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Who says I should live my life scared?

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Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
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Sunday, 17 August 2008

My 'twins' brother-Meeting Enigma

This post is dedicated to Exschnerd, teddy bear and To Geisha My Baby

Honestly My post was supposed to be about something else entirely, truthfully I had written the wonderful story of how I met Enigma, how from day one we clicked over the phone, how he watches Top gear, my fav tv pro gramme, how he didn't know my real name for a long bit and decided to call me 'the stig' or badder, even after I had told him my name, he forgot and chose to call me badder.

This post was meant to be about how we discovered we had too much in common we just had to call ourselves twin bro and sis, how for a whole week I was glad I had found another long lost brother of mine over blogsville sheet, we thought the same way, things, we even spoke about the same porn sites he found it in a UK paper, mine friend told me about it.

This post was supposed to be about how I was sooooo crazy when we finally met,how he told me what a bullet was, all the laughs we had, talking about Ibiluv and Afrobabe, how I had to do Jamb lesson to figure out who his bro was. this post was supposed to be a lot of things.

but I fear it isn't.

A few minutes after meeting Enigma and his friend, his friend spilled the beans on me

"Are you not Mrs chic's daughter? " apparently Enigma's friends Grandma is my moms friend, turns out the guy know my momc WELL,goes to the same church as my moms- in turn he knows me too! he knows what I do, he's seen me at work lots of times.

"sebi you stay at *ville* sebi you drive one black car like this sometimes? I see you walking with your brother a lot of times, sebi you know this, sebi you know that"

I wanted to faint, I couldn't even form phantom. like that was not enough turns out Tboi, Enigmas friend used to date my cousin, thats the same girl Enigma posted about when he said he went to Ibadan with a friend ?(one of his previous posts) yes the girl is MY COUSIN freakin small world ye? like that was not enough, the groom walks in and we yarn have a few laughs I'm going through the engagement pictures and kazoom! another cousin of mine (yep I come from a very polygamous family)turns out the groom and that cuz are buddies hmmmm!

LIKE THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH! a bit later this guy another friend of the groom walks in guess what? I KNOW HIM "ha Badder wetin you dey do for here?"

me sef tire.

now in one day badder and Enigma from complete strangers do a full 360. in that one day everything was covered, my moms side of the family, my dads side, my work life everything exposed!

Theres alot of things I dont discuss in blogsville, cuz I figured some things are really private and easily traceable back to me, I dont talk about my weight maybe because it doesn't usually come up, it doesn't change who I am and frankly whats there to say? for the record yes I am one big sister, it don't make me any less sexier.

I don't talk about my best friend and how much I love him, how much I hate him, how much I think I cant live without him(she raisin her eye brow here and going who?) maybe cuz his sister is a blogger as well (gurl that boy loves you mad but he's just too stupid to show it) I don't talk about how much he infuriates me and his way of showing how much he loves me back is by making me mad and then asking "are you forming for me ehn?"

The blogger reunion thing is coming up soon, a part of me wants to rush to the bank and pay my 3k the other part of me is scared shitless, what is the reason for my anonymity then?

I'll be in Jand in a bit, Im dying to meet Afrobabe, fallin over to meet CWB, Im craving to meet Zephi but...
a part of me want to take the next flight to PH to meet Mz Dee and Porter, sometimes when I think of jaja, yosh I get tingly and excited when I think of Charizad I laugh stupid.

I met another blogger quite accidentally as well, added him on FB who were mutual friends? My cousin, My former boss, the guy I used to fuck, the man I love and the aunty that gets me to look after her kids. wow! what a combo!

I accidentally found another blogger well not well known in 'our' cicles, didnt see anyone I read or reads me on her page, I detest the blogger a whole lot hence removing the blurred picture of me, sure you like the picture of my boobs better?

Enigma is 6'1, dark dimpled okay looking, all about his fiancee, fashionable (boy can he dress?) I was so glad to have met my twin.

Will I do it ALL again?


I liked it better when we were just unknown bloggers, friends, confidants, no holds barred.

this post isnt all about sex shame to Sanchez who says I'm a fictional sex blogger, all I can blog about is Sex hmmm!

I'm on shaky ground here, to let go of my anonymity or not to?

Blogsville Blogsville I cant do without you guys.


