Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Post Mortem.

Once a place that felt like home
blogsville, a place i loved like home
though most of us anonymous
it didnt matter we found hearts synonymous
we laughed, we cried, we worried
we cared, we were scared, we bared.

Now like the whole world around us
we have terrorists terrorising us
they force their opinions in our face
not caring about what we have to say
they tell us how to live our lives
at the same time asking us not to tell them how to live theirs
Ironic, Psychotic.

I will not restrict my blog
for i know its therapy for a whole lot of y'all
I will not shut down my blog,
'dont frustrate me' thats whats written on my mug.
I have not made up my mind what to do
i hurt and i ask "how could you?"
for what reasons would you take it away?
you satisfied? you well fed? you soak away?

The warmth we feel slowly turns to cold,
Our emotions now difficult to let show
what use then is my bloggin?
this world i have come to love-in.

To the memory of CWB and Unshined's blogs
now i know why Baba Alaye left us all
My favourite pple in Blogsville
Shut down... Fork this!

Like Lazarus's sister i await your awakening
I will wait, in the oven like i was baking.


cally-waffybabe said...

LOL and COL at the same time. Babe, you always make me smile. At least you'd still see me now. You'd always be my favourite pessin jare. Unshined congo herself can't stay away from you, so we still gat yo back babe.


Oh and BTW i'm first!!! Yipee yay yipee yay!!!

Naapali said...

Like the latecomer after bad news was broken, I ask what happened? I did notice Unshined's blog was blank and I never did get to read CWB so have no clue what went wrong there.

Please do not despair and do not stop writing. Like most of us here I know you write for relief, to get things out that should not stay in, to think aloud without being put on a bus to Aro. I have learnt more about Naija, about Naija men and women, about how we are shaped and misshaped by our childhoods and upbringing, in the two months I have been here than in all the books and face2face conversations I had previously.

Please keep your chin up and keep writing. There can be only one badderchic, and its you.

Anonymous said...

m 1st..........hurray.pls dont go newhere i gbadu ur blogs.kip it REAL.

Zephi said...

awww...nice write up...these anons and the not-so-anons are some morrafucka's. inherently psychotic people

unshined congo said...

awww. looovely. i totally agree with CWB...i really cant stay away from u. ure a really nice writer.

anonymous gal said...

1st time here. but wat i saw i liked. dont stop.

princesa said...

THis was soooo sweet and poetic!

Badder, no go anywhere o! Anons cant win!!!

יש (Yosh) said...

Why'd anyone shut down their blogs 'cos of what others think? Where's the freedom behind blogging?

Anyway, I'm sure Unshined & CWB won't stay away!

waiting for part 2 on the other gist o! I don almost finish my salary take de buy popcorn wey I wan de chop when I de read d remaining story!

cally-waffybabe said...


badderchic said...

@ CWB...
tanks jere, feeling better knowin i gat you!

@ naapali...
You just dey come after we don share present finish lol alot has gone down o! but like i said for your page how i go take know new stuff from you?

@ anonymous...
thanks alot

@ zephi...

@ unshined...
me i no wan know that one, reopen your

@ princessa...
im right here babe!

@ yosh...
its coming right at ya!

@ CWB...again...
I dey miss you o!

Kaydee said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Saw the Pic @ Exschoolnerd's.Neva knew that part of U.hmmn! Now that poem is the real shiznit!U got raw skillz.keep it up.

Obinwanne said...

so cool, so nice...good write up....

Porter deHarqourt said...

hey chic, i'm with u all the way on this...although i'm not sure any1 should shut down their blogs just because of the rude and pestering comments of silly anons. let's all stay up

Black Man Comes said...

Thanks for stopping by. Hmm, what do u get? Hmm... to be continued.

Black Man Comes said...

unshined, whats goind onnwith ur blog. can read nutin on it. sorry chairlady.

diary of a G said...

I will not restrict my blog
I will not shut down my blog

love dat attitude cos even If I felt like not blogging for a while
...I'd prefer not to close my blog
maybe give it a rest but not close it....

I still can't believe CWB blog isn't around...I still check like once in a

but your words are the reason why I can't leave blogville so easy cos ever tho I don't know you...
I can relate to the shit you say so deeply
Well written

The Last King Of Scotland said...

it is crazy oooo.

Aijay said...

Very nice. I miss Cally's blog too.

princesa said...


Sunshine! said...

i really don't know why u guys bother to reply or give attention to these jobless people acting as the perfect commentators..

abeg jare, keep blogging love


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

We remain
Those who need this release of words
This discourse of points
This sharing of thoughts
We remain
To welcome you from your long bake

I am not even sure if what i just wrote makes sense...

N.I.M.M.O said...


It seems they got to everybody but I dont think we should just yield because of some annoying Anons should we?

Now this is a part of you I never read before. Tres poetique. (What? Frensh no be my mother tongue)

Heads up! We still full ground 2-4.


Porter deHarqourt said...

and u haven't still updated because...?

exschoolnerd said...

u betta come and update this blog..what do u mean by this?

badderchic said...

make una no vex

back in a bit.

Zephi said...

ahh this kind of AWOl na wa oh

Naapali said...

so u just fashi us?

Naapali said...

Of course my prodigal sista is forgiven. I have missed u sha!