Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Thursday, 22 May 2008

A series of events prt 2

"I want you"

Please tell me somin I dont know Im thinking, jibiti.

"I know you do dear" in my mind Im thinking I want you too but there's no way in the world Im going to say that now is there?

"So what are we goin to do abot it?"

"Who is we? its you that wants me, I never said I wanted you now did I?"

'you dont need to say it, I can see it in your eyes"


"ehen jere abeg jist me about your ashewo moves jere'

*the story starts, he starts to tell me of the last time he was visiting his brother in New york, I think, he was supposed to have been on his way to God knows where, dont expect me to remember every single detail when all I could possibly think about was his voice bouncing off me, not through the phone to me, I dont want our conversation to be dependent on some crazy mast somewhere, I want that so sonorous voice on me, I want to be swallowing his words but no, not yet, listen girl listen, the gist is sweet o! so the jist is that he ran into a jamaican or was it Ethopian girl at a pub. as a bad guy concern ( I TALK AM SEY THE GUY NA JIBITI) he walked up to her and told her he thought she had a fine ass, so she smiled took him and forked him. end of story....



"you are not serious, who are you summarising gist for? oya word for word, I want to hear it"


"to the last detail"

"oo normal (you are not normal)"

"stale jist oya, Im listening"

"Okay...Like I said, I walked up to her and told her she had a fine ass, one of the finest I had ever seen. she smiled and asked my name, Beads I said, yours? wo babe, I cant even remember the name sef, all I could see was her ass, you know how jamo girls dey be now. (he asking me? am I gay?) na so the girl say make we go for stroll o, the stroll turned out to end at her apartment, meen that girl was maaad. she had a studio apartment, once we got in, you for see how the girl rush me she started to eat my lips, na wonder sey anything remain, omo, se ori nigba ti omo yen mu mi mo ara table (if you see when the girl had me against the table) I had like 1 million shirts on cuz of the cold, she just took off my pants and wanted to climb like that niboooo (for where?) omo chill first, condom first o! ma koba mi (condom first dont put me in trouble) babe, she held on th wall abi na ladder, I no even know again, like I said she had me against the table, all I could see was her ass bouncing all over my cork, sheet that girl could wind, omo nigba to ya ti mo yi omo yi meen (after a while, I turned the girl...) "STOP"

"what? why?"

*doont get me wrong, I wasnt angry that he was giving me jist about his sexcapades with anoda girl but I was whats the word? moved, it was almost like I had been there, live and direct a spectator in this studio apartment while this aparantly sexy jamican abi Ethopian girl forked his brains out, sheet, intense sheet*

"why do you want me to stop?"

"because I dont wanna hear it, I cant stand it"

*you rubbish guy, I told you this dam no get control, rivers of flowing water, no stoppin, sheet, did I say I didnt want this guy? I must be smokin*

'you are quiet why?"


he sighed "you want me dont you, he jist is only making you want me more?"

more silence

"what are you wearing?"

"a slip"



"are you wet?"

"what do you think?"

"I think...I know you are"

"so what are we going to do about it?"


more silence

even more silence

"are you cold babe?"


"are your nipples hard"

"what a question, ode, so what are we gong to do about it?"

"shit, I want you"

"I know."



"open up for me...."

to be continued.

*to all em wey tag me, saw em, would respond once Im done with the series.


NikkiSab said...

wat a rush!!!!! Wow!!!

Naapali said...

u are still too funny. I have to go work now but will come back and balance to read proper.

Naapali said...


Baroque said...

this place looks different, where have i been since?...brb, gotto get to wk, read & comment later...hugs

Mz. Dee said...

Yeaaaaaaaaa! update!!
N i'm luvin it!!
See intensity na.. "babe" "beads".. i was feelin lyk i was dere sef.
I still want to hear the fuck gist o!! the JamoEthiopian one... when u pplz own finish.. ahem!
Awaitin Post 3...

Mz. Dee said...

Luvin the new look of ur blog btw.. FILE!!Purple and black have alwayz been my fave

bumight said...

wow! this is how pple get addicted shey? oya pt 3!

princesa said...

I don miss ur log plenty!
Didnt know you were back to blogging.
Be back soon.

Afrobabe said...

double dammmmmm....

pls let me know the details when you finally have a bite of this guy oh...

Anonymous said...

I have to say Im in love with you and the way you write, leave him and marry me, trust me i aint joking

badderchic said...

@ nikki

deep breaths darling, deep breaths

@ naapali

*tanks tanks autographs tomoro*

@ baroque

nothing a lil dulux couldnt sort out, yes where have you been since?

@ ms dee

haba, you have spoil too much. ha! you want to here the fork jist? okay in due time.

@ bumight

worse than crack.

@ princesa

missed you too jere!

@ afro babe

im only biting this guy because of you! lol

@ anon

okay no problem as long as you possess d qualificatins from my baby daddy post

flabby said... long is this thinks u should have certified dates for ill slot ot into my diary..cos i cant keep checking like a hustler nau!lol

badderchic said...

@ flabby

Im workin on me!

Ms.cocoa brown said...

hahhah...God deliver me like me..all these things am reading.....JIBITI!!!!!!!!!!LOLOO

Anonymous said...

you haf want as to bad me finnish. God forbid! i rebuke you!

Naija Idol said...

this girl u too bad first time here and see suspense. nice blog jare.

Charizard said...

*opens the window*

damn its stuffy here...ahnahn...u r using naapali-baba's words you are stirring my loins...nobody to exert my actions on!

wicked wicked girl!