Who says?

I cant express myself saying it exactly as it is?

Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sunday blues?

I have always been a mischievous person, always looking for a laugh

I have always been principled, always having my beliefs and sticking to them

I have always been sometimes easily angered, I really do hate bullshit

I have always said it as it is.

I have always been me, but i seem to be changing.

Its weekend, starcomms free calls. Once upon a time, you could never get thru to me, it was always busy, there was always so many people to talk to then…my phone is free, I wonder what happened to them all.

I didnt go to church today (no I wasn’t trying to avoid E-diot) far from it, it was Harry that caused it o! Harry kept me up till five o clock this mornin and by Nine he had me up again, it was so intense you have no idea! By then I couldn’t make it to the 8am service at church GOD FORGIVE ME O! na Harry Potter and the deathly hallows cause am.

Ive been so moody all day, I am not talking to anyone, they have been trying to get to me but I have this blank expression on my face but my mind is really telling everyone trying to disturb me to sod off! I really felt like letting go today but no! I keep it strong.

But for how long?

Am I an ungrateful child?

Shouldn’t I be thanking God for all the things he does for me on the reg? Why do I let other things get to me?

My playmates are gone away for summer, my babies. They are the only ones I feel really need me at least they show it, they come looking for me in the middle of the night wake me up and say “aunty, can I stay in your room?” I have never said no. Taiwo and Kehinde are gone for the summer, who will I tell to stop crying? Who will I carry on my back? Who would sleep on my chest and say “now im comfutable” who will say “cawwy me o!” who will I feed? Who will I bathe? Who will I say “you are my only twins in the whole wide world” to. I didn’t even bother to come out and say bye when they were leaving for the airport, I couldt, I don’t think we’ve been apart for as long as we are going to be now since they were born five years ago. They didn’t even kiss me bye, their moms told them “Hurry, hurry, we are late!”

I still don’t want to talk to anyone.

For some funny reason, no links I promise, some girl that used to be in my class in sch comes to my mind. She was bounced in yr 3, exam malpractice. One day for the tif was her case. She don dey do am tey.

I saw her walking on the road two week ago, she looks washed out, she used to be an Aristo girl, I heard she has a kid now, im not even goin to wonda wu for, wetin consain me?

Sha sha i cant remember her name, not just because i suck with names and faces but because we gave her a name...'you are too flatter"


I'll tell you but before i do remember I SHIT YOU NOT! Banji reckons i have fiction on my blog, nope its all fact! nothin made up.

Like i said i shit you not, this really happened.

Back in yr one my friend Red and i were really mischeivious people, we would go around looking for trouble. Red would hug girls and hold them from the back and i would bring out my camcorder and get the girls expressions, they were usually real excited, enjoying the 'assault' (i wonder why) I would look for girls with open cleavages or buttcracks or both and ask "are you browsing" my friend would say "ahh! im online" we were just very playful ( a bit too playful i think) sha we were so awful lecturers started seperating us in classes and exams. Dr M in his oyinbo accent "No, NO you cant sit there, no not near your friend, please move over"

Sha before i continue long story remember, i shit you not, one day like this while waiting for a class to start, She shows up, i still cant remember her name she was looking RED! like some femme fatale or som'in. she had a red top, belt, beg, shoes, hair ruffle,earrings, bangles, beads, nails, rings, lipstick everything in shocking red! im sure in her left mind she looked good. Who lied to you? girl you no get mirror for house? trust my friend and i we started with this girl o! Psyching the oloshi, she too gellin

It goes a lil somin like this:

Red: (i remember now her name was queen) Queen Queen, baby ah! you are too much see how u fine today, baby ah! if to say i get money now now, i will marry you, you are just ha! where have you been all my life, come and meet my mother...

Me: Babe, true no be small thing you fine today o! if i be man, me sef go marry o!

it goes on like that, think of all the Psyches possible.

and then she had to do it...with her correct ibo accent, she wasnt faking, she was for real...

Queen: Nna you gais, you are too flatter, you are too flatter, you are too flatter


Red and i ran bonkers, we ran for our dear lives laughing checking to see if either of us had hallucinated. nope, she had said it.

Needless to say by 4pm that day everybody in school knew the jist. i heard they were trying to beat me that time but nothin dey happen, i am covered by the blood of Jesus.

that was a while ago tho, heavy Aristo runs has left queen washed out. i hope she's okay...i dont really give 2 but all the same.

I wonder why people Fork for money, but what do i know?

I still dont want to talk to anyone.


Kaydee said...

It's obvious U ain't really happy.It's reflecting in ur blog.Hope U get ur groove back real soon.

The Last King Of Scotland said...

i hear that. u will be fine, real soon.

Anu boy said...

omo chairlady, haba naaa... try calm down, i know that feeling, when you just wanna be alone, i am sure you must be back to ur bubbly self, ayhow oh, nice post...

omohemi Benson said...

how do u feel today?