Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Harmless flirting.

Well thats what I thought it was...harmless flirting.

Ive known him a couple of months

I have always flirted with him, even with a guy by mine side and a girl by his.

I really dont...didnt care.

Out for drinks at this spot one evening, with a lot of pips, I went into the bathroom, it was huge, first thing that came to mind, 'twould be nice to do somin naughty in here'

He was the first person I saw as I stepped out, wow Ade, that bathroom is huge, corridor then bathrooms, away from the world, I could snog in there.

"lets see" he said we went in

"lets snog" he said... I ran!

harmless flirting I said it was, well I thought it was

somehow, there was conflict with a mutual friend, we got thrown together, we worked together, it got sorted, I realized I had the hots for him, he had realised earlier than me.

whats with me and all this bois sef?

I just got rid of Baldy, annoying with all his rubbish talk, I just got rid of the crush as well, disgusting the way he handled it when I told him I liked him, acted like a real pisshead.

Ade and I laughed over Crush, nope didnt tell him bout baldy.

harmless flirting we said.

He picks me from work, we are going to meet mutual friend, on the way we fight, slap, fight some more, hit, sulk...actually I did all that

"stop Im driving" he says

"apologise" I say

"for what?" he laughs

I slap him some more, its an estate so its aiight to play while driving, he's going slow anyways.

"I hate you" I tell him

" no you dont" he says



I sulk for about 10 mins

" Okay sorry" he says

"say it like you mean it"

"I mean it"

"accepted" I say, I move to kiss him on his cheek, he gives me his lips

what is it with me and these boys I wonder

I act as though I didnt notice, kiss him on the cheek he says someting seemingly foolish again, I hit his hand he holds onto mine hands, no one is holding the steering. I take over, he works the pedals, I work the wheel. to our destination.

"that was fun" I say

"you are fun" he says

there for a bit, time to go, outside, waiting for mutual friend, he holds my face, says,

"Im going to come 80% why dont you do the 20"...

I did

we kissed.

his lips taste like pistachio and chocolate, my fav flavors, his lips, so succulent, makes me want more.

I have the hots for him, he does for me too. his longer than mind if I might add, he knew I had a crush on crush, he had the hots for me even then.

I don't want to date him, I cant, too many mutual friends, too many questions

we have the hots for each other though.

so we are going to keep kissing.

How long is this one going to last I wonder

what is it with me and these boys sef?

Harmless flirting indeed.

My peoples Im going to try update at least once every 2wks, busy busy busy. guys please refer to Jeremy's Blog for updates on the Uzoma Okere issue, Ive decided to Volunteer, Im going to help fight injustice, who's with me?


Funms said...

hmmmmmmm..... be very careful........ harmless indeed. beta go for it o........

bumight said...

your reasons for not wanting to date are mush!

miz-cynic said...

i like the story. lots of having a ball right now too so i say have fun girl while it lasts. he seems into u and cares abt the world is all urs.....

poeticallytinted said...


Harmless flirting indeed. You've touched the tiger by the tail oh. lol. Let's know how this plays out... ;) ;)

Cappuccine Baby said...


~Sirius~ said...

So NOT harmless anymore! i'll be back to catch up on all the explosions

Adekunle Shobowale said...

He works the Pedals, you work the wheels. Whoa!!!That's original.
Not even in any Kama Sutra books. lol

ibiluv said...

am i first?
do i get a hug?

babes why must you define what harmless flirting is?

you need not justify yourself to long as the guy IS mature enough to handle what you do together

fuck mutual friends

what was all that slapping.....hitting for??????

never play behind the wheelz of a or not...all u need is a drunk driver.....i once lost a i know what i'm talking about..........

Just...Toluwa said...

harmless flirting eh? those still exist? lol!

InCogNaija said...

1st!!! *dancing makossa*
and interesting how 'harmless' flirting can reveal other desires...but since you both have the hots, you all can jam hotnesses till you reach a decisive the mean time, continue flirting harmlessly. lol!

flabby said...

wow! wats with u and all these boys self? lol..about the strip club..eeeeew!!xx

Shubby Doo said... don't want to date him...yet you kissed...becos you like him...he realised he liked you earlier...harmless firling abi?...LMAO...

i like this your story had me smiling...but then you added the pistachio bit...i'm allergic to i guess what i'm saying is if your lips didn't swell up and you didn't come out in hives...keep kissing and smiling...

watch it sha...careful with your heart o!

Confessions of a London gal said...

Oh my God! I cant breathe...For the 1st time I am first!!!!

Confessions of a London gal said...

Damn! Pls dont tell me i just made a fool of meself- shouting first and gasping for breath!

