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Ragga boi.
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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Another series prt 4.

Dedicated to Zephs, Afro, Enigma and reluctantly Jaja. enjoi.

He hears the shower running, slowly he takes the stairs, what had he just done. what the hell had he just done? as he walks into the room,he hears the song from the speakers, Thicke's lost without you. he shakes his head. 'Tade you really are a bastard'

he braces himself, she would probably punch him, slap him, hit him, he didn't care, he just wanted to hold her in his arms and apologize. can you imagine, 1hr ago, she had been the one apologizing, now the tables had turned it was the other way round. expecting to see her sitting on the floor in the bath, he walks in to see her just rounding off her shower...


she ignores him, he deserves it.

"Abeke mi"

she ignores him again, he so fucking deserves it!

"I shouldn't have done that"

she walks out.

"don't do that babe"

he follows her to the room, notices she has her clothes spread out on the bed.

"where you going to?"

she still ignores him.


he holds her, she tries to extricate herself, he doesn't budge, she starts to wrestle in his grasp, he is stubborn, she becomes limp.

breasts against bare chest, lower region against cotton, he starts to get hard, she can feel it, she likes it...he loves it.

Tade places his lips against hers, he probes, he finds, she returns.

*that wasn't half bad, not what I had expected*

she is kissing him back,fervently, soon enough she has taken over, she pushes him on the bed, and starts to kiss his chest,a lioness, she has conquered her prey, she trails it down to his stomach, his belly button, not slowly she pulls down his pants, and there it was...the gold-member, the object of her desire, that of his pain. she slides his deeck into her extremely hot mouth, he is a goner, he is lost, Robin seems to be playing again, whadafork is up with the shuffle?

'cant help myself, how does it feel?'

"feels so darn good babe, feels gooooooodddd"

"you like that don't you?" she asks

"aww babe" is all he could muster.

she crawls over him, still in her birthday suit and whispers into his ear

"I want to fork you dirrrty, are you up for it?"

*my wife is the biggest slut I know...and I love her for it*

"fork away babe"

she grabs his head and places it over her breasts, he doesn't need a map, he grabs the left breasts and squeezes like he is milking a cow, he licks the nipple, laps and pulls, bites then stuffs the whole darn tit into his mouth, its spilling, his mouth ain't that big but he can be greedy cant he? I mean she IS his wife.

"don't be partial dear, my titties are twins remember?"

he grabs the other and starts to bite on it, while he chews on that one, he milks the other, if it was possible, he would swallow it all.

"I want you babe, I want to fork you baaad"

"I determine what happens Tade, I say when you fork this poosy and when you don't and right now, I want you to eat this poosy, so eat me NOW!" his deeck gets harder

without saying anything else, she climbs over to the head of the bed and holds on to it, she places her hot hawt poosy over his face and says "feed on it" again his deeck gets harder

he doesn't need to be told twice, he buries his head into her poosy even as she grinds into his face, her aim is to suffocate him, his is to die in between the thighs of this woman.

his tongue in her, her dam emptying. "aww shit, shit shit" was all she could say he responded by grabbing her thighs, he flicks over her clit over and over again

"Stoooop!" she screams

he keeps going, over and over her clit, after every few flicks, he'll attempt to stuff his tongue in her hole, again, again, her eyes are hot, her feet seem as tho they are boiling, the hairs on her neck rise to the occasion

"shit, shit, shit, shit"

he is persistent.


she comes, a very orgasm, now she speaks gibberish. he's not concernred with taking it slow, he wants more, he wants it all, he wants it all now!

"catch your breath babe, sit on this guy, sit on him, I'm going to explode!"

she catches her breathe... then she whispers into his ears

"are you ready for me to fork you dirrtty?"

"hell yes babe"

she walks to closet, emerges almost immediately with two bandannas

"lie back darling, this one is on me"


the bandannas go round his wrist, then to the head post, securely she ties him just as he had taught her those many years ago, making sure both hands are secure,while she feels his deeck getting harder.

"how do you want this darling?" she asks.

