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Ragga boi.
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Monday, 1 December 2008

Meeting KAY SHAWN.

"you are only crazy about the cunning linguist because you havent met me"

this was waiting patiently for my approval, stupid boy that Kayshawn, making mouth virtually. lol

would I like to meet another blogger?

honestly I really dunno. ironically I have had but a bad experience with a blogger, its just one blogger Im not in touch with after having met, not mine fault guys not mine at all.

Okay someone asked where Ozaveshe is on my page, the boy hasnt come to comment so as to make the story sweet. well in his words, the cunning linguist is carefully thinking on what to write, well while he is thinking, I have written another post. lol

Oza and I are slowly building our friendship, he really is a very good friend to have, and I really am lucky to have him as a friend and vice versa, unfortunately, well for those who got popcorn waiting to see a love story unfold and fortunately for you Bumight who wants him for herself, we that is Oza and I are gravitating towards an extremely platonic friendship/relationship dont get it twisted he really is all that and a bag of chips and we all know I am hot while you are not lol but really, I see us as extremely good friends, which is what we seem to be, what we are getting at.

there are some people you respect too much to want to spoil it all with sex, well Oza is one of em, its been what? 3weeks? but ehn even I dont understand it our level of friendship .

so if you want Oza? see me, I fit to organise the sometin.

Im sure Baroque would be happy reading this, cuz I know he wants me scratch that needs me hehehehe

Kayshawn. wait your turn and join the queue jo! lol

Happy new month peoples, I miss yall loads, especially Mz Dee.

like Geisha said...On the first day of christmas....


NigerianDramaQueen said...

Thats g8 that you and Oza are taking your time...
Kay-Shawn, she said you have to get in line oh!

CaramelD said...

Am I first ? Will my insomnia count for something? Please BadderChic, tell them to form line and I will sell the tickets for you!!! LOL

Just...Toluwa said...

arrgghhh damn! see me waiting for gist! oh wells. But wait, wat about female bloggers? wld u like to meet any?

Anonymous said...

I didnt even know that people can do that. So you can now date bloggers... hmmm I need to go put up a post about that... Glad you guys are friends jooo. Enjoy o jare chairlady.

Funms-the rebirth said...

hmmm and i was waiting for a love story....... anyway, means i can have Oza all to myself......yay!!!!

bumight said...

in that case, lemme start plotting and drawing up a serious game plan, dont worry badder, i'll mention ur name during our wedding toast! LOL!

~Sirius~ said...

Awww...Hurray for friendship....I think it's worth more than all the booty you would ever get.

ShonaVixen said...

lol!!! Happy New month to you too hon and i do miss Mz Dee too!!!

Tisha said...

yeah miss mz dee.
too where is she?

teecity said...

hey can i meet him then? n m not talkin PLATONIC. lol..... happy nu month to u to luv.

kay-shawn said...

My name is KAY-SHAWN and I wait for nothing and no one. What I want, I want now or never!!!

Anonymous said...

where do you sef find all these bloggers to be meeting all over the place?
me sha, i want to know what happened to the one incommunicado blogvillian.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

girl send some of those men my way!!
I have never met a fellow blogger
dont know if i really want to though coz i think that would make me less candid in my posts

Mz. Dee said...


so ure doin my boyfriend.... how long have i been gone and ure already showin ur true colours!!!

No wonder kay-shawn has been ignorin me...

Mz. Dee said...

baddy boo i missed u too!!!


Now that my lil rage at u is over... i'm backkkkkkk:p

And troublesome as ever..

ibiluv said...

will good hot sex is fabulous

platonic relationships can be fulfilling

u go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

badderchic said...


dont mind Kayshawn that wants to be doing some Jaguar moves.

@ CaramelD

nothing do you, I will lovingly give you 35% of the takings.

@ Just...Toluwa
well Im not so sure about meeting female bloggers but it sure sounds tempting...Afro, Dee arrrgh!

@ Temite

I shall o my dia

@ Funms-the rebirth

oya settle me I will organise the hook ups. *wink wink*

@ bumight

NEVER! you can only get to the father thru the son, = you can only get to Oza thru Badder...oya conform. heehee

@ ~Sirius~

yes o!

@ ShonaVixen

Mwah gurl

@ Tisha
she don respond o the rubbish girl.


Contact me, i do hook ups lol

@ kay-shawn

for ya mind!

me sef no know o my sister.

@ Miss Definitely Maybe

will do as soon as I have sifted through and found my own. lol

@ Mz. Dee

BABE! rubbish girl, you dont know when the cat is away the mouse comes to play? ehn you sef for no leave your market comot na abi?

miss you babe, you back for real?


I think I prefer the sound of fabulous lol

where Baroque for this my page sef?

Afrobabe said...

Heyyyy...leave my men alone....I intend to shag them all before I settle down....specially Oza and Baroqu....

And are definately someone I would love to meet....and we will meet!!!

Naija Idol said...

hmmmm. was already w8ing for some love stories.
U nd him on a boat
having candlelit dinner
after dinner, him serenading u...

:)). i crack myself up.
btw. i must meet u, by fire by force!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wellsbaba said...

im back on i mean i really really miss here

Jaguda said...


Buttercup said...

awwwwww...lets just see how it unfolds..

lol @ kay-shawn