Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Yawa for my friend.

My friend (mf for short) is in serious trouble, it has to do with a girl. aaahhhhh!

mf has turned James Bond, avoiding the girl like yahoo yahoo boys avoid dem EFCC, mf has to turn off all phones; celtel o! mtn, glo, mts, starcomms (haba how many fone for one person?) even the land line in mf's house has been computerised to say "mf is not aound please dont try later".

Apparantly (dem say dem say na so mf take tell me) it was a cold wednesday evening mf was in a room with Eno, nice teets, sexy, horny as hell. somehow somehow mf gets her naked and they start to do the preliminary to d main d main thing.
I asked mf why not d main d main?
mf says "because i am not a painter"
So the story goes ( i still dont believe it is the full story, something must have been left out) they were there just talking o! harmless talk only that it turned to something else, you fit do, you no fit do turn to kizzing, turn to strippin. Mf is good, knows what to say and how to say it, mf takes off Eno's bra and sucks on her buttons, tugs a bit, licks and laps...bites then licks again just the way girls like it. Eno grabs mf's head and starts to kiss like she left somthing in mf's throat (mfs words not mine) mf pulls her head back and spanks her, tells her to show some respect, Eno likes it, Eno is panting asking to be touched, Mf bliges...spanks...rubs...kisses...tugs...kisses...talks dirty...spanks...kisses...Eno comes....
I asked mf "didnt YOU come?"
mf answers "I came ages before her"

Mf is now in serious trouble o! avoiding Eno like a plague, why? Eno wants more! Eno has proffessed love, warned mf not to hurt her, cheat on her, Eno calls mf at odd hours to say "im horny", i need to be ... CENSORED!

mf is in a serious relationship, is getting married pretty soon, mf didnt even have sex with Eno, all they did was the preliminaries. ( i believe that one I've listened in on one of mfs conversations" mf wants to know what to do...enter me confidant.

me I dont know o! this na new territory for me, how mf? how could you cheat on your partner? how could you do whatever it is you did with Eno? me I dont know what you are going to do o! if I say continue avoiding the girl d question "for how long?" comes up. tell her? according to you she's a warrior.
hmmmm I sigh. well mf the best solution I can think of is tell your boyfriend and maybe y'all can have a minaj ( thats me being wicked sorry) as i was saying...STOP BINSH!

did you say boyfriend?

yep I did.

how? is mf gay?

no no mf is not gay or is mf gay? wo me i dont know jare all i know is mf does have a boyfriend, mf loves boyfie, boyfie loves mf aint that the way its supposed to be? i mean mf is gettin married to boyfie and they plan to have kids...(BOYFRIEND MUST NOT FIND OUT!)

Hellooo? why are we going Chuck and Larry here? Elton John and who knows? Bobby and Elvis?
What are you talking about? more like Ellen, Rosie and Nike

DUH! mf is a girl, she did some girl on girl action (see what too much mojo has caused) which in my opinion makes it complicated.

I dont know what she was thinking but now she running from another girl. she keeps asking me "badderchic wetin i go do now? na u bad now."

ye righ' na me do girl? but in the spirit of helping your neighbour out of a jam...!

Ubong any ideas? wave? ugo? fineboy? port harcourt?

36? idemmilli? laide? yosh? overwhelmed? omo? princess?




Zephi said... got me at first....I was like what the heck.. I sure did not see girl on girl action coming....interesting.
Why is she avoiding her?
I dont think her fiance will be as pissed off it was a girl she messed with...he will prolly not mind a

Maybe she should tell eno to piss off, that she does not swing that way and it was a mistake. *shrugs*

Porter deHarqourt said...

this is a really knotty one. me i no envy any of the people involved...but like mf u bad now!

Mrs Somebody said... know I always thought the name read bladderchic(my bad)sorry.And I would say 'What kind of name is that'?
And would just skip.
Thanks for coming over to my blog.
And really I like this blog.I'll be coming over more often.I've told Ubong da to send in his advice.
Eno should hands off and go get her own boyfie and leave your friend alone.
Na by force?

bighead said...

O boy, The case tough o! Make she come clean with the kain Eno jare. How can she be pretending to be gay when she isn't... Abi is she?

Nyemoni said...

hey you! Thanks for stopping by my space!!! Yes o! I echo my brother perters thoughts na you bad now? Me I no know o!