Confessions of a London gal said...

Damn! Pls dont tell me i just made a fool of meself- shouting first and gasping for breath!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "harmless flirting" what makes you think 'tis not?

Can one stop mutual emotional desires?

Naija Idol said...

Harmless flirting??? doesnt seem "harmless" to me.

Naija Idol said...

btw hw bodi??? lng time and all. u okay??

Naija Idol said...

btw hw bodi??? lng time and all. u okay??

MissLove said...

HARMLESS indeed..mehn when it comes to love, sex and one really knows their fate...things just happen!

bArOquE said...

Harmless Flirting we call it...i was so i tune with the moments...i think the high point far was, "Im going to come 80% why dont you do the 20"...smuuuuv...make something of this one sweetie, you deserve someone you like & likes you too...bearing in mind, that he's not a superstar

Anonymous said...

It's flirting alright but I dunno if it's harmless with the way u're going abt it. Guess we'll see how it unfolds abi?

princesa said...

Am i first???
I hope!

princesa said...

Oh damn comment moderation!

Harmless flirting ke? make allow no become allowance o!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

you go girl!!
follow your heart,
as long as you are happy
everything else is secondary

ShonaVixen said...

hmmmm pistacchio and chocolate?!? wow wow...lucky for some ehn...lucky you why is blogger saying i last updated 6mths ago????i started 6mths not my last update

Confessions of a London gal said...

Badderchic you cant do this to us- making us all estatic- thinking we're 1st! There i was thinking i was 1st-it but i cudnt be more far off!!!
Me thinks u shud go for it! He likes, u like? What more?

badderchic said...

@ Funms

I promise to be careful that is. lol

@ bumight

I know babe. what can I do? lol na to dey enjoi dey go my sista

@ miz-cynic

Thanks babe, my head is swelling.

@ poeticallytinted

sorry love, you wasnt first lol abi lets see how this one plays out true true.

@ Cappuccine Baby

no break o babe lol

@ ~Sirius~
it was meant to be harmless

@ Adekunle Shobowale
what can I say, originality works for me why I no go blow lol pinching 9ice

@ ibiluv

even tho you aint first, you still get a hug, I pray he IS mature enough, so far he's been absolutely delightful, what can I say?

fuck mutual friends? let me think well well first lol
yes ma!

@ Just...Toluwa

@ InCogNaija

pele, dont mean you should stop dancing your makosa o!

I shall continue o jere. tains

@ flabby

Me sef no know o!

@ Shubby Doo

I dont understand it myself. lol

@ Confessions of a London gal

o sweetie, Im so sorry, dont worry next time I shall try to alert you early, dont tell anyone o lol

@ rethots
obviously it is unstoppable, cuz me i been trying to stop o!

@Naija Idol
na you kow o lol

@ MissLove

true true

@ bArOquE

the guy na smuuv operator naaa
i deserve much more sef, who needs a superstar?

@ Iwalewa McDaniels

guess o! but really it was meant to be harmless abi? me sef dont know what happened

@ princesa

I don miss you o babe

badderchic said...

@ Miss Definitely Mayb

thank you so much dear my happiness really is primary.

@ ShonaVixen

yes o! me no know o. e b like say bloogeer don high on all our yamayama talk lol

@ Confessions of a London gal

please my sister no vesk fore me o!

abi o what more?


FineBoy Agbero said...

Relentless flirt!!!
what's with u and these bois sef?
U dey ask??

bArOquE said...

i believe the guy naa...& of course, you deserve more...if na superstar you need, you can have me *wink*

AlooFar said...

kai, u and men!

How bodi?

AlooFar said...

u'd bera remove this comment moderator b4 i hack into ya "system" ;)

Tisha said...

this is just you
date him if u love him
then take it from

Buttercup said...

ROTFL @ those thinkin they were 1st!

Hmm babe, just go with the flow..whatever that might be..

badderchic said...

@ FineBoy Agbero

Iwo lo mo gbeborun, why ano go ask.

@ bArOquE

Babe, I know I got you na abi? wink wink.

@ AlooFar

what can I say? ees not my fault o!

@ Tisha

Love ke? that one is far far, its just harmless flirtin ainnit? lol

@ Buttercup
stop laughing jo! you want to put me in trouble? thats why I gbadun you, go with the flow I shall.

miz-cynic said...

desperado oshi. c as u finish us girls. u dey make us sound like we are all desperate girls in blogville. where is ur pride own mission now is to decode who the cunning.....whateva is. pray tell me girl and spare me the trouble.

Afrobabe said...

ermmm what happened to the vow to fight justice?/??