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Ragga boi.
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Friday, 8 August 2008

Another series Prt 3.

this post is dedicated to CWB Callywaffybabe, she would go crazy if she reads this. babe, I dey miss you o! where you dey?

He looks on the floor, there she was, his wife, his heart, his everything. sleeping. he knows it is a troubled sleep, he knows all too well.

' you are being a bastard Tade' he thinks to himself 'ye I know, but e don dey too much, this chic is driving me nuts, she don dey do am tey let me just treat this fork up once and for all'

"Try my children, try never go to bed without resolving a fight, it is very dangerous to go to bed without sorting out issues" that is what the Reverend had said, during counseling, before they had gotten married, nice funny old man. had been married 47 years, had experience plenty experience.

"never let the third party in" he had said as well.

but what was he doing now? granted he had not let the 3rd party in but he had gone to bed without resolving issues with his wife, he wondered what had been going through her mind; for starters, he had forgotten to wear his wedding ring? why the hell had he even taken it off in the first place? why was he always rolling it on his finger? why? only God know what she must have thought. he looks at her again, she looked tired, she must not have had any sleep whereas he had slept and slept well!

Marco's place was a street away, he had the keys since Marco was out of town, he had gotten the solitude he wanted, he had slept and slept. up at 5.35am as though something or someone had woken him up, 10mins later he was home and had been watching T.v since then.

Tade had almost cracked when she was begging him, almost carried her to make maaad love to her but no way, she is getting used to this sheet. drives him to the wall and then comes and apologize and he was expected to answer on the spot every time? this time had been extreme! in their history she had never accused him of cheating, where the hell did that come from?

'se if you want to accuse me, let me do it then say I did it abi?'

why the hell would he want to cheat anyways? the girl was insatiable, it was work trying to keep up with her. anywhere goes. garage, kitchen, bathroom, stairs, she is up for it! and now he is hungry for her. damn he is hungry for her...for her and the food! 'this kin hunger no get part 2' but he's forming, how can she go and cook loaded beans when I'm forming ehn?

she looks cold he thinks but if I cover her now it would look like I'm done forming, he stands up and picks the AC remote, he reduces the temperature. that should be alright.

His cork was hard!

he needed to get into her!

they ALWAYS forked Saturday mornings, darn they forked every morning.

but he was forming.

'iru formin oriburuku wo le leyi n sin? (which manner of crase forming is this?)

he goes back to watching tv

A while later.

Tj woke up with a start

she sat up abruptly, Td was asleep on the chair, he must have been really tired from hanging out all night. she stands, looks into his face and sighs

this time it was on.

why do I always do this? why do I always always push him to the wall? Most of the time? he's not in town, he's away at work, and when he comes home what do you do? frustrate him!

"Naval Officers? they too like fork" Ebele had said "how you sure say everywhere they reach, your husband no dey help different women condition?"

how could she have let that register in her mind? 'you know your husband, you know his strengths and his weaknesses you know him, how can you let what Ebele said influence ANYTHING

Na oestrogen, even I know there is something wrong with me 'maybe I should have gone to see the shrink instead of the family doctor. come to think of it, the doctor had carried out comprehensive tests and I was supposed to go back for the result yesterday, I had forgotten, how not? I was busy hounding Tade ;

"where are you? when are you coming to pick me up?"

"but babe? I'm in Apapa, how do you want me to get to you? under thirty minutes? you just told me to come pick you up 30 mins ago, by the way where is your car?"

"I sent Mr John home with it, I was tired of seeing his face and I didn't feel like driving"

"why would you send the driver and the car home and then ask me to leave everything I'm doing to pick you up?" he sighed " Okay I'm coming"

and when he had come to pick her up? she had suddenly remembered she had to go to Fifi's place in Ikeja, sure he had taken her there in spite of the traffic and when they almost got there? she remembered Fifi had said she wasn't going to be around. then, she had remembered she wanted to pick gele up from Buky's in Ogba, finally they had come home. so he had come to VI from Apapa off to Ikeja, Ogbaa and then back to the Island. 'and what had you given him in return?'

Stress, she had nagged all the way, 'even I know I was nagging'

A lil bit later

Tade woke up with the aroma in his head, his stomach was growling he hadn't had anything since breakfast yesterday but he had gone through worse, he was still strong.

'yes, you've been through worse but for the love of God the smell of your wife's food wasn't wafting through your nostrils.'

into the kitchen he spies on what she is cooking- edikaikong and Eba. seriously this woman will not kill him.

