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Ragga boi.
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Friday, 15 August 2008

Another series-The Final Saga

Dedicated to my blogbroda Enigma, you know every.

and to Ms Dee, I really really appreciate you!

The front door opens, its Sunday morning, Tejumade walks in cautiously,still trying to have a defiant look on her face, the gate man comes in after her, oblivious of what is going on, he is carrying a large grocery bag, she had gone shopping.

Tade walks into the living room,
she halts in her tracks, she is cold all of a sudden, the kind of chill that comes from fear, she tries to shrug as tho to say

"do your worst" he looks at her with the look which seemed to be saying "O! I will"

"Longinus" Tade says


"we are not in, we have traveled"

"but oga, no be Oga and oga madam I dey look so? wuna dey na why you talk sey you don trafel?"

"Longinus, go get me Shina"

"Yes sir!"

still rooted on the same spot, they look into each others eyes, a million words being passed through them both, yet everything is quiet.

"SIR!" he salutes

"Shina, we are not in, we have traveled for the weekend, better still for the week, nobody, I mean nobody gets in...or out of this compound, am I clear?"


the gate man and the subordinate leave the room.

Tade keeps looking at her as he walks towards her, past her to the door. he locks it and drops the key in his pocket, it was then she noticed the house was actually dark. All the blinds had been drawn, it was a Sunday morning yet looked like a friday evening

Tejumade knew she was in trouble, as though by reflex, she suddenly runs up the stairs if only she could make it to the room and lock herself in, she was willing to stay there for days if need be, she hears him chuckling as he walks up the stairs, she gets to their room, panting. she shuts the door and is about to lock it when she notices...the key is not there. 'Oh! no, he had removed the keys. she runs into the closet...same there, she turns quickly, hoping she still has time and is about to run out of the room when he strolls in- she stops. He shuts the door behind him and locks the door,takes the keys and the others out of his pocket and places them on a top shelf, there is no way in the world her hands can reach it without her grabbing a mini ladder...the Mini ladder was downstairs.

"so how was Tosin's" he says

"what makes you think I saw Tosin?"

"I married you didn't I? I know you! you have been sleeping girl, I can see it on your face, plus the only place you would go to is Tosin's, so how is she?"


"she is fine"

"great. have you had breakfast?"

"yes I have"

"good...interesting, your husband is hungry on EVERY level and you are well fed abi?"


he walks to the table, and then back to her

"by the way, your rings, and please try not to forget them again"

she is about to collect them but he takes her hand instead and places the rings on her fingers himself.

"thank you"

"you are welcome"

"take off my uniform"

"but I'm cold" she sulks

"not for long dear"

she takes it off, he is looking at her as though she was a prized mare about to be sold off.

"yesterday was a nice move you know, you had my deeck stretched out so far, it could have been a blanket did I say that? I meant it was a duvet"


he looks into her eyes and smiles

"I love you baby, if I came back to the world I would marry you over and over, what I did was wrong but what you did was worse ye?"

"there's no measuring what you did or I did so lets just forget about it, I mean, I forgive you so lets just move on"

"O but wife, that is not going to happen you know that, you don't do that to me and get away without any form of punishment right?"

"but Tade...."

"I mean, I got my punishment yesterday, its only fair you get yours today or at least for the rest of the week" his words hung in the air.

"get on the bed"

"but T, I dont think" she didnt have a chance to talk, he lifts her as though she weighed nothing and drops her on the bed, she tries to scramble off but he holds her by the leg and pulls her right back, he is chuckling

"coward, you are running?"

he peels off her jeans and places his fingers on her poosy lips, he holds them apart and buries his head between her thighs, she is struggling to get up, he firmly holds her thighs apart, she gets wetter by the second, he gets harder by the millisecond, he reaches for the drawer and retrieves one of the many 'treasures' he had placed there earlier, 'the bullet' he flicks the switch and places it against her clit, she starts to moan uncontrollably, she tries to move away but he holds her down, this is crazy! he slides a finger in and out of her, he makes it two, then three, by now she is beginning to lose it, his tongue joins in the torment, soon it is doing a 'tongue jump' over her engorged clit. up- down-up-down, she is losing it, she has lost it, she is thrashing all over the bed, her head is spinning

"Tade, I don't believe it, I'm going to, o shit. I'm going to....come!"