IDK said...

woohoo!! 1ssssssssssst!!

IDK said...

I knw i hvnt posted here be4 (technically) i soo get wt u mean..pele:P

Anonymous said...

sweetheart. my love. I'm blushing.. and cringing small! lol.
abeg if you meet anyone who asks you if you blog, jus strong face and form like 'do i what? what the hell is that?' And you'll be fine.
i know what you mean about wanting to meet bloggers. so far tho i'v been able to restrain myself... maybe that's why i've stopped getting as attached as i used to in the early days. i mean, i cried when delot left! (He was the craziest, coolest, most disturbed, football maniac yet.. think jaja meets nosa meets carlang.)
e go beta jo. and pris, hif you de go blogger parry holla at a sista ok. x

teecity said...

hey guess i understand wat ur challenge is......u know just doin blog rounds makes me want to know some pple One on One, but dat fear is always there. Do wat u think is BEST. u TAKIA cos i do CARE.

Tisha said...

can't believe it
i am glad
nice post

Funms said...

i know what u mean., there r sometimes i want to come out of my anonymity and meet fellow bloggers but i get scared. It feels so comfy being able to say some things in the hope that no one can put a face to the stories..... on the other hand, it'd be lovely to meet some great people here

aloted said...

Looks like i am first o!

Hmm at the end of the day can we really really stay anonymous. It is a small world jare

aloted said...

Ah whats with this comment moderation i dont think i am first anymore :(

Waffarian said...

Hahahaha too funny...I have not read your previous posts so dont know the whole history on "why" you decided to meet him...

anyway, whats done is done and can not be undone. Just leave things as they are. You don't have to reveal yourself if you don't want to. There are still many people who have no clue who you are(like me) for the blogger what you feel comfortable with.

Invisible said...

Hmm, lemme see, I'm familiar with Tboi and Enigma. Groom, I don't know.
Really though, it is a small world and yes, Enigma like to dress well and you should know it runs in the family :-). I think he's 6'2" actually cause I'm 6'1" and he's a wee bit taller than me. Maybe we're the same height.

So you won't come to Florida and meet me? *Sad*

kay-shawn said...

Hi there, dont be too troubled about this things.

I'll advise you to keep your anonymity if you feel more comfortable that way.

badderchic said...

@ Idk

congratulations, your pencil and sharpener await thee. lol thanks jere.


I understand the blushing, its the cringing I dont understand. norin do you, na me and you go follow do that parry.

@ teecity

Tains, Tains. ori mi wu oooo! E lagi mo!

@ Tisha

Dont worry, we still have present for you all the same.


@ Funms

As in you dey feel me die!

@ aloted

Good question

@ Waffarian

Thanks for d advice o! I gr8fool gaaaan

@ Invisible

Iwo lo mo o! Kilo kan wa if you are 6'1 and he 6'2 ehn? lol

Sorry to hurt you but, I dont see that happening...actually O depend, se o ma fun mi Taye Diggs look alike/ straff alike in How Stella got... ti mo ba wa si floreeda? If YES? next Plane mo tin bo! lol

Anonymous said...

eeeyaa...I so feel u on this one menn...but uhm...sometimes I jus dont know...I think I am tendin on receding...dont wana make any express moves to make contact...

Esmeralda said...

Sweetheart, write a book already! i just read ur conclusion on the couple series, wow! tew much. make sure u write the book with less err...

i understand ur need for mystery, i am in the process of meeting my first set of bloggers and i am a bit nervous about it.

Enigma said...

I def dont regret meeting you, interesting convos we did have..'like i care'..mad woman

You know u cant do without else would you hold on to that crazy sanity of yours? ehn?

I believe your anonymity should be safe amongst your 'circle' of friends!

Spot of vainess: So you think i'm just okay looking? damn! im hurt sis, really hurt *wiping tear*
One love! baaad profile pic ;-)

Buttercup said...

wow...that was, uh, interestin...

it really is a small, small world...scary...

how u doin anywayz?

archiwiz said...

Heiyaa....Pele...I feel you on trying to keep your anonymity. I'm learning the hard way, and frankly I've decided to strong face like geisha says, and if anyone asks me, I'll tell them to direct their comments there. I think it'll take a while for someone to gain my trust enough to want to meet (again) except we already know each other, in which case I'll say...the blog is separate from our knowing each other. Shikena!