"should I serve your food now?"

he ignores her.

he is hungry

but he ignores her.

"I made some pepper soup as well"

aje oshi (winsh), she wont kill me he's thinking

in reality?

he ignores her.

he watches as she puts the soup in a plate.

ewe eee

all the right combatants were on the field

this was torture.

but no

he ignores her

"Tade yii ti stubborn juu, Tade? he can spite his nose, just like his father, the two of them are like bulls when they are angry,too stubborn. like elephants too they never forget" thats what his mom had said

right now he was going to spite his nose at the cost of his very existence

to himself

'Im hungry for pussy, I dey form
Im hungry for food, I dey form
over form no pure o!'

"your food is ready, would you like a sprite or a just water to go with it?"

he ignores her

he looks at her

to himself 'don't do it Tade, don't you dare'

through the back door

'Tade, don't do this to her, don't'

"Shina!" he yells

a distant "sirrrrrrrrr"

"come here"

back into the kitchen, she is still looking at him oblivious of what he is about to do. 'Tade this is evil, don't!'

a knock on the door

"come in" he says

his eyes never leave hers, hers never leave his

Shina is oblivious of whats happening. he suspects nothing, he is oblivious of the tension, to him? oga and madam dey always stay inside house like this, dem no dey comot, his own is to patrol the compound. Shina's nose is about to fall off

'this man dey enjoy o! his wife sabi cook well well"

"YES SIR!" he salutes his boss

"how are you ?"

"Fine sir"

Tade's eyes still on Teju's

"Have you eaten today?"

"No sir, I haven't been able to sir"

her eyes are saying ' I don't believe this'

to himself 'please don't do this'


"okay then, you can have the food on the table, return the plates later"

"ah Thank you sir, thank you very much oga"

his eyes are clear expressionless

hers are filling not gradually with tears, as the door shuts behind Shina, she falls to the floor, her shoulders start to shake, she starts to sob as she look up to him where he is still standing her eyes are equivalent to a pump, her voice hoarse

"but Tade...I said I was sorry...."


badderchic said...
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badderchic said...


Two posts in two days?

My imagination has so taken over I didn't even know I could write like this.

Tade is getting annoying but this is his way of getting to his wife, its stupid to me but way better than brushing her, I cant deny, Im looking forward to the make up sex.

I'm excited o! I cant wait for the story to end.

O ye... IM FIRST! lol

Tyger said...


you are killing me!
part 3 already!

you are a morafucking superstar!

Tyger said...

okay make i go back go read the gist... before excitement kills me...

you are too much oh... i swear!

Anonymous said...

you are crazy for this u dis babe!

ShonaVixen said...

aww hell naw Tade!!its enuff now, aaah wat kind of anger be this?aaah!!Talk it out, Tj knows she was wrong ...mehn...m vexing her gurl..happy ending again job well done my gurl!!xoxo

Shubby Doo said...

Part 4 nko? First he has me, then he stays out all night, then he whips his dick out of my mouth, he then has the audacity 2 give 'the make up' food i cooked 4 him on the china i eat with 2 the househelp 2 enjoy. I'm sorry ke? Na back is a bitch!

Shubby Doo said...

Lol...4 these posts clap 4 yourself well but u cannot count as 1st on your post!

archiwiz said...

Dis is real wickedness oh...How did you think up dis Tade sef?

Afrobabe said...

Let me count how many people b4 me...oh shit I cant even do that cos some are still awaiting...

Kai, this Tade is really asking for a visit from awon boys...she really needs to back off and blank him for a while...time to shift the jealousy over to his side, time to forget her wedding ring in the toilet...

or maybe just time to visit mama and cry in private.....yeah even bad girls cry...

Naapali said...

Their counsellor was wise when he said do not go to bed angry at each other. He is trying to hurt her as badly as she hurt him and then what?

Naapali said...

Well done BC. This has been one interesting mini series thus far. I hope you have copyrighted it because I know those Idumota boys will soon have it on 5 part VCD.

Now I hope you won't disappear for another 6 months just as I have begun to gbadun you again.

Naija Idol said...

Chai! BADDERchic.This story sha.
I forking love it.
The guy own don dey too much ooo.give her food to the gateman or whoever, if na me, i for don rest my case for the begging.

So hope in part 4(which hopefully u r gonna be put up soon)they'll make up and... I be good girl ooo. u want me to reveal my bad side eh??

Tyger said...

you are not first oh!

you deleted somebody na....



