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Ragga boi.
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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Truth be told...

My Personal peoples,

Blogsville, I don miss una gaaaan!

unfortunately I might not have beeg entirely honest...WAIT! dont take away my honest blogger award just yet.

I havent blogged in a bit not because I still been feeling the blues...nah! Ive been mad busy. Yes I have been feeling better just being too busy to blog as in belee that. By not bogging I just might have given you the impression I was still feeling down and thats not true. ema binu! lol


I am stunned, put up a post just becos of me? I waas feeling every inch of a princess. thank you for all em birthday wishes it was a blast guys, ill give you the jist a lil bit.


I learnt a couple of years ago that when it comes to man and woman matter the best thing to do is MIND MY FORKING BUSINESS so guys I this one of those times? errrrm HELL YE! theres so much to say, so little time by the way mz Dee I miss you o! you too invisible and Afro.

well the situation on ground is that...

Friend A and Friend B are my friends but they dont know each other. Ive known friend B longer but Im closer to friend A well, friend A tells me last week that she forked friend A's Brother in law. i.e Friend B's sisters husband. (she met the guy randomly)

I HAVE NO IDEA WHY SHE DUNNIT honestly guys, like Mario I dont wanna know as in I cant start to imagine why but as for me and my house we shall mind our business. how the hell am I supposed to say it

"errm friend B, you know that my friend A? that Im always talking about? well she been balling your nephews daddy...hehehehe" olorun maje abi pples wat do you think?

on the other hand TRUTH BE TOLD why does sex have to be so complicated? is it so difficult to understand sometimes that I just wanna fork you?

I lost a good friend of mine just cuz we forked I mean, its not mine fault, he decided to take a walk, dunno wassup with him on the inside, he prob thinks Im gonna get clingy and sheet but dude "I just felt like it and you was there so we dunnit! does it have to be so complicated?"


I met baldy a couple of weeks ago, Lordy lordy lordy he soooooooooo sexy but erm...I just want to fork him. well that makes two of us! hehehehe

baldy starts to piss me off with the "we cant get emotional and sheet" sturvs even after we had agreed on our 'arrangement' trust me and my big mouth i told him

"baldy, I dont want to marry you, dayyum, I dont even want to be your girlfriend, I just want to fork you! is that sooooo difficult to comprehend?"

lol. I really did say it, over the phone, in front of my born again older cousin, i reckon her mouth stayed open for days. lol


there is someone I do want to date and get emotional with but errm you know how it is, I dey fear to tell am lol. I have desisted from keeping his number and I look forward to seeing him once every two weeks whenever I do a meet with our circle of friends, then I go all mushy and stuff ater which I forget him or at least try. lol

EWOOOOOOOOO from I dont have time to a semi long post lol. hope I have satisfied y'all, Im still reppin abi?

Bloggers All, I miss and love you guys and errm spread the word...




Chairlady! how now? Did I just claim first?

Na wa for me today oh!


ahhhH!!!!!!!!! wetin dey do you? I have to wait for approval to ind out? No fair!

Enigma said...

i know im not first, with all this damn moderation thing!

How is you twin? had a good baffday?

come to think of it, i owe you some pinsurs o, i'll hook u up!

E kabo s'ori eto yi!

Invisible said...

I AM #1. Oh, badder will be doing the approval thing now.

Aww, you miss me? I miss you too o.
You couldn't have said it better though. Why does things have to be so damn complicated? I think it's more common between naijas. Oyinbo will tell it like it is, I don't want to date you, I just want to do you.

As for friend A and B, if I were you, I'll seal my lips. Not my place or my problem. If the sheet hits the fan and they bring me into it, I'm staying neutral and innocent, lol. They'll vex but they'll get over it.

Just...Toluwa said...

em, we miss u too!

and here i was thinking that it was girls who had issues with just doing it and letting go...

oh wells, shit happens jare! welcome back Badder chic.

Tigeress said...

looks like i'm role this morning o! :)

Tigeress said...

Well i hope i was 1st. lol! Welcome back! To be honest- nothing out of the ordinary has been happening in blogsville.

As for ur crush, good luck with that. I hope ur desires come true.

Tisha said...

u have been gone too long but welcome back sha!

Cappuccine Baby said...

just dropping byyy, greaat blog i must sayyy, interessting hehehehe, so you like the whole no strings attached kind of sex ehnnn, keep on keeping girly hehehehe

AlooFar said...

