Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Friday, 9 January 2009

Am I insane?

I picked out my wedding gown today,

e be like say I don crase.

My friend TS is a designer, I had gone over to his in the evening and said jokingly "TS I wan sew dress" its a recurring joke that came from this girl he jisted me about that had sewn her dress in faith.

"Ha stop laughing o! Bad, she is getting married o!"

how? I ask

She met some guy who is begging to marry her, big boi, oil company yadi yadi ya!

I wonder who is laughing now? the girl wey trust God sew dress down or me wey dey laff am?

My friend TS encouraged me to look through the dresses on the laptop, I fell in love with one.

BEAUTIFUL, Simple, Nice, Just like me.

We proceeded to talking about my plans, what I had in mind, while we were jisting two girls join us, they are picking out dresses as well, gettin married April and May respectively.

"Are you getting married" one of them ask me

"yes she is" TS answers on my behalf

Im sniggering, cant control my laughter

She hears my plans and is asking for an IV on the spot.

"they are not ready yet" TS tells her

she says once its out, I should Pass one to her, when is it she asks

"We are looking at August" TS answers I was besides myself with laughter.

they left, I felt stupid, It felt felt as though I was doing what I was meant to be doing, picking a dress, bouquet, bridesmaids dress, cake, Iv's Program the works.

It felt sooo right.

3rd Day of 2009

I met Mr Man, its scary we have so many things in common down to we use the same type of phone, studied the same course, go the same places, listen to the same people, have the same dream car, wore the same type of wrist watch! and we just met. ITS SO FREAKING SCARY!

I dont feel wrong at all, chics you know that thing you feel at the back of your mind telling you "but but but", well aint no buts wit this one, for the first time NO BUTS!

He thinks I'm all that and a bag of chips...who me?

Well...I am.

I think he is exciting, and a complete gentleman.

God is shocking me already this 2009 O!

If Im wrong well shit happens, God has a bigger plan for us all.

If I'm not then this would be a story to tell.

Wrong or right God has a plan for me.

My only worry is how my moms will pronounce his name, he isn't Yoruba.

Whichever ways I'm going to take TS's advise and not doubt the almighty.

peoples am I insane? am I losing it? Am I normal? what is wrong with me? I never ever even thought seriously about settling down. I was always just willing to have fun, the next crush, the next Shag, and now I'm picking out a dress am I completely losing it?

where is Naapali when you need him?

I'm off to write my wedding program.


Funms-the rebirth said...

hmmm....... Faith! a great thing...... ur not insane my dear......take it easy and if it does come to pass in aug, i want to come o

bumight said...

maybe you're insane, insane cant be all bad.

the only thing i ask is that i want an iv too!

Just...Toluwa said...

this yr is looking like it wld be great for a lot of people!

You beta have faith like that chic o! and u aint insane jare, Faith w/o works is dead! send blogsville an invite when HE does propose...

btw, glad for u and MR have-everything-in-common.

Afrobabe said...

This post was writen 8 hours ago so I wont be foolish and yell first...but just incase.

here is a tiny first??? lol

Hmm babes, I laughed the same way when my aunt told me she bought her dress in faith before she met her husband.....but funny thing is that she is married it with faith love...dont doubt it....

Danny Bagucci said...

Guess some "congratulations" may be in order then... LOL... Wonder what odds William Hill might be willing to put on meeting someone randomly who is sooooo similar....

Tigeress said...

The just shall live by faith. Since u're sewing dress- u might as well start looking for venue. FAITH- even the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. :)

rayo said...

i dont think u r insane, not at all, u neva can tell what God has in store 4 u oh

musco said...

how can u be insane when u re exercising FAITH?

i'm sure there's smtn special abt 2009 4 us all!

musco said...

how can u be insane when u re exercising FAITH?

i'm sure there's smtn special abt 2009 4 us all!

musco said...

how can u be insane when u re exercising FAITH?

i'm sure there's smtn special abt 2009 4 us all!

Black Berry said...

hmmm..thats a bit deep! happy new year!

wavemasta said...

Yippeee I'm first! (gosh this feels so

wavemasta said...

Er..ok about your blog...nice see, your picking out the wedding dress was you stepping out in faith, and acting out your it will be well with u in Jesus name..amen...don't the guy from?
Anyhow ur mumsie go blend, learn in name...happy new year O!

badderchic said...

@ Funms,
You go get front row seat sef, thanks.

@ bumight
you and funms are on the same table

@ Just...Toluwa
Yes o! me? infact I have added faith to my names lol
you join Funms' table

@ Afrobabe
lolI shall not, I dare not doubt it.

@ Danny Bagucci
As in? I wonder

@ Tigeress
what if I said, I already found a venue? heehee seriously, I always known what I wanted so lets just see if it gels with what HE wants.

@ rayo
yes o!

@ musco
I concur completely

@ Black Berry

hapy nu yr to you too

@ wavemasta

okay I will give you parcel be be even though you no carry 1st


mumsie go over blend sef. hee

aloted said...

Ride on sis!

U are not insane at all...keep faith-ing and the Lord will surprise u.

pls keep us posted o

CaramelD said...

If you are insane then so are a whole lot of people. Go with the flow. Maybe your spirit knows something you don't ;)

I second the blogsville invite. Will our uniform be orange? LOL!

ibiluv said...

buy the shoes and accesories

He always gives us what we need not necessarily what we want

i dey Fums table abi????

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Faith can move mountains
so go for it
in the very least
it will make a great story
we could follow
badderchics journey down the isle on your blog
heres praying that 2009 shall not pass
for you
for me
and everyone else on blogville who is single

Naughty Eyes said...

