Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Monday, 30 March 2009

Not Man enough?

"Im going to make you come you know that?"

I knew it, I always came with him, somehow, he just knows how to do me right, Im the chicken, he the TFC.

since we got together its been a roller coaster, he drives me to the wall makes me soo mad.

I almost cheated once


make that more than once.

"Ive missed you babe, you know all I want to hear is those sounds you make when you come for me"

All I want to hear as well is him telling me he just wants to make me come, ask me if it is good for me, "can you feel that? Can you feel me?" like a freaking sledge hammer is wedged into me hell ye!...damn sex with him is off the hook

problem is...he's not man enough for me.

He is just not it.

no disrespect, he's got it going for him, nice job, car, house, almost everything a girl would want in a man and stick in there for but me?

He's not IT

am I asking for too much?

I hate fighting with him but somehow he always makes sure we are having an argument (that how I ended up almost cheating on him) he always tries to start a fight and blows everything outta prorportion.

fuck him!

well I do that already dont I?

"Come here" he says to me I walk to him knowing he has evil intentions towards me he grabs my ass, spanks me hard...

his fingers on my bare cheeks through my shorts, pulls at my g string, I hear the rip before I feel it, once a string, now pieces of rope, he just tore my panties off...Bastard!

My boobs fill his hands he's sucking, nibbling, biting, I'm horny as fuck, I need him to fork me NOW!

"Fork me T, do it, hurry!"

"you want it dont you?"

what a mumu question

he feeds me his lollipop instead,

"choke on it"

I oblige

"turn over, close your eyes"

the first thrust and I fall over, he is ramming into me, fucking piston, I can help it, I don't exactly care there's people in the house at the moment, Im making some horrible noises, i cant recollect half of what I was saying but I am positive "fuck me" was a part of it.

He turns me over and soon enough I'm spread open he is fucking me with abandon, how the hell does he do it? every time he goes in there, he be hittin on my womb. I don't understand the position we are in, all I know is he is ploughing me like a fucking drilling machine

"Im going to come" he says, immediately I stop moving, in my mind I'm thinking for where, you dey crase, I'm not even there yet and you want to come? oloshi

"please dont, wait for me T please'

"girl comon, I cant help it"

"yes you can"

and he did.

he keeps at it, by now he got one leg on his shoulder, the other on the wall, bastard still be hittin on my insides, dont he know it hurts?

"let me ride you"

I get off'a him and look at his dick, its covered in juices, PLENTY of it, dayyum Im horny

"turn around, lemme look at your ass while you ride me"

I grab his joystick and slide it into me, somhow somin Im doin is makin him go crazy and shit, I turn around, he had better be sucking on the twins right now, I grab and squeeze him with my insides, my walls are milking him, my eyes dilated, I couldnt help it now, I felt it coming





"Im coming!"

I shudder like an old engine about to knock, I'm shaking uncontrollably, I cant help it, cant hold back,consumed totally by my climax, temporarily in hibernate mode, all I cant think of right now is catching my breath, I forget, he is not done with me yet, he's moving my ass over his deeck by himself, Im still trying to breathe, he pushes me on my back and he's doing the grand prix in me.

fucker! come quick before you do some major harm.

"Im going to come"

hurry up and come jo idiot! lol

"come for me baby"

"say it, tell me to come inside you"

"come inside, come in me come in my *(&%^&$%^&*&%%%%%********** (too perverted to write)"

He came

rolled over

Im still tryin to catch my breath

why does sex with him have to be this good?

While I was away there was a blogsville idols, it hurt to know I was voted in just one category and I lost to BAroque?

irrespective I appreciate being nominated thank you very much and I congratulate you B on your fire in your pants award. just outta curiosity did anyone vote for me?


on a flip, Im in some measure of deep shit guys

I got a man I don't want to be with anymore

I got another man I been stringing along telling I'm going to fork him when I know full well, its never going to happen

I want to be back with my ex boyfriend like crazy

with all this drama why the hell dem no go call me Chairlady?


bumight said...

i think im first!

scribble, said...

haha...sounds like a right dilemma you have there....

i say, unless you're thinking of getting married soon, stick with the guy that gives you orgasms

you know you inspired me to write erotica

RocNaija said...

i think you're right bumight..