Me, I no miss u at all at all.

welcome back sha.

Naija Idol said...

Yes o! u r sting reppin'

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

all this talk about 'gettng some' is making me want to get some!!!!!!
Glad u back

Naapali said...

Glad to know you are doing better. Regarding your friends, none of your business.

Funms said...

yay, ur back!!!!!!! gist about b'day asap!!! hmm, dont know how to tell ur friend o, i think u should not interfere...... as for baldy, i feel he's stunned ur outright about what u want and he probably finds it too good to be

naijaleta said...

hi, just came to tell you that i'm back after almost a month MIA.

badderchic said...

lordy, I just lost my long ass response to comments dayyum Im pained!

TinTin said...

hmmmm i can assure u that minding ur business is so much better! cos if u dont..when kasala burst na u dey go blame!

Uber Fabulous Nigerian Girl said...

its my first time on your blog and i totally love it.

N.I.M.M.O said...

Wisdom says Mind Your Own Business.

Tyger said...

i am back oh

and i have updated

so sorry i took so long though

AlooFar said...

.... you don't want to know how much i miss you ;)

Update! Update! Update!

badderchic said...


Congratulations babe, your parcel awaits

@ Enigma

Im not talkin to you, you forgot my buyday psheeew

@ Invisible

se you and your brother dey follow eash other? I know you miss me daarl lol

Me I don superglue my mouth tey tey.

@ Just...Toluwa
thanks love, as in me I dont know o!

@ Tigeress
you can say that again.

thanks for wishing me luck, I need am.

@ Tisha

aww you miss me abi? lol thanks love

@ Cappuccine Baby

thanks gurl, sometimes the no strings attached thing is necessary

@ AlooFar


@ Naija Idol

Im blushing

@ Miss Definitely Maybe

like NIke babe JUST DO IT! abi u don dunnit?

@ Naapali

thanks bro. none of my business, Im writing lines now none of my business, none of my...

@ Funms

will try update asap infact, Baldy is soooo tripped by me, I wonder y. heeeheeeheee.

@ naijaleta

se being MIA is what is making you want to name your son Bart abi? lol

@ TinTin

I feel you. thanks o!

@ Uber Fabulous Nigerian Girl

Thanks for stopping by, over to yours.

@ N.I.M.M.O
yes sa!

@ Tyger

welcome back gurl, we all seem to me going MIA.

@ AlooFar
I want to know, tell me!

OluwaDee said...

better not to get involver in other pples brouhaha.

I'm much better thank you.

FFF said...

u r really back .. with a bang. all this forking eh. i ddnt understand wot u were saying until i was almost as d 3rd story, den i was like 'oh, so dat was wot she meant'. lol. it's well

NikkiSab said...

Time waits for no one babe so i suggest u use style tell ur crush how u feel. Naughty gal wei wan chook

naijaleta said...

Will you consider marrying me if I decided I will no longer name my son Bart?

doll said...

welcome back babes. Yes o! keep ur mouth shut, if Friend B gets to knw shouldn’t be from u. as per why sex is so complicated, I guess its because we are conservative by culture in Africa,

ibiluv said...

how u?

its cos most girls get clingy thats y guys dont get it when they meet a gal that just wants to *do* no strings.........

badderchic said...

@ OluwaDee

I concur

Me Im not dere o! which one is forking again? lol

@ NikkiSab

well I did, not a nice experience

@ naijaleta

it depends on alot of things, then I just might consider...are you asking? cuz my answer is ....... Fill in the gap. lmao


tains love


I dey o!

true true.

kay-shawn said...

You know, I wonder myself why sex is so complicated.

It's two people who just wanna have fun, right?

Anonymous said...

i thut i'd commented siiiiiince!
you came, and now you're gone again? update joo.

ebonyhyde said...

nice!!i tink u should just let sleepin dogs lie cos soon its gonna b public knowledge and am sure u dont wanna b caught in d middle.

InCogNaija said...

isnt it interesting how you can straight tell baldy you just wanna "fork" him but you cant tell the other dude how you wanna be mushy and emotional with? lol!
Feelings can change ones outlook mostly.
You better tell baldy to either man up and arrange himself before he looses out! mschew! i trust! lucky baldy is sticking like chewing gum. nonsense.

InCogNaija said...

oh, and as per friend A and B, you dont want to be the one who came to the village square to announce say the King's wife na winsh!