"just fork me baby"

she walks into the closet yet again this time emerges with his uniform.

*for what for?*

"babe, what are you doing? I'm bursting here, come on and ride your guy na haba"

"how would you like it if I wore this?" she slowly puts on his white shirt "sexy yes?

"yes babe, soo soo sexy"

she picks her jeans off the floor

"what if I put on this pair of jeans, do you think they go well with your sexy uniform?"

"won-der-ful Tj take those off, come and jump on it...."

"you know, I'm not wearing any underwear don't you? thats why my nipples are straining against your shirt, or could it be the starch?"

"babe! I want that and I want it now, you said dirrty forking, I'm going crazy"

*Ipod shuffle- we can make love in the bedroom rolling onto my water bed, I'm kissing you sliding my fingers thru your hair....*

she crawls all over him, her jeans and his shirt barriers, he wants to feel her body, he wants to be inside her; into his ear

"I know that given a little time, you will free yourself from those bandannas, but while that is going on think of how far I would go, into some random bar, just to have a few drinks, think how many guys would be wondering, placing bets on whether I actually have any underwear on, why my nipples seem to be straining against this shirt, what it would be like to fork me! I know that when you finally get your hands on me, you will do with me as you wish but in the mean time, I'm going out"

with that she gets off him and walks towards the door.

"Tejumade...dont you dare!"

"O! Tade, I dare and by the way, my wedding ring is by the sink"

Exits stage.


Mz. Dee said...


Mz. Dee said...

oh my dayz!!!!!!!
i love dis
i love dis
i love dis
dis has gota be the best series i have eva read mahn.

big upz to wifey!! she knowz wat she's doin! 2 can play dat his game!

Ms.O said...

AM I FIRST!!!!!!!!Damn that got me all hot and bothered.

Afrobabe said...

I better be first!!!

Doubt it but a girl can wish right???

Afrobabe said...

Hahhahahaha...goood work girl...was begining to think the girl had failed me by giving in so easily but she got the best of both worlds...

she has her release, ties him up and goes out leaving him with images that will mae him see fire...

the monkey deserved it jare...imagine, her best dish to the help....who born you???

well done babes....bring on the part 5.....

ShonaVixen said...

Good for should see the grin on my face o...cheshire cat style he definitely deserves that!!Hmmm i just hope she doesnt do anything stupid though..but knowing u gurl.hmmm...keep up the fab work!!xoxo

teecity said...

m FIRSTTTTTTTTTT. cant believe she did dat.


teecity said...

i hope it doesn't backfire thou. but Mehnnnnn has she gat guts. i wish i did too.

Shubby Doo said...

Lol...going 2 sef i don dare..poor guy got blue balls wedding ring by the sink ke?...the pride in that hse is 2 much...they'll get back 2 gether i hope! I so should not have read this at work. Nice one!

Esmeralda said...


first timer and first!

"ogbona feli feli bi
amala to ji na gan gan...
i'm hot, u are not...

Esmeralda said...

uh oh! blog owner approval! now i feel silly!

Esmeralda said...

i totally enjoyed this story! i started from the very beginning and i eagerly await the next installation.

but na wa for this couple o. lemme save the rest of my comments for the next part...

N.I.M.M.O said...

No comment.

(I'm sure she wont reach the door.)

Anonymous said...

is too much!! is too many, is too multiple!!!
LOVES IT! nice one!

Afrobabe said...

Hmmm see the no of firsts up here..hahahhahahaha especially at esmeralda who had a special song for her position...

Hunter girl said...

Explosive!!!!! Thats what i call the 'koko'. Having it both ways!!!! But this means part 5 abi?...Are they evn now? Is he gonna have his own back? As much as i lurve all of this...dont want them to get to the point were they have hurt each other so much that there is no way to return?

p.s. thanks for stopping bye....

Naija Idol said...

Im loving this series nor b small. this shuld be a movie.

Thot the lady had given in b4 oooo. nice one!

theicequeen said...

whooooooaaa.hehehe me likey to mushhhhh!! kai, he sould sit and torture himself with thoughts...