Tade stops abruptly, he takes his fingers out and looks at them, DARN! she was wet.
she was soaked, she was a bloody storm.

he pulls her off the bed, her words are incoherent, her legs shaky, he kisses her

"you like it babe?"

"hmmn hunn? what? ehn?"

he laughs walks over th the chair and sits in it, he turns on the tv and starts to watch.


Tj is about to run mad, there is no way she is going to let him do this to her, she rushes to the chair and mounts him, in an instant he grabs onto her ass cheek, all manner of forming evaporates, he needs her as much as she needs him. he is fully dressed, she isn' thing is for sure though they are both turned on like crazy,. she starts to grind herself against his deeck, she needs release and she needs it now! right now!


she kisses him then, shoves her tongue down his throat as though she wished it to come out at the back of his head, he kisses her back, hard and fast, she pulls off his shirt, she needs to feel his hardness against her softness, his length against her wetness, he holds on to her left boob and right ass cheek, darn he loves this woman like crazy. realisation sets in and he slows down

"baby, I'm sorry I hurt you nothing should make me do what I did, I shouldn't have..."

she stops his words with a deeper kiss, her words muffled against his mouth

"my love, I was so wrong, I nagged you. I pushed you to the wall, I know, I'm sorry too. but errm I have something that could make all that go away"

"trust me" he said looking at her "I already have what can making all that go away...what is making all of that go away"

he smiled mischievously she has an urge to be shy

"but I have something to tell you"

"wife, cant it wait?" he flicks his finger over her nipple, she closes her eyes in ecstasy, now she is lost

"ye-yeah, as long as hmmm, as long uhhhh, as long as you promise we can pick names for the baby when we are done"

he stops, shock, admiration, happiness, ecstasy, respect, love he is feeling all that plus more as he looks at her

his voice coarse

"you serious"

"yes, got the test results"

"how...when? how..."

"three and half months, that kind of explains my crappy moods"

"but you still got your period"

"I'm told that happens sometimes

"okay, errm, shit, baby! I'm...oh lord..."

he kisses her then, slowly, rubbing her back, he kisses her eyes, neck, he licks her lips, Tj is loving it but she wants more, she gets off him and walks to the door, slips her feet into the heels she left there, this was necessary her husband is 6'1 she is 5'2 she needs the added advantage, she walks back to him and pulls him off the chair, Indiana Jones wasn't as interesting as the action they were about to create anyways, towards the wall, she helps him shed his jeans, holding on to his deeck, she has the urge to lick him, she does, but she wants more, her back against the wall, he knows what to do, he lifts her and she wraps her legs around his waist, slowly he slides into her, her heat swallowing his length, volcanic eruptions long awaiting his invasion. slowly his length goes in and out of her, he is driving her nuts

"Man yi, Im pregnant not disabled, fork me hard!"

"no babe, let me take you slow, I don't want to hurt you"

"you aren't going to"

she slides her legs lower and places pressure on her arms, now she is riding him, he is standing, she is going up and down on him, she places her leg on either side of the bed, her back still against tje wall, she could feel him, her screams are forthcoming, good thing they were alone in the house, even if they weren't who cares?

"lie down man yi"

he obliges her, she sits on him and takes his whole length in her, she is wet, there is the squishy sound, slurping, her lips eating him raw, he sits up and takes one nipple in his mouth, he bites gently then not too gently, if she wants it hard, she was going to get it hard, suddenly his hand meets against her ass cheek


he rubs on her to ease the pain, but this pain really was her pleasure she had once said, he spanked her again, she is riding as though it was the wild west, she was going faster, winding, grinding, rolling her waist, grinding some more.

