Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Sunday, 14 October 2007

12th October.

6am No Not the alarm, not not the alarm!

I felt the kisses on my neck first, they trailed down to my breasts, hmmm this dream sweet o! so sweet, I seem to be letting go of a bit too much nectar, i turn and feel the weight on me, my eyes flutter open and all i can see is your head doing the up and down movement...Aha! i see Taiwo and Kehinde are the ones getting all the attention this mornin. "hmmm" i couldnt help but moan, you look up at me. "mornin babe happy birthday, how you feeling?" I want to tell you i felt like my heart was about to burst, i cant explain that sweet sweet feeling i feel, i cant explain the way my head spins right now, i feel like Cinderella, snow white and al em darn princesses rolled into one. i feel ontop of the world! i cant say that so i say what i do know how to say..." I feel a certain want only you can give"
you smile that mischevious smile of yours and say " you want me dont you?"
Slowly this morning, im thinking, lets take it slow, different from the usual, youve got to be telephatic as you take my twin orbs into your hands, "beautiful" you say...
I know I think.
you kiss them one after the other licking on my nipples...sheet! im loving this, i really am!
good ain it?" you ask. you know it is and you know i love it when you say "ain' it". you scroll down on me and you start to lick beneath my breasts, you slide your fingers into my moist, "you sure know how to drip" you say. what can i say? Im the the fire service only beacause your the one on fire!" you grab my head and start to kiss me, hard, well fast then slow. you lick on my lips... im loving it i thrust my tongue into your mouth, it meets with yours...darn. you sexy.

you hold me away and look into my eyes... "you know how much i dig you babe?"
in miy mind STALE JIST, to you..."I know, plus you know its totally mutual"

"what would have happened if i had never met you?" i cant answer, I really want to but all i can think of right now are your fingers in me, you are sliding in me, tapping in on the right frequency i must confess. "o! sheet" im moaning, it must have been a fery fery good sound cuz the way you attacked Taiwo ehn na die, dont forget the other one im thinking, dont you dare. But you do dare, you Ignore Kehinde and move all the way down to Alaba. FORK! you know i cant stand that, i really cant..."No dont... i dont want you too" my alter Ego? "Suck on it beetch you know you want to"
You ignore me, and force my legs apart, Ewo! why i no wear shorts sleep na? hmmmmm! you latch on and start to do your thing, i can feel your tongue dartin in an out like a woodpecker, unexpectedly, i move aiming for the other side of the bed, its just too much for me, i cant help it, i cant stand it...your laughter fills the room
"ole, lazy girl, na only mouth you get"

you know me, you know me only too well, you know sey dem no they call me name wey no be my own, you know sey dem no they call me pikin wey no know him papa. in my head Jazzman's song..."Won ti da mi mo lo sen pariwo (they have recognised me, that is why they shout!) ehn omo to dun (the child that is sweet) with the same contenet grin on your stupid sexy face you watch me crawl back to your end of the bed, i take off my panties, who needs the interference? im not taking off my night shirt, I know what the satin does to you and i know what leaving it on does to you, on a platter i spread em legs and say it..."Suck on it beetch!" you laugh that your laughter wey wan resemble growl and you attack me like the spartans attacked their enemies, i cant help it anymore, Im screaming my head off
"sheet, sheet sheet" it only makes you do it some more. I want deeeeck im thinking, i need to grab the 'mic'

"i want you" I say
"you had better" you reply
“No no, i mean...i want...hmmm...i want to sock on you too
"Its your birthday babe...thats not an option"
"but i really want to, i need to...i have to"
you ignore me and go back to doin it, what does CWB call it now? "Claw" ehen yes, im thinking Now, Now! Now!
I voice my thoughts..."now, please now"
a kaleidiscope explodes, i dont believe it, you making me beg you? your going to make me beg? you are only doing it cuz you know it makes me twice the hornier beetch I am now.

Two can play, I wont give you the pleasure of hearing me beg...or will i?
I Hold your head down, pushing your head into me some more, might as well
Stick you whole darn head into it, my toes are burning, my ears, fingers, my hair seems to be standing, static, electricity, you chose that particular moment to stop... for the good cuz less than a millisecond later i feel you, the you i definitely cant do without 'Tap ' on my button
Yes! finally, he's going to...he's...hmmmmm!

