Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Me being honest.

I hate Facebook,

yet I spend the better part of my days there. it is soooo frustrating!

pictures, people having fun.

this one getting married, that one having a baby, the most unlikely people getting engaged...why not me? do they possess ori meji? (two heads)

honestly I am happy for them, really really am but wadafork! why d hell am I d one that puts up pictures okay I didn't quite do that, but I'm so close to.

OKay Mo says to thank God constantly, I do how can I not, baba loke is always on point but...ehn

I'm still hating facebook.

I don't mean to sound funny but blogsville is more the place for me, nobody is forming happy here, if you are happy, you are happy, if you are sad, then it is so, for that Fb ehn, e be like say I go go rent man. lol

I love blogsville and I love the people in it, even though I only know a handful one on one, I still love y'all. I feel like I known y'all forever.

thank you for my honesty award from Mz Dee and Ibiluv, I shock say na only 2 pple give me, norin do una I still love you.

I'm gonna do somin funny and pass my award to the unlikely pips so I hereby Tag...

1. Porter d Harcourt
2. Ubong Da Randy
3. Jaja
4. NImmo
5. Unshined Congo
6. Cally Waffy Babe
7. Baba Alaye
8. Yosh
9. Zephi
10. Unnaked

those days when I was unknown in blogsville and I used to get 7-8 comments...they came from you.

half of you have quit blogging but you still a part of the family.

I miss una gaaaan!

this has got to be my shortest post in a while.


badderchic said...



Enigma said...

You be malu!!!!!! how can you be first on your own blog?! pschewwww

naijalines said...

See this girl o. How can you be first on your own blog? I'm first jo.
What's a hot young chic like you doing blogging on a Saturday night. You no get party to go?

Fb na just FB. I use it for blogging purposes so it goes without saying that blogville is where it's at, jare.

Congrats on your award jare. From what I can see here you def deserve it. Have a good night.

badderchic said...

@ Enigma

see this nincomput of a twins broda calling me male, ehn if I am a cow, then you too are a male Cow (notice I didnt call you a bull)

@ Nlines

Me sef no know o! wetin I dey do for house sef? lol. Im too lazy to go out jere. plus I must go church tomoro, I need plenty plenty dose of Jesu Kristi.

Tigeress said...

Badderchic & down the feistiness. broda & sista.

Badderchic, such is life. but remember u're not the only one not posting happily in love pictures on FB. It's funny when ones juniors(when i was in form 6 and she was in form 1)are getting married. But shiiiiiiiiii, shii happens- there are too many of us. lol!!! DEAL!!!! Yours will come- trust me.

p.s. a lot of these marraiges.....arent as happy as we think.

bumight said...

we need to all boycott facebook! all my friends are happily single on fbook, but I totally HATE the new facebook arghhhhhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate facebook...twas through that shit I found out someone that was supposed to be loving me [i.e. Dami] was Maga-ing ma head

Naapali said...

- so me I no be wan of your ole time followers nemore?
- neway, dis dishonest blogger still apprishate u sha.

Buttercup said...

lol @ u being 1st..oya, commot for there!

hehehehe yep, fb can be pretty annoyin sure i probably annoy peeps

congrats on ur award!

Shubby Doo said...

facebook is what it is...
an outward appearance... it is not blogville...for me this is a look inward.

well done for your award

Baba alaye rocked. 2nd blogger whose blog i fell in love with after bimbylads

Anonymous said...

fb... i used to live on that zones. its fun sha, to put up pic of you smiling and forming excitedness and fabolousness. abeg joo. the last time i visited that zones was like three weeks ago. AH! i'm sure i've forgotten some people's birthdays now cuz facebook is my reminder. YEEEE!!

ShonaVixen said...

oi...ur First doesnt count!!! and heey them pictures, are just a moment, whats reality and everyday is not so happy!!you're not the only one not posting marriage/engagement pictures..i know a friend who's changed her status to 'married' but she's not

Afrobabe said...


I am glad I have a partner in hating fb...I want to shut it down for a while, problem now is am gonna miss all the comments on my pics...lmao..kolo?

Waffarian said...

