Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Thursday, 29 May 2008

A series of events prt 3

"Did you come?"

"Iru question ode wo ni bobo yin bimi? whish kin question is this guy asking me? you hear me talking sporadically, panting heavily, I cant even keep my words coherent you are asking me"

"No Im not asking if you came at all, Im asking if you did again"

"oooo okay! yes O! jibiti, I did...again"

"how you feeling?"

"wow, now Im not sure If I can describe the way I feel, I dont think I have ever come that hard, especially under the present circumstances, as I no believe say I fit do wetin I just do first and foremost and I no believe say I fit come the way wey I just come, meeen beads oo ni pami (you wont kill me)"

"Iwo ni o ni pa mi (it is you that wont kill me), you know what did it the most for me?"

"tell me"

"your moans, sheet it was simply crazy, it drove me maaad, and the sound of u...Ol' boy na die o!"

"Im not a boy, YOU definitely know that"

"Ye babe, I definitely why you gettin touchy all of a sudden?"

"Well I dunno. maybe all my senses are sharp this night...what can I say?"


more silence

even more silence

*One go think sey no be money person dey waste.*

"I gotta have you"

"As what? a cleaner? secretary, nurse?"

"you are into that kinda sheet arent you?"

"How do I say it Beads? you bring out the 'best' in me?"

"No but seriously babe I gotta have you"

"Again? How many times?"

"You are Maaad! is this one categorised as having?"

"well duh! I came what else could I want?" *even me sef dey slap myself I know*

"Woo this girl, kini yin gbono mo mi leti (this stuff is hot against my ears) when are we going to do this sheet, you know this is soo one sided"

"When are we going to do what?"

"Fork...when are we going to fork?"

"O that! I'm sorry beads my mind is not coordinated, I think I'm still coming"

"Great, I need for my mind not to be coordinated either, what you doing this friday?"

"Aww well, you know I'm working on this thing that I'm not so sure when its going to..."

"Shut up. I'm forking you on friday..."


even more silence

A bit too more silence

heavy breathing

"Works for me beads, I gotta go ow, there's work in the morning."

"ye Babe, I know, good night, sleep tight, I wonder how much credit we have used up sef"

"Do you really care?"


"Didnt think so!"

*Phew! Thank you guys for not decapitating me, No vex the post is late but hey Its finally wash out for prt 4 (this is starting to sound like a home video) lol.*


יש (Yosh) said...

"Shut up, I'm fucking you on Friday!"

hahahahahaha, see task scheduling! :)

Nice o! U've beat me to it and I'm not contesting! :D

Mz. Dee said...

FIRSTTTTT!!!!(altho i criously doubt i am, lol)
"Shut up, I'm forkin u on friday" Looool.
Weda u like it or not!
I'm stayin tuned o..Blogger Nollywood has just started. :P

theicequeen said...

ha! i'm lurvin it jare....

rotflmao at "im still coming", "my mind is not coordinated"..LOL!

AlooFar said...

I love everything about this blog especially those 7 things about you ;)

bumight said...

so this was a phone conversation?

Afrobabe said...

"As what? a cleaner? secretary, nurse?"

I love that in really really love it...

Would have loved school

Afrobabe said...

Fuck on friday
Friday Fuck on
Friday on fuck
On friday fuck

Danmmmm, I'm good!!
Got mad talent....

badderchic said...

@ Yosh

d tin tire me o! but it was quite a turn on as well *wink wink*

@ Ms Dee

Eyah, yosh beat you to it. the stupid beads is too full of himself ojere

@ Ice queen

what can I say?

@ Aloofar

tains tains tains

@ Bumight

Yep. it was over the phone...arent you just lookin forward to part 4?

@ Afro

U really are good! lol

Naapali said...

So part IV is about Friday?

princesa said...

Friday? Its a date!
I ope we get a sneak preview,lol!

NikkiSab said...

I tink i shd continue d breathing exercise u told me....omo is A.P - D dunga will be done on friday!!! go de. lol

Naija Idol said...

hmmm this one pass home video oh. abeg update this jare.

Charizard said...


na u cause am na...always teasing the boi ahnahn...wicked pikin...

Mz. Dee said...