Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Thursday, 29 May 2008

A series of events prt 3

"Did you come?"

"Iru question ode wo ni bobo yin bimi? whish kin question is this guy asking me? you hear me talking sporadically, panting heavily, I cant even keep my words coherent you are asking me"

"No Im not asking if you came at all, Im asking if you did again"

"oooo okay! yes O! jibiti, I did...again"

"how you feeling?"

"wow, now Im not sure If I can describe the way I feel, I dont think I have ever come that hard, especially under the present circumstances, as I no believe say I fit do wetin I just do first and foremost and I no believe say I fit come the way wey I just come, meeen beads oo ni pami (you wont kill me)"

"Iwo ni o ni pa mi (it is you that wont kill me), you know what did it the most for me?"

"tell me"

"your moans, sheet it was simply crazy, it drove me maaad, and the sound of u...Ol' boy na die o!"

"Im not a boy, YOU definitely know that"

"Ye babe, I definitely why you gettin touchy all of a sudden?"

"Well I dunno. maybe all my senses are sharp this night...what can I say?"


more silence

even more silence

*One go think sey no be money person dey waste.*

"I gotta have you"

"As what? a cleaner? secretary, nurse?"

"you are into that kinda sheet arent you?"

"How do I say it Beads? you bring out the 'best' in me?"

"No but seriously babe I gotta have you"

"Again? How many times?"

"You are Maaad! is this one categorised as having?"

"well duh! I came what else could I want?" *even me sef dey slap myself I know*

"Woo this girl, kini yin gbono mo mi leti (this stuff is hot against my ears) when are we going to do this sheet, you know this is soo one sided"

"When are we going to do what?"

"Fork...when are we going to fork?"

"O that! I'm sorry beads my mind is not coordinated, I think I'm still coming"

"Great, I need for my mind not to be coordinated either, what you doing this friday?"

"Aww well, you know I'm working on this thing that I'm not so sure when its going to..."

"Shut up. I'm forking you on friday..."


even more silence

A bit too more silence

heavy breathing

"Works for me beads, I gotta go ow, there's work in the morning."

"ye Babe, I know, good night, sleep tight, I wonder how much credit we have used up sef"

"Do you really care?"


"Didnt think so!"

*Phew! Thank you guys for not decapitating me, No vex the post is late but hey Its finally wash out for prt 4 (this is starting to sound like a home video) lol.*

Thursday, 22 May 2008

A series of events prt 2

"I want you"

Please tell me somin I dont know Im thinking, jibiti.

"I know you do dear" in my mind Im thinking I want you too but there's no way in the world Im going to say that now is there?

"So what are we goin to do abot it?"

"Who is we? its you that wants me, I never said I wanted you now did I?"

'you dont need to say it, I can see it in your eyes"


"ehen jere abeg jist me about your ashewo moves jere'

*the story starts, he starts to tell me of the last time he was visiting his brother in New york, I think, he was supposed to have been on his way to God knows where, dont expect me to remember every single detail when all I could possibly think about was his voice bouncing off me, not through the phone to me, I dont want our conversation to be dependent on some crazy mast somewhere, I want that so sonorous voice on me, I want to be swallowing his words but no, not yet, listen girl listen, the gist is sweet o! so the jist is that he ran into a jamaican or was it Ethopian girl at a pub. as a bad guy concern ( I TALK AM SEY THE GUY NA JIBITI) he walked up to her and told her he thought she had a fine ass, so she smiled took him and forked him. end of story....