"ohhhh fork me ride that deeck babe, its all yours"

"I know that and I'm going to treat it well"

she kisses him then and then with sudden speed she turns around on his deeck without separating from him, this girl is skilled and he loved it! now her ass is facing him, her hands holding on to his legs, her buttocks bouncing on him, he had died and gone to the next world!

no way in the world was he going to go down without a fight, without showing her who the husband is, he grabs her legs, soon enough they are beneath his arms, her lower body off the bed, her upper body holding on to the wood for dear life, his wood ploughing her for dearer life, this is crazy he is thinking, crazy crazy!

Tj's head was spinning, she couldn't help it anymore, her screams were tearing the air, she didn't care if the preacher heard her right now, didn't care one bit!

he lowered her legs and still inside her, he somehow pulls her to the side of the bed, she is looking dazed...good,

"hold on to the bed babe"

she does,

standing she is doubled over, his length is hitting her now,touching her cervix, again and again, he can feel her tremors, he can feel her starting to shake, now he slides in and stays in grinding himself against her with each thrust

"I'm going to come"

"I know"

she screams then, her legs buckle, he holds her up, she is shaking, vibrating, coming hard, she is a train, full express come.

he isn't done yet

he turns her around and kisses her, then he places her back on the bed and enters her gently

"I want you to feel me!"

"I feel you already baby"

slowly now as though he wasn't the same steam engine from a minute ago, with every full length he looks into her eyes, slowly over and over and over and over, making love to her, soon he can feel her tightening again, she is insatiable, gradually he makes mad love to his wife, holding on to her for life, she is holding on to him for the same reasons

his eyes are misty, her name on his lips

"Teju, bABE!"

he comes!

he releases his essence into her, his come travels all the way in, she is still milking him, she holds on to him and then she feels it again

"Tade...T, baby, I'm coming again, hmmmmmmmmm!"

they look into each others eyes and then she licks her lips and says

"I want more"

he groans

"Tj, oo ni pa mi, you wont kill me" then he smiles "well, we are spending th whole week in Kenya arent we?"

he starts to kiss her again.

11 months later.

"Tade noow, stop it"

"why should I?"

"I'm trying to breastfeed thats why"

"ehn se you have forgotten that as your husband I am the original owner of your breasts?"

"Tade stop e jo"

"sha se kia, be quick, Im bursting here"

"I can see that"

" how much time to I have to wait? its 2.30 am I need my wife"

"as soon as Im done feeding these guys"

"okay o!"

Tj smiles, later now he will call her a Tigress, but she really was one, the twins were only a couple months old and they were back at it like rabbits. her kids, Teni and Temi, her babies, the boy was beginning to look just like her, the girl was looking just like her too...okay okay they looked like their father so what?



"I love you, you know that"

he smiled

"come and show me how much"




badderchic said...

I just wanna say thanks to all my fans, I dedicate this Oscar, Emmy, Bafta, nafta for best series writer to my blog family.


Buttercup said...

u this babe, leave that spot for us na!

i've got a feelin that im in the top 5 cos i was here a lil while ago n there was no post...

Parakeet said...

You people in blogville are corrupting me o. I'm a bornagain o!

But I love this *"Man yi, Im pregnant not disabled, fork me hard!"*

Buttercup said...


lol @ "Man yi, Im pregnant not disabled, fork me hard!" hahahaha!

u dey write sha...i was really entertained..

Mz. Dee said...

burraboo and parakeet.. una dey reach eachother mind???

ok DIS is xctly hw i want my married life to be...

the sex was sumn mehn!!!!

i'm waitin 4 day i can write bout an experience lyk dis!

Mz. Dee said...

loveeeeeee ur template babe!!!

was my pleasure.. hehe!

Invisible said...

officially number 3. Thanks for the heads up. Man yi loo doze off ni sha. I'm with buttercup. You dey write o. That was entertaining. It should be made into a movie. I got dibs on playing the dude. LOL

Naija Idol said...

im number....??!!...gotta go back to read. btw i looooooooooooooove ur blog template. im jearous.:(

kemi said...

ahh..finally BC, see now I can stdy in peace..ara mi ti bale..( see..I am not anonymous anymore:)

Naija Idol said...

badderchic!!!!! u just too much. i nor mean to make ur head swell oo.. but u too seriously!!!