I think its hilarous...from one day to next dem go change "status" from "single"to "engaged"...hahaha,the thing never even land self, people go rush go the person wall begin dey congratulate dey go, plus prayers, blessings, all sorts..heheheheh, na only me dey think say e dey funny?

chei...heheheheh, abeg, lef dem oh, no go pour sand sand for my garri. Na my comedy source be dat.

Parakeet said...

Dear Badder, I share ur sentiments about FB...people are for the most part 2 faced.

Confessions of a London gal said...

Tell me about it! I am really hating on FB right now- and i feel u on that "why are they all gettin married and havin baby issue" and as tigress as said its funny when those that were ur juniors in school r d ones that u see their weddin pics on FB...Nice blog by the way

Mz. Dee said...

Itz clear why i gave u the award!!

Not many ppl wud remember their first blog loves!

Funms said...

how can u be first???????? i feel u on the whole facebook jare.....
congrats on ur award......

FineBoy Agbero said...

Well, about Facebook, ppl say it's addictive. Addictive ke? Wetin i go dey do there for 24hrs? I find it boring most times.
The only use i have for Facebook na to hook up with my old sch mates and arrange get-togethers. And of course, d invitations to parties. Otherwise? No to Facebook o.

musco said...

whether we all hate it doesn't count because smthng keeps dragging all of us there!

nice u rmbrd ur days of humble beginning on blogville!

Tigeress said...

LOL! @ London gal. Don't hate. Appreciate. Be happy with these folks that are so madly in love! lol!

Kpakpando said...

My dear, life is not a race. Don't worry about when your time is coming for anything (job, marriage, money, whatever) just pray that you get everything at the right time. It's a big task sha, let me not lie; not feeling a tinge of envy, when you see yet another person has posted a picture of their exotic vacation in India and post ridiculous shit like, "Mumbai is divine dahling", mehn I just want to dash them dirty slaps.... but it's happier living without envy sha.

Tisha said...

enjoy your blog.
will keep checking.

Smaragd said...

gba! blogsville is way cooler than Fb. and i understand perfectly what u mean.

congrats on ur awards babe.

as per ur last post? i tire!lol

aloted said...


FB is pure entertainment...people go there either to entertain or to be entertained...

congrats on ur award. u surely deserve it

exschoolnerd said...

lol @ enigma's comment...

congrats on ur award..

and i feel u on facebook...

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Naaps: Na today? E don tayyyyy when we don dey follow dis Chica.
@FB: I still don't know what people are looking for on FB, the entertainment value is still far less than on Blogger. And you can't even be anonymous.

Erm, dis your award, does it come with any cash to share abi na just statue dem give you?

teecity said...

my dear u are not d only one. dat fb can be very depressing.... i too wonder y m not gettn married n having all d kids?

congrats on ur award.
Gods time is the best. so b patient n take things easy.

Woomie O! said...

he he he!
Me nko??/ NO award for me??? *sniff* *sniff*
I also have a miserable life on facebook! so many 'friends' making me feel like my life's at a standstill.
I tink Exscoolnerd's, Chari's (*whispers* Buttercup's) and Fineboy Agbero's awards should be retrieved asap!!! they are soo not honest! they D.I.G. facebook! especially Ex'Nerd!

PS: search for me and add me as a friend...u'll see me on X'Nerd's page, I'll make life on F/Bk more bearable for you. Promise.


congrats!!!! wait, are you first? At your own blog?

hahaha, you are too much, Chairlady!

Muse said...

true talk! to me facebook has become that item that identifies you when on a blind date: LOOK AT ME! I'M HERE! Apart from that, I cherish the anonymity blogging allows me to have...truth lies behind the mask.

Jarrai said...

Lucifer owns face book...nuff said

LG said...

Congrats dear'
norrin do u

rayo said...

me i'm waitn 4 u to come nd update oh!

Dee! said...

Congratulations on your award! You sure deserve it!

NaijaBabe said...

congrats o!!!
Ignore fb jare...its boring me already too

bArOquE said...

...dont have anything to say, just that your Badder pic with the necklace gives me butterflies...very exquisite breasts

ibiluv said...

u no fit dey carry first for ya own blog...........

u r welcome dearie....u deserve the award..........

no mind them yeye face book people!!!!!!!!

seye said...

Finally I find someone who feels the same way I do Facebook vs Blogger. lol

All the wonderful pictures that make you feel you may not be doing so good after all