Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A bit of info

Accent: Depending on the occasion, could be so prim it shocks could also switch like I was Will Smith to the local lingua. chameleon?

Booze: Unfortunately I dont do booze, dont have a taste for it. Im missing shey?

Chores I Hate: Washing,ironing clothes. peeling potatoes.

Dogs/Cats: I aint gay, cant stand pussy. gimme d big Dog baby!

Essential Electronics: My Ipod.

Favourite Perfume: Rock and Rose by Valentino. Farenheight by Dior

Gold/Silver: White Gold baby

Hometown: Ogun state (by the time I tell everything what makes me so anonymous ehn?)

Insomnia: Me? loose sleep? you gotta be kiddin me.

Job title: right now, Unit producer for a Tv show... (I say how I go tell all?)

Kids: To the best of my knowledge, None...for now!

Living arrangements: Yuck yuck yuck, I want to move out of the house o! whats this stoopid believe that if a girl moves out she has started doin runs?

Most admired trait: My personality (allow my blow my own trumphet)

Number of sexual partners: I really really do not want to think about it.

Overnight hospital stays:Plenty Plenty times.

Phobia: Live chicken. ye ye laugh all you want.

Quote: Never say never

Religion: Christianity

Siblings: 2 brothers

Time I usually awake: Varies, depending on the day’s activities

Unusual talent: Organising

Vegetable I refuse to eat: errm

Worst habit: Trying to tell everyone what to do

X-rays: you can see right through me cant you?

Yummy foods I make: Porridge. a mean one too

Zodiac sign: Libra (too trusting)

there, I have told ALL...almost

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Story story...Another one story.

(whispering in my cousin's ears)

"Who is this fine boy? omo, he's my next victim o!"

Mumu like me feeling like somebody who can kidnap abi na cousin laughs that his deep throaty laff, "ha, he's my neighbour his name is Ope*, Ope Ola*..."

I peer at him, wondering whats on his mind, wonderin hmm nice buns (perverted me. Ive always had a thing for buns) we talk, I find out we went to the same primary sch. haba how come I didnt know you? sheet, you came in primary five, I left in primary four...sheet, we talk some more,I find out his name is Daniel* Im Daniella* sheet we talk a bit more I find out he's in the male version of my high school, we talk a whole lot, we find out we have a lot in common ( hun hun, wetin we know?) we like each other, it metamorphes, love? puppy love? yup we sure as hell werent forkin...two years? we love, then we break up (only God knows the stupid reason) one year apart, his birthday,

I call..."Ive missed you..." silence
"ive missed you more"
"I love you...still"
"Ina sonki too babe" (I love you too babe in hausa)

did I mention he hausa? well kinda he's actually yoruba but was born and grew up in the north so his language one? Hausa, he couldnt...cant even speak yoruba well

did I mention Ive always had this thing for Hausa boys? well back to the story, we get back together, I cant even remember what happens but we break up AGAIN and ja! he leaves for jand. two years later we start to mail each other again...

Darn! I miss you, I cant wait to see you.

one year later he comes back home, I remember why we fight this time but neither of us act like we do.

Eventually 10 years after we first met, I open my facebook account one day and bham! a message from him askin whats up?, I tell him whats been happening, then he replies, I reply and wham another bombshell

"Actually Im in NAija for the holidays, hoping to see a few shows and so on and so blah, drop the digits"

My heart stops beating for a bit, sheet, I drop the digits, He calls, I call back we talk a bit, we finally agree to hook up, thats tough, its high season at work, how I go do am? okay, I have a job on sat, come along?

We hook up on the island, darn he's sexy...still, he hugs me and calls me aburo (younga sister, ye right Im thinkin, broda and sister dont do want we used to do, not want i know we still want to do) we go do my work (actually, i do mine work he jists me in the process) we fight, we make up, he's still as stubborn as ever, Im not far behind, we leave, go to a bar? talk for hours, his moms buzzing, where are you? Naija no safe!
my Cuz flashin "Aunty when are you coming home"

me and him go down memory lane, we jist

"remember i used to climb stool to be able to kiss you?" (i was short, he wasnt)
"remember the day you taught me how to drive? you were my first driving instructor"
"remember when your dad died?"
"remember you used to call me fruitcake"
"remember you were calm I was crazy, it was a perfect balance"
"remember when that other girl said she wanted me and i told her I had a girl" ehn!
"remember what i bought you for your birthday"
"remember we were always fighting"
"remember what you bought on your trip to abuja"
"remember you taught me all those hausa songs?"
"remember we studied Wole Soyinka together?" me i no remember o!
"remember remember remember, it went on and on"

so that day ended, we went home that night we talk planned to hook up again, we did see 'I am Legend', I hold you tight,I really was scared. hmmhmm ho ho ho.

A couple of days and we have another fight, you think I should concentrate on the guy Im with, you think u are a distraction, "dont miss out on a good thing" you say

I call you an Idiot, dont you think i know what im doing? should i have given you all the reasons I dont want to be with him a second longer?

We sort this out:
Ten years ago, no one was finer, no girl could measure up to my fruitcake, no one could be you, I wanted no one but you, now? I care about you and i dont want to ever hurt you, dont miss out on this guy you say you are with.

I loved you ten years ago adn I love you still but dont think Im stupid enough to imagine we are going to end up together, it just cant happen, too much politics going on, do you think im leaving him cuz of you? Im leaving cuz he's not worth it, Im spending alot of time with you cuz you are my friend, you leave at months end, Im making the most of this...what the fork?

We talk some more, you laugh, I follow sef laugh, idiot boy, so what you doin tomorow?

We still hooked up the day before today, theres always alot to talk about, do, you still make me feel like the finest girl on earth, I still think you are the sexiest malo (hausa) boy alive, we cant be together ever but I will and you know you will too still love me like you/I did a decade ago.

My first Love.

Ina sonka (I love you...still)