Didnt really want to say this but this is the best series ive read EVER. so im watching out for anyone with something better. bloggers wats up???

Shubby Doo said...
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naijalines said...

*Searches frantically for a fan to fan herself*

It sure is hot in herrre!

Shubby Doo said...


Anonymous said...

wow...this is some crazy shit mehn!

*stands up for ovation*

I am thoroughly impressed!

bumight said...

everybody already knows my favorite line:

"Man yi, Im pregnant not disabled, fork me hard!"

this was the icing on the cake! nice work!

Ms.O said...

Its a lie you updated!!1 It didnt show on my thing..AM BURNT!!! ok lemme go read!!

Ms.O said...

sniff sniff...bravoooo bravoooooooo!!!! ok ummm THAT WAS HOTTTTTT!!!! phew!! and am at work!!! arrrghhhhh you people should stop messing with ym emotions man!!!

princesa said...

badder u dey do first for ur own blog?

Anyway i'll be back to read. Just wanted to hail you and i like ur blog's new look.

Everyone's going black now, i see...

Anonymous said...

you're mad.

Afrobabe said...

you are joking right???

after enough stalking I come no what???

see all the bad people that camped here...haaa buttercup and parakeet, did you all camp not fair...will read when I am fully awake...

Afrobabe said...

Now thats what I am talking about..


This girl, hope I can work today oh...

I will definately be using that "pregnant not disabled" line..

babe, I love ur mind...we are too alike....Ur sex scenes say a lot about u...its what u want and he slapped her ass cheeks hard I closed my eyes and wondered if I needed to go clean up....I swear...

Black Berry said...

theres sex drive..and theres seex drive!!lol

flabby said...

why am i always dulling and coming here like 5 years later!

princesa said...

Okay so am back.
I got to give it to that couple o!
This is the reason i want t marry a man am crazy about and who can do well well o!

God send him to me, you know my address now!

ibiluv said...

badderchic.......u no count ooooooooo.....

i be number 14.......all this pple whey dey post twice...........

so na dat kain hard riding dey lead to twins?????.........


Zephi Fahrenheit said... need to write like a naija novel for real..
as in this was hot...
ahh me that said, I'll lay off the sexual stuff bit, is so turned on, i might break my resolution

but for real, an everage female does not cum as much as teju does..she is definitely in that one percentile of women..
you know, if women came alot maybe they'll be less bitchy, catty and mean..a nice good release of orgasm goes a long way

and I know from all that forking, the shape of the head of those twins will be slightly deformed
im sure they were shoutin in their mothers womb "daddy eh, stop hitting my head"

badderchic said...

@ buttercup

sorry, this is not a democracy lol

@ Parakeet

u wey don spoil finish

@ Buttercup
Im blosheen

@ Mz. Dee

me too!

@ Invisible

you sha want to kobalise me sha, ose jere. movie abi? I no go mind as I broke n be small. lol you cant play the dude as I plan to play the girl, such incestuous activities must no occur

@ Naija Idol

dont be jearous my dia, it is Mz Dee that help my condition o

@ kemi

Im proud of you, welcome to the family

@ Naija Idol

My head she have swelled and explode

@ naijalines

you don baf? me sef had to go skinny dip

@ Shubby Doo


@ Chari


@ bumight

sweetline, I sure hope I get to hear that someday

@ Ms.O

that thing is rubbish, it doesnt work. psheeew

@ princesa

how I no go do first? as una no gree me do first for ur places. lol


if I had a thousand bucks for everytime I have heard you say that, I for no broke now o!

@ Afrobabe

as in before I even post finish dey don dey comment lol.

na today u know sey we get similar mind? why you tink sey I be one of your bigest fans?

@ Black Berry

I concur

@ flabby

dont worry, I go hail u early for the next post.

@ princesa


@ ibiluv

na so dem talk o! all that riding plus particular time na twins gba!

@ Zephs

Im seriously considerin it, who go buy?

I know for sure if I came that much, hmmmm the possiblity

Maki said...