The guy even wears the same WRISTWATCH??? Na wa oh! How sure he wasn't you in a former life and you'll now end up marrying yourself? I just kidding sha! Congrats! But as an aside, do all we aspiring Mr Badders give up already or does our chasing expire with the presentation of an engagement ring?
However it works out, send me an Invite. I'd very much love to see who exactly I've missed out on!

bArOquE said...

na you we suppose dey call drama queen...abeg joo, enjoy, nothing do you

& you know it
meanwhile, do we get to hear the full gossip about this new guy?

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

ure mos def insane and losing it too.

but i admire the faith tho. who knows u might have just jinxed urself into marriage.

ha ha....


~Sirius~ said...

Ha...ever heard about "The Secret"? God and the universe are one. We call things into our lives, as a believer we refer to that as faith.
My dear you are not insane.....and blogsville will testify to that in the near future, that I'm sure about.

Ps: does TS have a website? I'd love to see the dresses too.

miz-cynic said...

omo if it feels right...go with the flow....lots of pple get married within 6 months of meeting beau.

mizchif said...

Awww.....Faith girl! Let's hope this is it.
All the best!

Ms.O said...

aww I actually thought that was cute!! Happy for you babe..hmm maybe i need to have faith more often!

bArOquE said...

where the hell is my comment?

LusciousRon said...

You are not insane. Just go with the flow.

miz-cynic said...

i also have my wedding norin do you.

FineBoy Agbero said...

U wan marry? Well, knowin u, u myt just wake up tomorrow and tell us all dat u no marry Mr Man again...

but meanwhile, may God reward ur faith sha... and besides, i dont see anytin bad in pickin a weddin dress b4 even plannin to marry. It's like buyin yam because u myt make pounded yam nxt week... it's all abt preparation and savin urself d trouble when dat tym comes...

Confessions of a London gal said...

Hmnnn…interesting! I’m off to buy my wedding dress- if I leave work early- I might even have time to book the hall! Lol!
I hope it works out with you and him- if it doesn’t no one can say you dint try!

QMoney said...

funny enuf,i think u are perfectly sane.
all d best gal

teecity said...

sweetie have faith n it'll all work out...........meanwhile i must b a part of ur

BE PRAYERFUL all the time n leave d rest to God.

Anonymous said..., you are not insane. That, is the beginning of a prospective 'long journey', 'tis called faith.

Will you purposefully deny it?

Invisible said...

Faith on girl. Who says you can't?

Smaragd said...

hey badder! i shouldnt even bother to ask how u are, u are in love!

we could use another wedding in blogsville, especially one where bloggers will have a table! i know u can do that.

dont be afraid to enjoy this ok? and picking out ur wedding dress is not a bad thing, i think i'll do thesame (even though i'm definitely not getting married this year!)

happy married life in advance babe *wink*

Beulah! said...

Congratulations in advance missy!, i see u walking down the altar soon...say amen to that...anything is possible!!!

badderchic said...

@ Aloted

Amen o!
I shall keep us posted lol

@ CaramelD

Well Maybe, seriously tho, you mean pple pick out their dresses before? makes e feel so much better about myself, I no crase reach some people lol

why in the world would it be Orange?

@ ibiluv

First things first, you go before me AMEN

If you will go shopping with me as I hate shopping

Before nko, you are right beside Afro, Princessa and CWB

@ Miss Definitely Maybe


@ Naughty Eyes

Scary shit ye? na, Im sexier than he is lol. why the heck should aspiring Mr Badders give up? (what will happen to my ego?) dont forget it might me Mr Man, it might be someone else who knows? all I know is the dress stays the same. lol

badderchic said...

@ bArOquE

Whatever you call me, wahala ti e ni yen, you know say na you I wan marry before before but your wahala is too much plus competetion yen stiff lol. full gossip? I no wan jinx am. maybe maybe not, all I know is he kisses gooooooooooood (did I just say that?) heee

@ Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl

tains...tains o jere

@ ~Sirius~

I dey fin that book o!

As long as you dont pick the same dress as me lol well I dunno about him having a website but i could mail you his number so just hola my inbox but I warn you, TS is a bully o! seriously, I said I want a tiara, guy say im go break am cuz its overplayed. hee

@ miz-cynic

yelz o! preash it!

@ mizchif

lets hope.

@ Ms.O

I claim it hee

My bible says my faith will move mountains.

up dere hee

@ LusciousRon

yes I go go find out now.

@ miz-cynic

Ahhhh! senior were, lol did you get yours? dont think Im going to buy yet sha o! no space to hang it in my cupboard lol

@FineBoy Agbero

eediot, it is your own comment that will be different rubbish boi, because I wont marry you abi? lol

true sha, you know me I fit change my mind and i fit no change am, so lets just see ye? all I know is I no change my mind about this year

@ Confessions of a London gal

heee, faith mmoves mountains o! me sef dey laff person b4 remember?

@ QMoney


No shakins

@OpenID rethots

NEVER! lol

@ Invisible
ye bro

@ Smaragd

me in love? ta! I like the guy finish, lof never enter am o!that table go big o!

@ Beulah!


CaramelD said...

It would be orange because Blogger's logo is orange now! See am....

Woomie O! said...

This isn't foolisness, it's faith...don't worry.
Afterall, na dress you just pick, no be say you don dey wear ring na, abi?? If it feels the least bit wrong, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

ps: wetin u talk say I do you sef??? I have been having sleepless nights.

Alex V said...

LOL, settling down shoudnt be that bad.
what i cant get over is the fact that she asked for an iv on the spot. Do they do that in Lagos now? Hmmmmmm

bArOquE said...

...see eh, we cant doing secret affair and you'll be kissing another, I'm not terrible myself (so I hear)...

Isi said...

happy new year dear!

omoh said...

1st time here and i must say u no crase at all.Nothing moves God like faith.start picking aso ebi and all the wedding stuff.don't 4get my I.V oh!