Hunter girl said...

haba...babe ur in a dilema....if it was me..i'd choose to re,ain anonymous!!! The whole point of havin a blog with a fictional name is to remain anonymous and write ur heart!!! No forming, no... oh i shouldnt say that!!!!At least that was my reason....but in everything do what makes u feel happy.....
hmmmmm not sure if that was helpfull...LOL

princesa said...

Babes no excuses o!
You must be at the SBR if not...SHARIA!!!LOL!

Me am i not anonymous too? lol!
I have booked a T-shirt for you but you need to get ur payment across to me asap!

BTW, what size is ur T-shirt, this one wey u say u be BIG girl?


ibiluv said...

profile pic i love.........

its a small small world-recently a colleague at work turned out to be my cousin's fiancee's pal......

so if i was hating on her at work or vice versa she would pass on stories to our soon to be iyawo..........

keep ur anonymousity(whats left of it) allows for freedom of blog posts..........

not everyone can bare it all on their blogs-names,faces the whole nine..........

ehn ehn.....U & ur twin...werrin u talk about moi and mi blog sis???????

theicequeen said...

porter and Mz.Dee abi? *dissolves into uncontrollable wailing!*

feel you on the wanting to meet bloggers thing..bu mehn, when you think bout it..sha sha..

feelin your new template!!! oh, and please please please tell me how you got the megacool blogroll jare..everyone seemz to have's so practical!!

Shubby Doo said...

Ahhh i feel u...i'm trying 2 be friends with someone here but the thought of what u talked about happening 2 me is freaking me out...i can feel the walls of protection going up already and it is not his fault. Also i have become friends with someone else here...only 2 find out our fathers know each...he was my brother's senior at school...but knowing him isn't freaking me out. Take it easy. Your boobs look great!

Afrobabe said...

oh...when u write this one...see ur head...and why the thing dey talk august???

badderchic said...

@ Chari

abi o!

@ Esmeralda

Yes MA! just find publishing house 20% is all yours. lol

dont worry you'll be aiight

@ Enigma

Me regret meeting you? oloun maje!
like you said in our 'circle of friends'

seriously though twins bro, sebi ou know Im the finer of us two, I mean you have the height but sheeeeet Im cute lol. you are good lookin , arent you my twins again? lol

@ Buttercup

too small

Im good.

@ archiwiz

learnin d hard way? oya my gbeborun senses are up, wetin happen?

@ Hunter girl

dillema na undastatement

@ princesa

aye aye captain!

@ ibiluv

do you like my bobby? lol

as in u sef no wan know how small it is.

well my twins and I spoke about how wonderful you are! *shinin teeth*

@ theicequeen

sorry you too lol

tains o! courtesy of mz D this thingy, me sef no too know,lol just go to customize, blog layout

@ Shubby Doo

I'm bloshing.

Afrobabe said...

Heyyyyyyyyy I watch top gear too…the closest I have ever been to watching sports…

Porn sites???

Did you just say Enigma’s fiancĂ©e??? It just took out all the words in my head…I was almost getting a wax down there for our meeting..

*Sobs away

Afrobabe said...

And babes, I am up for a meet whenever you are in town..

I seem to be the queen of unanon anon bloggers...

Naapali said...

I came over here to say thank you for the kind words you left me. I am happy and encouraged by them but not surprised. In the one year of reading you your warmth and passion have always seeped out of your posts. I know you have gone through your own emotional turmoil but I sense each time you have emerged stronger.

You ask valid questions about anonymity or not. The topics you write about are very personal and very real. You live in Nigeria which is sadly, one of the most hypocritical places on earth. I suggest you base your decision on if you are comfortable with people who know your street persona know the side of you that you reveal here on blogville. I for one think people who blog already have an understanding that blogs serve us as an avenue to let out things that we may not readily do in our everyday lives (at least for many of us).

I have come to know a few bloggers off blogville and know that we generally separate that world from others, kind of like being in a members only society.

Whatever you do, try and find a way that continues to allow you be who you are.

Can I just say that is one baddest profile pic. I don't know why but I am all of a sudden thirsty :0)

poeticallytinted said...