Hello! Very interesting post and great blog. I'll definitely be back :)

NikkiSab said...

i try to take d good n leave d bad. application will be used from 6th i wanna b a tigress too...hehehe. Lovely writing babe. i saw ur paw print on my blog o.

Sabira said...

Amazing write-up! I could feel every bit of the emotions. Really nice!

Omo calabar. said...

Very Entertaining. I love it

Omo calabar. said...

Very Entertaining. I love it

Vera Ezimora said...

lol @ Buttercup. You wan claim first by fire by storm abi? Now na "feeling" you wan carry claim first. lol

Biko, stop trying to spoil me with stories like dis. I say I no do!!!

Enigma said...

Cheat, Ole, Barawo!!!! But i will accept the dedication..thank you..thank you

Bullet abi?..nice one (na wetin my eye see for the whole blog be that)


Afrobabe said...


loving ur new furniture!!!

Lady Koko said...

oh ma GOSSSSSSSSSSSSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS WAS/............THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY......ENCORE ENCORE!!!!!!!!okay am chatting breeze now......

badderchic said...

@ shinkoMaki

you are always welcome here


did you know that a tigress in heat wants sex every 20 minutes? I WANT TOO BE A TIGRESS lol

@ Sabira

thanks love

@ Omo calabar.

thanks a bunch

@ Vera Ezimora

okay I will stop...NEVER!

@ Enigma

Twins brothers mi, wetin I do na?no be you teash me bullet? I use am , you chout? oga fun e o! lol ashawo how you go see another tin? psheeeeew

@ Afrobabe

please help me and thank Mz Dee o!

@Lady Koko

breathe gurl!lol

Mz. Dee said...

gurl dis ur new pic is d hottest thing on blogville!!

na ur breast????

Naapali said...

well done chairlady.

Anonymous said...

*whistles* dammit! who be d@ babe on the right? chai chai chai!

Nigerican said...

advice, never read badderchics blog alone in bed because by the time u r done , u might be ripping off u're own damn clothes...shit girl, i wanna b like this couple when i grow up :).

badderchic said...

@ Mz.

I cant shout, I realized pple who know me (and thats alot) would recognize even a blurred picture of me, na person wey don sleep/taste/chop my bobby fit recognize am. lol

yes o! na my breast!

@ Naapali

thank you sa

@ Chari

ME! now close your eyes!

@ Nigerican

me too, when I grow up, even befor i grow up finish. lol

ibiluv said...

this ur picture........

i gbadun am die........

princesa said...

For update on SBR, check my blog.
Babes you gats dey there o!

kay-shawn said...

Okay, they had twins right? I'm wondering if both were concieved at the same time or was one concieved later as those two never seemed to stop making love. Just joking.

kay-shawn said...

Okay, they had twins right? Honestly I'm not surprised. Those two were always at it.

Jinta said...

erm....are the kids his?

wellsbaba said...

omo,enough drama....I must confess dis is swaga....first tym here

exschoolnerd said...

i cant write sex scenes to save my life, i guess u have to have experienced some good shagging to be able to write like this...hmmm!!!

i dont knw why i was teary eyed when i read this....

badderchic said...

@ ibiluv

I dey shai

@ princesa

On my way already.

@ kay-shawn

Me no know o! lol

@ Jinta

errm I should think so! lol

@ wellsbaba



Well what can I say? lol no too cry o!

badderchic said...

@ ibiluv

I dey shai

@ princesa

On my way already.

@ kay-shawn

Me no know o! lol

@ Jinta

errm I should think so! lol

@ wellsbaba



Well what can I say? lol no too cry o!

wavemasta said...

clap clap clap! Good one! And is that you on your blogger profile pic?

Anonymous said...

Close ma eyes ke?! lailai! if them they cut prick I no go close ma eye o...shittt!!! Na u be that? chai! God is good!

Afrobabe said...

hmmmmmm babes, this ur new profile pic na fire oh....

You trying to kill us???

Hunter girl said...


You r trying to kill people abi??? HMMMMM!!! Dat is all i can say....hmmmm...speachless!!!