UnNaked Soul said...

that's hot oh... I wish my babe has lesB tendencies... *sigh*
how romantic it would be...
well, God dey...
tell mf she can date + marry me and cheat on me with any girl... not a guy oh! as many girls as she wants *wink*

UnNaked Soul said...

that's hot oh... I wish my babe has lesB tendencies... *sigh*
how romantic it would be...
well, God dey...
tell mf she can date + marry me and cheat on me with any girl... not a guy oh! as many girls as she wants *wink*

Aijay said...

Lol. Drastic fantastic! I can't even laugh.
So she's bi, or was she 'experimenting'? I don't think her boyfie will find her funny.
I think she should stop avoiding Eno like a plague & have a talk with her before it gets ugly. Well, thats if she wants to stay with her boyfie.

Writefreak said...

hmm...really couldn't tell it was a girl on girl on thingy...hmm, this one's a serious yawa o..wetin mf sef dey think dey do girl to'd be better for her to come clean with boyfie, cos he might eventually find out.

I also think she should tell the girl bluntly that she's nto interested in such a relationship anymore. she has to be confrontational and if she dey pray, make she kneel down first, ask God for help

יש (Yosh) said...

ol boy, this is stuff o!

Now let me make my own wicked comment:

I wish she wasn't gonna get married so she'd enjoy what she's started!

So Eno's a warrior? Fine! Let her take d battle to her and tell her the koko, werin de. The 'I'm getting married' line.

Finally, if d heat gets too hot <:D>, make she tell d bf say see wetin de hapun. At least, almost all men out there see themselves getting it with 2 others.

...but seriously, if her attempt at stonewalling Eno doesn't cut it, then she needs to take drastic measures: she herself becomes a warrior. If she can handle it, she'd let the guy know wetin hapun and see how the both of them can fight off this 'evil' :P. After all, it's her/their future we're talkin 'bout here

Lol @ (see what too much mojo has caused)

princesa said... got me a bit confused back there.
mf don enter real yawa o!
Seriously from the way you described the show, mf initiated the whole sure she doesnt swing both ways???

Anyway since she is getting married soon, i advise her to confront Eno with the real situation of things and let her know she regrets what they did.Chikena!

Thnx for popping in my blog!
You got something cool here too.

Anonymous said...

uh ooooooooooohhh

exschoolnerd said...

havent u heard that t-pain song....maybe her husband to be wont mind she'll be their steady threesome party...yeah right!

he will jes pack her load and have it waiting for her...oya alele back to yer fathers house..

this one pass me oh...make she beg that eno or find someone else for eno to replace her...wetin dey do that eno sef...

badderchic said...

@ Zephi, Ive told her to face her fears lol, she thinks me eveel.

@ porter, haba! na me do the tin?

@ Mrs S. bladder ke? no probs. lol apparently Eno too has boyfriend ooo ha! wonders shall never cease

@ bighead, me sef no sure if the girl gay infact she sef no sure

@ Nye. haba naa, na me? Lex luthor no de wear shower cap.

@ unnaked, maybe u could help get Eno's mind off mf *wink*

@ Aijay, I have told her the truth shall set her free.

@ write apparently she has tried tell her but ehmmm beat this Eno started crying, cant get over it! *rolling over laffing*

@ Yosh where did u get your skills from? lol

@ Princessa, i bow to the girl o!

@ Anonymous. hmmmmm. i sigh

@ my main girl exsch. im always on ur side.

femme said...

her guy might not mind. men usually dont see girl on girl as cheating. he'll probabaly ask to be invited.

i dont get it

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Hummm i would say it happens, anything can happen. Its one of those secrets she must keep till her grave. Shouldnt tell boyfie... no need.

As for Eno - she should answer her calls or get in touch wiv her and tell her shes engaged to be married prefers guys etc....And she shld leave her alone.

princesa said...

Update wanted!!


this is what they call "one for the road, one for the kill". Since mf is a chic, she no get wahala (is she bi-?).she should just complete what she started or just push her to any other "supi" she knows. that way she not break her heart and her marriage stays. i just hope her fiance dont read your blog cos that might be the end.

Baroque said...

however you got me lost, i had to re-read to see mf as a chic...since neither mf nor Eno claims to be gay...i'm sure its not the marraige or boyfie thats mf's worry...she shld tell Eno that she doesnt want to get burned because its serious fire they're playing with...she shouldnt use the boyfie as the she doesnt dabble into something that'll eat her up later...the one experience was good enough...she shld turn her phone on & talk with Eno like nothing happened...even man & woman dey settle these issues...pls give us update