"you are not serious, who are you summarising gist for? oya word for word, I want to hear it"


"to the last detail"

"oo normal (you are not normal)"

"stale jist oya, Im listening"

"Okay...Like I said, I walked up to her and told her she had a fine ass, one of the finest I had ever seen. she smiled and asked my name, Beads I said, yours? wo babe, I cant even remember the name sef, all I could see was her ass, you know how jamo girls dey be now. (he asking me? am I gay?) na so the girl say make we go for stroll o, the stroll turned out to end at her apartment, meen that girl was maaad. she had a studio apartment, once we got in, you for see how the girl rush me she started to eat my lips, na wonder sey anything remain, omo, se ori nigba ti omo yen mu mi mo ara table (if you see when the girl had me against the table) I had like 1 million shirts on cuz of the cold, she just took off my pants and wanted to climb like that niboooo (for where?) omo chill first, condom first o! ma koba mi (condom first dont put me in trouble) babe, she held on th wall abi na ladder, I no even know again, like I said she had me against the table, all I could see was her ass bouncing all over my cork, sheet that girl could wind, omo nigba to ya ti mo yi omo yi meen (after a while, I turned the girl...) "STOP"

"what? why?"

*doont get me wrong, I wasnt angry that he was giving me jist about his sexcapades with anoda girl but I was whats the word? moved, it was almost like I had been there, live and direct a spectator in this studio apartment while this aparantly sexy jamican abi Ethopian girl forked his brains out, sheet, intense sheet*

"why do you want me to stop?"

"because I dont wanna hear it, I cant stand it"

*you rubbish guy, I told you this dam no get control, rivers of flowing water, no stoppin, sheet, did I say I didnt want this guy? I must be smokin*

'you are quiet why?"


he sighed "you want me dont you, he jist is only making you want me more?"

more silence

"what are you wearing?"

"a slip"



"are you wet?"

"what do you think?"

"I think...I know you are"

"so what are we going to do about it?"


more silence

even more silence

"are you cold babe?"


"are your nipples hard"

"what a question, ode, so what are we gong to do about it?"

"shit, I want you"

"I know."



"open up for me...."

to be continued.

*to all em wey tag me, saw em, would respond once Im done with the series.

Friday, 9 May 2008

A series of events prt 1.

"What do you want to drink babe?"

I stared at the beads on his wrists, sexy ass beads, nice I thought, very nice.


"sure thing" he stood up, went to get the water.

Sheet nice ass I thought. but that wasnt the only thng I was thinking about now was it?

"here you go"

"hmm thanks"

"what do you want to do right now he had asked?"

"Im going back to the office now, need to sort somin out darn! I wish we werent here in this Godforsaken booth, I wish there was no table between us, I wish I was wearing a skirt, I wish I could cover the short yet huge distance between us, hike up my skirt and sit on that huge huge snake I just saw through your jeans"

DARN IM honey, get the spelling right, Im not just horny, Im dripping honey.


you not me.

he holds my hands, "take off your glasses, I want to look into your eyes as you say that"

me? Jibiti obo oshi *rubbish poosy 419ner*

"What did you say? "

"I said Jibiti, I called you a scam, a poosy scammer but really who cares?"


more silence

even more silence.

*No all this no be my imagination, I wish it were but in wasnt.*

"shit this girl you are crazy!"

"please tell me somin that I dont know"

"I gotta get back to the office"

"Me too"


even more silence

some more silence.

he sits beside me and puts his arm on my shoulder, Im thinking this is crazy but not as crazy as the premonition I just had, me taking that hand and sliding it through my black tailored well fitting designer pants, his fingers coming in contact with the string I favour over full briefs, a sharp intake of breathe...SHIT! a gasp, he snatches his hand away, I burst out laughing, Im catching mad trips at HIS expense, like the animal I know he truely is he gives his hand BACK to me, I slide it through the trousers again this time he is not just willing but adventrous, he holds on to flesh and tightens his grip, relaxes it, he hangs on to the string and pulls, √Źmagine tearing that off" I say. "do you want me to?" he answers? Rivers of flowing water, the dam is let loose, he tightens his grip "how does that feel?" he tugs, I moan, he smiles, I shut my eyes, now I know we are both MAD. eyes open, all of a sudden Im laughing, to me It is funny, to him... ? how I wan take know.

"you no go kill person, I gasta get back to lekki"

"Amen me sef gast rush back to the office"

You are "wicked you know that?

"tell me you dont like it"

A knowing look we both know he did.

Ill call you in a bit"

"I know you will"