Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Friday, 9 May 2008

A series of events prt 1.

"What do you want to drink babe?"

I stared at the beads on his wrists, sexy ass beads, nice I thought, very nice.


"sure thing" he stood up, went to get the water.

Sheet nice ass I thought. but that wasnt the only thng I was thinking about now was it?

"here you go"

"hmm thanks"

"what do you want to do right now he had asked?"

"Im going back to the office now, need to sort somin out darn! I wish we werent here in this Godforsaken booth, I wish there was no table between us, I wish I was wearing a skirt, I wish I could cover the short yet huge distance between us, hike up my skirt and sit on that huge huge snake I just saw through your jeans"

DARN IM honey, get the spelling right, Im not just horny, Im dripping honey.


you not me.

he holds my hands, "take off your glasses, I want to look into your eyes as you say that"

me? Jibiti obo oshi *rubbish poosy 419ner*

"What did you say? "

"I said Jibiti, I called you a scam, a poosy scammer but really who cares?"


more silence

even more silence.

*No all this no be my imagination, I wish it were but in wasnt.*

"shit this girl you are crazy!"

"please tell me somin that I dont know"

"I gotta get back to the office"

"Me too"


even more silence

some more silence.

he sits beside me and puts his arm on my shoulder, Im thinking this is crazy but not as crazy as the premonition I just had, me taking that hand and sliding it through my black tailored well fitting designer pants, his fingers coming in contact with the string I favour over full briefs, a sharp intake of breathe...SHIT! a gasp, he snatches his hand away, I burst out laughing, Im catching mad trips at HIS expense, like the animal I know he truely is he gives his hand BACK to me, I slide it through the trousers again this time he is not just willing but adventrous, he holds on to flesh and tightens his grip, relaxes it, he hangs on to the string and pulls, Ïmagine tearing that off" I say. "do you want me to?" he answers? Rivers of flowing water, the dam is let loose, he tightens his grip "how does that feel?" he tugs, I moan, he smiles, I shut my eyes, now I know we are both MAD. eyes open, all of a sudden Im laughing, to me It is funny, to him... ? how I wan take know.

"you no go kill person, I gasta get back to lekki"

"Amen me sef gast rush back to the office"

You are "wicked you know that?

"tell me you dont like it"

A knowing look we both know he did.

Ill call you in a bit"

"I know you will"


Naapali said...

Omo, u are wicked. Everytime you reappear to whet our imaginations, stir our loins, then na so u disappear again. I hope this snake man is not the cause of that, and if he is more power to him!

Afrobabe said...

Badder babe, you don come again oh...hands tugging, g string, honey, wetness...bulges in trousers...haba!!!

Mz. Dee said...

FIRST!! YAY!!!!!!
God help me make i no go overwrite.
Bbz, dat was sum crious "overheatin" o!

Eh heh so where is part two????? I've been warnin all u bloggers o.. suspense is not gud 4 my health!!
Update fast!

Mz. Dee said...

Oh... i may not even be first..after dis approvial..sniff..

Queen of My Castle said...


I want all-a-dat and then some. LOL.

I must say Ms. B, you had my full undivided attention. It's like I was there. Does that make me a pervert? Yeah? LOL

יש (Yosh) said...

"jibiti obo oshi"

roflol! I've never seen jibiti used in that context!

Kai, see all of you nudging me left-right-center just 'cos I never water the plant! E go better sha.

theicequeen said...

firstttttttttt!!! loolz welcome back!!

now about the post..decipher please!

badderchic said...

@ Naapali

No vex, I will try to minnmze the rotating antics. dont worry plety dey for this series

@ Afrobabe

wetin Eve pikin wan do now? its in the blood

@ Ms Dee

aww babe no vex, u know i gast aprrove comments first. dont worry, i wont dissapoint this series dey comot smoke

@ Queen

All to please her majesty! lol

@ Yosh

true true d guy na jibiti of the highest order! oops hope he doesnt stumble onto dis o!

@ ice

tainks tainks, decoding in progress

Anonymous said...

you want to just spoil me completely for my father.

Porter deHarqourt said...

someone seems to be living a very exciting life O!

Afrobabe said...

Eve pikin indeed...My sister from another mother, took the words right out of my mouth....

cally-waffybabe said...

hi sweerie, you don fashy me abi? i actually thought you'd stopped blogging...until i saw yopur comment somewhere sometime back, then came and left you a comment (which you never published btw). *fuming* but i forgive ya lol.

you know you're one of my first blog pals, so you'd always hold a special place in my heart. i haven't forgotten you o.

big hug


badderchic said...

@ geisha

what can I say? you know it is my job to spoil you, I millz u abeg holla when u come back home jo!

@ Porter

Just want to follow in your footsteps dearie

@ Afro

D one and only babe, you sef know sey you be inspiration for me.


Me forget you? thats like saying i should forget to eat, breathe or shit, I kid you not!I don miss you pai! d comment I didnt publish? I thought was personal so I kept it for my self. No vex for me O! I beg you, stop dissapearing o!

Bigger hug!

tobenna said...

Apparently, you surface for air once in a number of weeks.... share some hormone tingling jist and disappear.
Not fair. Naughty you.

You succeeded in touching raw nerves here. Damn it!


I think I missed something. Let me read this again.

Anyway, how body?

badderchic said...

@ Tobenna

would you really like for me to apologise?

@ sol

i dey jere thats for asking

Afrobabe said... are one chic I'd def want to meet...

splakkavelli said...

and d beat goes on.......

corkscrew said...

reading this is wonderful, sensually fulfilling.....its like reliving a dream, just that its too real.....u dig???

corkscrew said...

hard, like a rock
panting, like a warrior
it all happened too fast....can't wait to open door number 3.

corkscrew-corleone said...

u just did it again.....u know wat effect u always have on me.
Wats behind door number 3.....
Cant wait!!!!

Charizard said...

wow! I am having difficulty breathing...geez!