Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Monday, 31 March 2008

Searching for a baby daddy.

"Abeg Badderchic, carry this child for me, I'll be back in a bit"

"where to Madam, why are you leaving your kid with me?"

"just want to run to the store, if he cries, his bottle is in the warmer, but he wont, he likes you"

"okay o! sha do quick abeg, i dey comot"

"ha! bad, where is my wife?"

"she ran to the store, come and carry your son o!"

"ehn? wait, im coming, carry him now, ill be back in a jif"


ween ween ween.

"omo, jo stop crying now"

ween ween.

"take bottle no, you are snuggling at my breasts, you no know sey na sahara desert? dry as fork, you wont stop crying abi? I don dance all the dance I know finish, you still dey cry okay let me sing song more"

he stops crying, he takes his bottle, snuggles into my breast some more and sleeps...just the two of us, darn I wish you were mine.

Okay I don talk am, I WANT A BABY, yes, Im ready,finally, Ive been ready for a bit now actually but now now now I have deceided, I wan born pikin... no Im not just saying this cuz Im horny, (kinda) nah, Im saying this cuz Im scared if I dont have a baby now, I wont do it till Im too old and Ive got little or almost nothing left.

hmmm, who I wan born for sef? obviously it has to be sum1 I can marry, am I ready to be married? no...atleast I dont think so. am I ready to have uninhibited sex everynight, day, afternoon, inside kitchen, toilet, under the stairs?

kai im panting already.
okay who who who? first name that comes to head? Kechi. but we dont talk anymore now? okay my pikin go fine,yellow, e go be ibo, im papa go get money, go dey tush but my pikin go short o! because ehn that boy is short.

who next on the list of prospective baby daddy?

Ade, hmmn everything I wanted in a guy but ehn? it cant work because HE IS MARRIED YOU FOOL!

sorry my bad dont mind me, Im high I believe on...on...actually there's just too much poosy fluids, I cant think straight.

you sure say no be agro? no no no, its not. I want a baby and I want one bad.

aha! A.y he said lets have a babay a while back, I said no no no and no wait hold on let me call him and ask him if he is still interested.
Sheet, he doesnt want a baby any more, when he was saying it I was fronting, now he's going to jand for masters. bad timing. hmmm

If u checked my page, I specifically mentioned how crazy I am about kids, well I wasnt bluffing, Im crazy about children. so this is me realising (just) how tired I am at taking care of other peoples kids, thy always find it easy to leave their children with me, darn I too nice.

call it an ad, I dont care!

(like d channel O ad)

*calling out to all single, goodlooking,Godfearing,focused,comfortable,not shorter that 5'7, preferabbly dark (but not that colour really matters), hung like a horse (size matters o! but we can settle for he who can rock the boat well!), knows how to treat a woman, wonderful sense of humour, wonderful taste in music, good at sports, romantic and slightly perverted, no I cancel that maybe adventrous, interesting men (I dont ask fo much I know)


did you just call me beetch?