You are beautiful.
I've read your past posts but always had too much to say in too little time.
You owe no one no explanations for who you are or even what you choose to write. I think you write beautifully. Stay anonymous if it makes you more comfortable. And I dunno if anyone has mentioned this but you should think about writing a book. Seriously.

exschoolnerd said...

SBR wont be the same without u...really wouldnt.

princesa said...


I only just saw the boobs o!
babes i ope say this one go enter our SBR T-shirt o?

Parakeet said...

Aww...that's so sweet. You guys met and then find out that you like go way back with other people...interesting!

Sabira said...

Don't leave please!!!

archiwiz said...

Doc Naaps swallow ya own saliva joo...LOL...

Badder time neva reach for you to update?

Mz. Dee said...

awww... wana meet yar ass too!!!!!

I've revealed myself to a couple of reallll self. And i feel safe.. i think... dme know say if they try shyt i go bring my grandfada juju!!!

Anonymous said...

isnt it something about the special guy...and things just click?

Naija Idol said...

Chai!!!! I feel u on dis one sha.I dont think i can say any more than u have.

Btw.... im looving dat picture.

kay-shawn said...

I believe I have commented on this post earlier only that you didn't respond to my comment.

I'm okay, as long as you submit your entry at my chat-up line competition.

Anonymous said...

Ok I heard about the blogville gathering ...but Im so busy that I wont be able to attend.....have fun if you go!!

N.I.M.M.O said...

Dang! Did I just see that picture or what?

Wo, about anonymity or no anonymity; thats your prerogative and from your comments, I don't think you are doing bad at all.

Let me go back and look at the picture again.

(If you like go and tell my wife)

NaijaBabe said...

lolllllllll babe this is mad funny o.

Hehehe...I did meet a blogger on fb too who turned out to have lived on my street back in that was too much for me to handle.

You are coming to jd....when when u dont want to see me...ok o. I'm not sulking at all o.
at all.

NaijaBabe said...

lolllllllll babe this is mad funny o.

Hehehe...I did meet a blogger on fb too who turned out to have lived on my street back in that was too much for me to handle.

You are coming to jd....when when u dont want to see me...ok o. I'm not sulking at all o.
at all.

badderchic said...

@ Afrobabe

As in, that show is maaad.
yes o! the boi is engaged.

I shall be buzzin you.

@ Naapali

this is one of those few times that I have no idea what to say.

thank you.
have you quenched your thirst?

@ poeticallytinted

My head she have explode.

oys seriously, find a publisher I write the long as it has lots and lots of sex in it. lol

@ exschoolnerd

Im tinking

@ princesa

this boob? na cloth dey lift the tin true, tissue paper dey under. lol

@ Parakeet

Interesting? more like scary. lol

@ Sabira

I sha'nt

@ archiwiz

I dey come, I go soon update

@ Mz. Dee

If you say you wanna meet my ass, you puttin ideas in some pples heads o! lol

sebi your granfada get juju, my own don pai te te. lol

@ Kin'shar

ko ye mi o!

@ Naija Idol


@ kay-shawn

Im sorry your excellency, I must have been sloppy like my twin. lol
what is the prize?

@ Kin'shar

I will try

@ N.I.M.M.O

where you dey since?

you don go see foto again?

me tell your wife? tufiakwa, it is not my mouth they will hear that tisha have die.

@ NaijaBabe

Me not want to see you? am I maaaaad?


Jaja said...

see boobs!!!

I lay down my much- cherished anonymity.
How can i meet u?

AlooFar said...

Eeeya, this is interesting.

Have you read the threat on you about your activity on my blog?

Porter deHarqourt said...

this post was about you meeting some twins brother or somesuchworreva... i want to meet those twins in the when are you coming sef?

badderchic said...

@ Jaja

nothing do you, where when, how?

@ Aloofar

na u know o! lol

@ Porter

the twins? strictly by invitation, aplly for invite jere. lol

bumight said...

i totally understand what u mean. I have a lot of bloggers that i really like, and I wouldnt take things off blogville cos of that - I REALLY like them.
i have met some bloggers, talk to some, but i cherish what we "have" on blogville, i love the virtual world.

everytime i see people from my area on feedjit, i sometimes panic, but nothing do me jare.

but you and enigma's story, that's just crazy! maybe my sister is a blogger, who knows!