expect you soonest." (I had just seen why did I get married, fastest thing that came to my mind)

Now who's bad?

text msg comes in

'hey, my sis said you called, very funny?'

I'm past caring, sister, girlfriend, fiancee all na d same

Now that Ive had a bit of excitement guess its back to the age ol question Who wants to be my baby daddy? lmfao.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A series of events prt4

"Please take off your shirt."

I was shy, I was going to be naked but I did.

"Please sit on the table and look towards me"

I did

"Can you feel that?"


"and this?"


"okay do you feel anything when I do this?"

"yes yes yes!"

"does this hurt?"




"sorry I'm going to have to do this"


"do you feel any form of sensation?"

*I be firewood? how I no go feel say person dey touch my bobi* "will a sensation be a good thing or a bad thing?"

"it depends. okay, Im going to have to touch beneath your breasts right now, do you mind? "

*PLEASE do, I need someone touching me but hey sheet wait a minute you cant be doing this, you are...*

"breathe in please, and out, in again, out, good please stretch out on the table"

*On my back or on my stomach, O my God I seem to be confusing things, you are..."



by now you guys must have realised this is not the prelude to extreme forking nope, I wish it was but...

"Miss bad, are you listening to me? okay Im going to have to ask you a few more questions, blah blah bla and all. Okay Im going to have to run some tests, the lab is on the first floor, dont forget, you cant exert yourself, you are to do absolutely nothing stressful or extremely physical...."

*but doctor, beads and I have an appointment to go at it like rabbits this friday, thats tomorow, cant I just do it and then go back to being a bit down?*

In reality, I nod my head dejected

"Do anything stressful and you run a risk of hurting yourself, please take your medication and sleep. Bye Miss Bad and remember alot of sleep!"

So there you have it, sheet didnt go down. why? I was down, I was soo upset, okay so It would have been nicer if my doctor had said I could just do and then...but norin of the sort, I was there lying on her examination table wishing she was beads...hmm disgusting thots of mine. hell she could have been a fine male doctor and I wouldnt have minded, I simply would have insisted I felt something on my breasts, examine them pleeeease!

suffice to say, Ive been down but not out! this series must end this friday somebody say amen!