RocNaija said...

lol @ "I grab his joystick"

Funny post.. I'd hate to think all the ladies that have 'come' with me called me oloshi while they were at it..


ibiluv said...

ur ex?????

pray tell-why do u wanna go back???

Quaggar said...

She's back and badder! How do u do it?

As for the deep shit, all i can say is, well... maybe u shd stop playin games wit em and go for wot u want.

(but then, u wudnt be so bad any more now, wud u? we love bad)

Cappuccine Baby said...

I guess it's true when they say a woman is never satisfied lol

Qube The Wordsmith said...

Damn girl, u mk me wanna break my nu celibacy vows
wow I nid a cold drink man....
As per d dude situation u nid soul searchin. Ask urself honest questions n dnt bullshit.
Men I sound lik Dr Phil...

bArOquE said...

bitch, you dint just have me sliding my chair under my table to hide this bastard hardening downstairs...GOSH...i dey feel those juices die...abeg abeg, which kind post be this eh? why does sex have to be this good???

bArOquE said...

Baddersugar, do a poll & find out how many people voted for you...but you know say my fire pass your own, your jiuces go quick quench the fire...LMFAO...i think you should fork that guy you been stringing so that you can keep your mind off all these men be continued privately

~Sirius~ said...

* Hiss Bumight.....what is uo with you these no get book to read! Abi, you intend to treat your patient with a degree from Blogsville?

LOL @ Badder, your such a selfish lover.......only you, why are you stringing poor dude along ehn?

Afrobabe said...

too perverted to write????

After all the sex styles and ish you wrote here there is anything left that is too perverted to write???

N.I.M.M.O said...


She IS BACK!!!!!!

badderchic said...

@ bumight

parcel ready for pickup lol

@ scribble,

no be small thing i tell you.the guy that gives me orgasms?

well lets see abi?

@ RocNaija

you never know do you?

@ ibiluv

even I dont understand it.

@ Quaggar

Its in the blood love, I cant explain it lol

you do have a point uou know

@Cappuccine Baby

NEVER well rarely ever.

@ Qube The Wordsmith

and a cold shower?

doin some soul searching

@ bArOquE

bitch, who sent you to be reading porn at the office? lol

even I cant explain why it has to be this good? like I said knowing who voted or didnt is irrelevant, you really think I should shag that guy dont you?
you knw my fire pass yours anyday...

Truth? it was exciting at first now? Im in uncharted waters with him, definitely NOT part of the plan.

@ Afrobabe

lol, you know Im just trying to be like you

@ N.I.M.M.O

lol, i missed you too.

bumight said...

i read this post, got all bothered to comment, and lost internet connection while at it!

and how come u're censoring urself at the end of the post, when uve said badder stuff up (no pun intended!)

LusciousRon said...

Stop the game playing he might harbor some mean intentions.

As for the ex, he is one for a reason but if you can do the friends with benefits thingy with him without major heart ache then carry go.

FineBoy Agbero said...

drama or no drama, u're still our Chairlady!!

Parakeet said...

Badder...ur turn me on. Am suppose to be immune to these things now since am born again.

Jokes apart though, why is it that some guys just have everything but they dont just do it for us sometimes? I tot I was the only one like that. I find it worrying actually.

Jaguda said...

orgasms are rare commodities

CaramelD said...

I've missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buttercup said...

lmao @ "hurry up and come jo idiot! lol"

hmm nawa o..i hope u sort out this dilemma before it gets out of control..pele!

miz-cynic said...

steamy!u make me wana have sex.

getting back with the ex for me is always a no-no......thr a reason why he's ex.

@jaguda:- i second.
orgasms are a rare commodity

poeticallytinted said...

You know what they say. When in doubt do nothing. Just sit back and relax and the answer will come to you. Obsessing never really solves anything.

And what was it that was too perverted to write on this page?

Afunto baby! said...

ohhh mehnnnn.. this is not fair..i want to b shaggin haha i crack myself up.