Tyger said...

how can you do this to me...

how can you not tell me on time... i stalked this page twice a day for days after.... with many friends joining me....

and yet you do this...

let me sha go and read first...

Tyger said...


i am lost for words... i think i dey dazed!

bumight said...

this is getting insane by the minute! good work baddestchic!

Aphrodite said...

Wickid! Bloody...
Loved this, plenty...

Chari said...


I totally didnt see that coming!

mehn!!! If I were tade I will spank her ass while eff her sore as punishment mehn!!! ahnahn!! O fe pa boiz ni?!!

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

yessssssss!!!!! datz wot am talking about.


yes badderchic am happy now. u do well.

badderchic said...

@ Mz. Dee

Yes o! you are first, I'm happy for you, contact me for your present. exercise book, eraser and pencil. lol
Thanks for the compliment, Im bloshing.

@ Ms.O

Go baf o! and get some ice ready for the final saga

@ Afrobabe

dont be mad love, I dedicated to you na haba! lol plus I couldnt let us chics down now could I?
dont forget Tade na correct guy o! so await the fury of the 'monkey'

@ ShonaVixen

Happy ur happy love.

@ teecity

sowwy! I echo your WOW! dont worry actor no dey die, the end go sweet insha Allah

@ Shubby Doo

They had better get back together or else!

@ Esmeralda

so very sowwy, it doesnt matter as a first timer I have a special number for you, here goes
*you are welcome in the name of the lord, you are welcome in the name of the lord, we can see all over you, the glory of the lord, you are welcome in the name of the lord*

in addition you shall also receive your exercise book, eraser and pencil.
asper the song? no comment.

@ N.I.M.M.O

wanna bet?

@ geishasong

THANK GOD!, finally, Im happyou are happy. so movie on sunday?

@ Hunter girl

Im blosheen o!

@ Naija Idol

As in, who go buy the rights? I broke die!

@ theicequeen

haba, the guy na good guy na lol. I don know sey you go happy.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

thats why your the baddest chick in this mofocky..
you always keep me coming back for more
after our discussionn, i thought i'll be able to predict where this was going..but no you beat me
my personal person

badderchic said...

@ Tyger said

Im so sowwwy,nepa carried my light and there was no point burning diesel at that time. please o! biko nu. okay I will write for you, tell me whatever you want me to write about and that would be my first post when Im done with the series.

that aiight?

@ bumight


@ Aphrodite

tains also

@ Chari

expect the unexpected dears.

@ Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...


to all.

I miss CWB pls who knows where she is?

Mz. Dee said...

i was FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!1

tearz in my eyez.....acceptz prize with pride...

thank u jesus!!!!!!
(i blive i now have right to request dat u remove dis word verification thing na! i don beg tire..)

guerreiranigeriana said...

...damn!!!...okay...i guess i need to go read the rest to catch up...but that was steamy!!!...i almost wanted her to cave in and give it to him...i dunno if i could have left a throbbing penis there...haha...

AlooFar said...

I'd better be the last here. Nobody should claim my spot ;)

What a bad post! Cool.

RE: I'm still looking for myself. U are prodding me to update.

Naapali said...

"her aim is to suffocate him, his is to die in between the thighs of this woman."
- Men call it going the way you came.

wavemasta said...

Nice, nice, ol girl u too mush....check mine out

flabby said...

hiss..i've been trying to comment on ur blog for a couple of days now! blogger is daft! nyhoo..i luffed this series..marriage eh? what a the guard his food?? ye! ma pa bobo!

Mz. Dee said...

luvin the new blog look gurl!

theicequeen said...

new template!!!!! me likey!! lol, how won't i like? it's like mine, but in pink!!

Mz. Dee said...

i lyk dis new template o! dunno why ure complainin sef..
it took me a long ass while to get dis my new template too! i cudnt seem to get mine to work 4 sum weird reason!

ok go to and click "Blogger Layouts" on the left hand side of the screen. Just scroll down a bit and u'll c it.

Browse thru and find a template u want..

click on it to get the HTML addy... right click and copy the HTML addy.