Anyway, Tade's own is too much jo... too much! for what... he should have stopped na... the food thing was taking it too far oh.. there will be hell to pay... hell... at that point i no dey apologise again!

badderchic said...

@ Tyger

yellz, yellz I am a MORAFUCKING sooperstar!


@ geishasong

(in austin powers' voice)

Does it make you horny baby?

@ ShonaVixen

dont mind the idiot, psheeew


@ Shubby Doo
the guys is annoyingly stubborn, Im told it is typical of military men.

If I cant be first on other posts sebi I can be first on mine? lol

@ archiwiz

wickedness I tell you, the tade just strolled into my head as the inspiration was not this eeveel.

@ Afrobabe

Perhaps we should get Fineboi to send his agbero boys but dem go fit face stubborn naval officer?

@ Naapali

Very wise counselor, true true dem fit pirate my hard work o! off to patent it.

I aint goin nowhere, wouldn't want to do that to all o y'all but if i had to, I will dagbere first lol.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

hmm makes up sex? yipee yipee yipeee
I guess thats the beauty of marriage.make up quarell and you make up
I dey wait for part4 sha

bumight said...

this babe, I see you're seriously milking this!, and I'm loving this. but Tade's shakara is too much. I dont think I have the patience to beg any guy for that long!

Mz. Dee said...

i say daaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn!

u go wound me o..i don provoke, nearly break my glass of coke.

Afrobabe talk correct thin o.

welldone gurl. this series is lovely!

theicequeen said...

Thunda faya devil!! why am i always late ehn? why oh why? hilz*..lemme read joh!..i saw the end..bobo never forgive her ehn??..that make-up sex berra be bangin ohhh!

badderchic said...

@ Zephi Fahrenheit

me sef im lookin forward to it.

@ bumight

milk? na cow? lol

@ Mz. Dee

no vex o! na beg i dey beg. lol

@ theicequeen

thunda faya am well well.

Hunter girl said...

fantastic writting...really got me into the characters.....cant wait to read part 4!!!!.....Makes me wonder though why people hurt each other so much in relationships? (huge sigh)...

Thanks for dropping by....

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Hmmm Tade is asking for trouble
Let him be there
Forming angry.
It will shock him like electricity when he walks in the room and finds her forking someone on those sheets, with her wedding ring off.

He better get some make up sex b4 its too l8. I've said my own
Cant wait for Part 4

N.I.M.M.O said...

Though I think this happens more in marriages than we can admit BUT this is cruel!

Obviously, Tj is not a Calabar woman. You give her food out. Kopnomie for you. End of story.

As said, the make up sex better be banging. Odawise ...

Afrobabe said...

hmmmm.... I am a sucker for a guy in we will beg small again...

badderchic said...

@ Hunter girl

Thanks love, part 4 is on the way, dont worry.
Thanks for dropping by

@ NigerianDramaQueen

yes o! serious trouble, very serious trouble, and he will get it.

@ N.I.M.M.O
lol, wadafok does Kopnomie mean?

@ Afrobabe

the guy in the uniform, I had to add, see when I say we have alot in common I knew what I was saying. lol. getting excited just thinkin about it. lol

Jaja said...

I am really enjoying this series. Continue.

Whats with you and Carlang being first on your blogs...

I need to psycoanalyze you two.

Finally, am not included in the dedication? i tot we wuz more than this?

AlooFar said...

I volunteer to convert this blog posts to a Hollywood blockbuster!

Mz. Dee said...

aloofar.. bring money na!

badderchic said...

@ Jaja

I am NOT talking to u until you update! *arms folded forming vex* I dont even want to marry you again! (riiight) we wuz more than this, that is til you started ignoring me... sob sob!

@ AlooFar

Show me the money!

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

i don vex sef. teju is too cool joh. wetin, which kind annoyance be this?

trust mi ern the way i would shout shina out of my house would av been amazing, he would have thot the roof fell on his head.

as for that tade, its not his fault at all, it coz she's still begging him datz why he is misbehaving. hiss*

am very annoyed right now. too angry sef.

badderchic take ur tym ohh if u dont turn this story around na mi and u 4 blogville...

Chari said...

wow...babe this is too peng loving this mehn!

Buttercup said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh haba!

exschoolnerd said...

u hv to dedicate sumthing to me before i read....i am nt happy!!!

plus ur profile pic is sesky!!!!

Toluwa Lase said...

oh wow, am really loving this...going to read d next installment...