Inside! Home!

your moving now, its the grand prix, slowly, sheet what contrast, harder, what pain, full throttle, nothing but pleasure.

My legs over your shoulders...I DON DIE O. I know where im going to be feeling you, In my brain. ahh Ori min korin, ori min korin (my head is singing, my head is hitting the iron post...who cares?)

"Its paining me" I say
"should i stop" you ask
"nooooooo" I answer. In my head, you dey crase? do more, more
you spin me around somehow, you are still lodged in me, my upper body you nudge, "down a bit babe" im like a slide as you slide in and out of me, i wonder whats going through your mind, but no time to ask, i can feel you building, you exit my body, why nah? you be winsh? you dey crase? what nonsense, what rubbish, what...juices? all over, it feels like the kaiji Dam, the springs, who needs water cooperation if me one person can manufacture so much liquid? See as tap dey gush, abeg shock that tin make water no waste, you lay down and place me ontop of you, no questions, i straddle you, lets go now! Camron you dey?

"Horse and carriage den den, Badchic here den den, with the sexy den den Mr Bad den den, we gonna fooooooork till we come den den, even then den den we go still continue den den"

Me ontop, you grabbing on to the 'twins' they must dey fear, see as dem dey shake, i look into your eyes

"you determine the pace babe, its your day"

Need you say more?, i pull you up and kiss you like there was no tomorow, you latch on to the twins cuz you know thats what does it for me, i can feel it coming, the rush, i feel you hold me tighter than a clamp...

"Im goin to..." i say

"sheet" you say...

"Can i?" I say...
"you want to? you say

"Baaaaaby..." I say

“Uhn..." you grunt

"Aaahhh, mmmm," i say

"uhmmm" you say

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet!" we say

I come as i feel you spill it all into me. talk about buying me a drink!

im panting, na me just finish marathon, na me just reach where i dey go, na me just land, na me just come

“ Happy Birthday babe, I love you Pieces"

In my mind? Stale jist

As it did not happen like this...wash out for Part two!


Mrs Somebody said...

This post as well written as it is,was inspired by our one and only Cally waffy babe.
@ CWB....oya come and inspire me-o!
I need to write yamayama on my 'squeaky clean' blog.LOL!

cally-waffybabe said...
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Naapali said...

No I am not stalking you o! I have ur site on my RSS na so I reach here early.

It appears you did not need any palmwine drinkards afterall :-)

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

well damn!!!
I woke up on my birthday to my alarm screaming....
envy from one libra to another
Happy Birthday...sha

exschoolnerd said...


badderchic said...

@ Mrs S...
Trust me she inspire me pass like this but as i no get restricted blog...

@ CWB...
I learnt from the!

@ Naapali...
Whos complaining?

@ Catwalq...
We will get dia! thanks dear

@ ex...
you had better!

יש (Yosh) said...

"Its paining me" I say
"should i stop" you ask
"nooooooo" I answer. In my head, you dey crase? do more, more

haaahahahaha... oh boy!

Oya, let's hear the real gist. But damn, this is some feisty ish! :D

N.I.M.M.O said...


If it did not happen like this, then how did it happen?

.... patiently waiting for part two ...

Many thanx for stopping by mine. I finally updated.


princesa said...

Now i am totally corrupted!
Who send me come here now??

Happy birthday girl! I see say u don collect ur present already so i no bring any one come.

unshined congo said...

hmm hawt stuff!!LMAO@CWB

cally-waffybabe said...
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Ubong Da said...

Gaddam that is how birthday should be celebrated o jare. I need to print this out and give my babe in preparation for my next birthday.

exschoolnerd said...

this chick...u know i am a small shild....if u see how my eyes was popping when i was reading this entry...emmmm..all dis action for one person?

Baroque said...

chairlady...i'm still owing this blog a proper visit...i havnt read the post...but i don like you already

The Beads Factor said...

I just want to introduce my blog to you.
I do hope you would drop by,

tlk said...

i love the way u wrote this....

Baroque said...

my GOd, what a i'm trying very hard to remember how my bday morning was...nothing got me started

Charizard said...

mad ish...mayn...