Go to your dashboardn or sign in to

Click on Layout and just underneath, u'll c sum lil tabs.

Click EDIT HTML.. delete ur old layout hmtl.. and copy and paste the HTML of the one u chose 4rm then save template.

actually soundz a lot easier dan i'm makin it seem!


and u may wana check my post again.. i edited it and hailed u na..cant 4get my fave series writer jo.

AlooFar said...

Blog make up?

Anonymous said...

ahah now BC, I have been on your blog everyday on the hour hoping u've updated..have pity now..i can't even stdy:)

badderchic said...

@ Mz.

congrats. yes you do, will work on it.

@ guerreiranigerian

u crazyyy dawg!

@ AlooFar

no vex

@ Naapali


@ wavemasta

tains tains , Im bloshing.

@ flabby

I feel you jere

@ Mz. Dee

thanks love, I go try am

@ theicequeen

thanks love

@ AlooFar

almost there

@ Anonymous

stop being an anon. Im almost there, no vex.

princesa said...

Badderchic, I no know you and Tejumade, who bad pass o,lol!
Good one girl.

TinTin said...

talk about having

mehn u should get a writing deal!!!! holler lemme be ur manager and handle the money when it starts to roll in!!

Afrobabe said...

madam, where is part 5 now??? u have me salivating here oh...ok maybe its the assistant that is making me salivate..but I need some juicy images to play him

badderchic said...

@ princesa

me ke? I no get mouth near this girl o! she wild mein!

@ TinTin

get the deal, we split the dosh hows that ehn?

@ Afrobabe

sweets, I wrote an explosive update, it got even me wet wanting deeck but somehow blogger refused to save, the laptop decided to freeze and it all went away, right now, Im still trying to comprehend but dont worry my people say the house of the king that burns down it will go up even better than before.
soon love, soon.

badderchic said...

@ princesa

me ke? I no get mouth near this girl o! she wild mein!

@ TinTin

get the deal, we split the dosh hows that ehn?

@ Afrobabe

sweets, I wrote an explosive update, it got even me wet wanting deeck but somehow blogger refused to save, the laptop decided to freeze and it all went away, right now, Im still trying to comprehend but dont worry my people say the house of the king that burns down it will go up even better than before.
soon love, soon.

ibiluv said...

kai she wicked ooooooooo..........


buhahah!!!! i de laff him well,well. Hope ur gurl plans her next step well n not do sth rash o.

i av updated an i'm cordelia my alter is Natasha.

OluwaDee said...

Thank God I'm at home.

9cely written.

Afrobabe said...

eya....Hate it when that happens..kpele dear..

Buttercup said...

i've got so much catchin up to do..part 4 already!

off to read..

Pink Lips said...

Lol, see effect!!! That TJ is not sooooooo dick crazy after all. But is this wat marraige is like really?? I don't mind the xrated stuff sha!! Well done.

FineBoy Agbero said...

So, Afrobabe was right!!! I've been dulling by missing this!
O, BadderChic, dis is wonderful!!

BTW, from my story-telling POV, i think dat elaborate penultimate paragraph where she tells her little speech spoils d story a little... just a little sha... "Actions speak louder than..."
Her teasing, and then walking away, perhaps with fewer words would have done a great job for effect. (Wetin dey worrry me sef; dis is not editing class o!)

Nice! Nice! NIce! From now on, i be regular customer, and ur blog is going to d top of my blogroll!!!

Buttercup said...


WeirdGurl said...

wow!!! 2 can olay the game. he deserved that. but the woman get mind o. poor guy. lol

badderchic said...

@ ibiluv

too wicked


if she does, two can play

@ OluwaDee

what would have happened if you werent ehn? wink wink

@ Afrobabe

thanks jere

@ Buttercup

se you enjoyed urself?

@ Pink Lips

I'm not married so I wouldn't know if its like this but i do know i hope there is plenty excitement in it lol

@ FineBoy Agbero

catch up agbero, catch up

@ Buttercup


I echo that

@ WeirdGurl

no min am she too dey show.