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Who says I should live my life scared?

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Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Another series Prt 2.

Tj laid on the table for a very long while at least it seemed as though it was a long while but in reality she knew it wasn't that long.

"you hurt me Tejumade, you hurt me real bad" was what he had said

'What have I done?' she thought 'how could I have done that to him? my baby, my love, my heart?'

she could hear the shower running in their bathroom, their magic bathroom is what they call it for two reasons 1. it was a two in one bath stall, individual baths all you had to do was slide the glass and it was one big shower, big enough for 4.

reason 2? they made lots and lots of magic there. how many orgasms had she had while in there? How many phone calls hove you received since the advent of Gsm?

She stood up, hesitant yet eager, she knows her husband, in this mood it was best to let him be but how could she? She has to make things right. As she walked towards the bath she could feel him in between her thighs, inside her, his essence the tadpole, her the pool. talking of pools she was still wet! thats the thing about this body of hers, it has a mind of her own, especially when it comes to Babatade Adetokunbo Adebo.

As though sparing the floor, she walks into the bathroom and sees him, her heart skips a beat, his back to her, the jet of water hitting his extremely taut body, the steam clouding the windows and the stall walls, she discards the little clothing she has on (fork the braids she's thinking) and walks into the stall, her side, he notices her...ignores her

she starts to move towards his half of the stall, she stops, she moves back to her half and picks up the soft sponge she uses for his back. 'therapeutic sponge' it usually works she thinks. As she soaps it, she looks over to him and starts to get even wetter and this had nothing to do with the shower.

She moves over to him and starts to scrub his back gently.

it was a silent "stop it"


"just go"

she walks back to her side of the stall then as though on second thought she starts to walk back

"look Tade I...."

he shuts the glass between them.


she does a half smile and starts to take her shower.

He's done, she rounds off. He steps out, she does the same he starts to dry off, she picks a towel and starts to dry his back, 'he loves this' she's thinking, he loves it when I dry his body, he does.

"leave me alone"

"Haba Tade, whats up with you? I'm trying to apologise here"

he shakes his head "and she still speaks"

she ties the towel around herself, into the walk in closet right after him

"Baby, I didn't mean to sound like that, why are you wearing that? are you...are you going out?"

he ignores her.

Haba, its 8pm, you said you weren't going anywhere, you said you were tired, jo talk to me nooow?

he ignores her.

soon enough he's dressed. blue jeans, black t shirt, black vans, Kenneth cole wafting through her nostrils she notices one thing as he picks his car keys and walks out

his silver band is missing...he's not wearing his wedding ring.

3.30 am

she hasn't had any sleep, in fact since her husband left at 8pm she had been up and about, she had loaded the washing machine with the laundry, ye it was meant to be Saturdays work but her it was the early hours of Saturday, she had sorted his sock and boxers and hung them to dry, their closet she had arranged, everything was in its place, she had cooked for him his favorite meal, beans. she had picked at about midnight and was done cooking by 2. pregnant beans it was loaded with everything imaginable, she hadn't forgotten the pomo in small sizes, just the way he liked it. everything was set.

she had dried her hair and dressed in the purple and black number he had bought her on one of those random days.

"I felt like it so I bought it, I cant wait to see you in it and of course out of it"

she had looked smashing in it, then she had started to get cold, hi t shirt went over it then, any time now, any time now...


she decided to clean the cooker, it was not dirty but hey, you could clean it over and over.

she cut some plantain, checked the oil in the deep fryer- he would be hungry when he got back


father please bring my baby home safe


Puhhhhh! his horn, thank you lord, quickly into the kitchen, take out the plantain from the fridge, deep fryer, start frying! beans out of the warmer, 7 mins later when he comes into the house, the table is set, they always ate in the kitchen anyways.

"welcome baby, you hungry?"

he ignores her.

"Tade, I made you some food, your favourite, loaded beans"

he goes up the stairs.

she's right behind him.

Into the room, he goes into the closet.

she glances at the mirror, it doesn't really look like she hasn't had any sleep, not at all. she takes off her t shirt and smooths the number she was still wearing, she walks into the closet; he's naked, birthday suit naked.

"at least if you wont eat food, se you would eat me?"

he's not even looking at her.

she walks to him and hugs him from the back, her head is in the middle of his back, she can hear his heartbeat from the other side, it quickens, so does hers.

she starts to rub on his chest at the same time rubbing her breasts all over his back, he stands there lets her do her thing.

she starts to kiss his back, she scrolls down and kisses his taut buttocks, she knows he is hard, dammit she was drippin, her head felt as though it were about to explode, her fingers and feet were hot from the sudden rush of blood to those areas, her nipples were hard, it felt as though there were a thousand pins in them, she didn't remember being this horny, maybe it was the anticipation, the wait had heightened her pleasure but now, now he was going to give it to her the way she liked, her i pod had been plugged in earlier, holiday was playing 'bed' over and over just as she had planned it.

"aww baby, I missed you so much, I missed your cork baby, all night Ive been wanting this, wanting you"

she turns him around to feel him, he places his hands on the sink as he faces her, the tiles were cold, the floors were cold but she was hot! damn damn hot.

she looks up at him as she places his hot hard cork in her mouth and slides it in all the way till she is about to gag, she rolls her tongue right under, at that spot, that line, he usually calls out to her here

"ye T baby, yes darl, babe"

she look up to him expecting to see his passion filled eyes.

It is a cold stare!

for a couple of moments he stares down at her then takes his cork out of her mouth....

"leave me alone."

he puts on his joggers and walks out.

He had rejected her, for the first time ever.

She don enter am.


The television is on, he is watching his early morning cartoons, Kim Possible, American Dragon those are his favorites. She is dressed now, she still hasn't had any sleep. she packs the last of the untouched meal into the freezer and cleans up. there is only one thing to do now.

she walks into the living room, he is on the small couch, not on their love seat, not where they usually held on to one another as they watched movies into the morning, she goes toward him, he is not even looking at her

she kneels in front of him.

"Babatade- Baba mi, egbon mi, ore mi, Oko mi, Olowo ori mi (my father, my brother, my bestfriend, my husband, my all) I shouldnt have done what I did, Im not going to make excuses, Im not even going to try, Im just going to ask that you please forgive me, I was wrong, I was selfish, I was stupid, please forgive me, I cant stand this, I beg you"

he turns up the volume, he didn't even look at her.


she's seating on the floor in front of him 'you need to forgive me she is thinking, you have to forgive me' her body cant take it anymore, it shuts down.

She sleeps, albeit troubled.

Maybe when she wakes up things would be better....



Afrobabe said...

I am first and supercool....

Afrobabe said...

See, I hate begging and I am sorry to say if I were her it would be a whole different ball game after he took his dick out of my mouth with a cold stare,....nonsence motherfucker..who born am....

olowo ori me kuh!!!

Anonymous said...

this is kinda annoying.
first he rapes her, then he ignores her. haba!
this beta end soon!!

Afrobabe said...

and you sef badderchic, couldn't you throw in another hot reconcilatory fuck...mcheeeeew...I feel like beating that Tade...

Mz. Dee said...

father in heaven let me first o!

badderchic said...

@ Afro

hunhun small small, you know the longer the wait the sweeter *wink*

@ geisha

yes ma!

@ mz Dee



Anonymous said...

babe,,,im good
thanks for checking up on me.

Mz. Dee said...

Dang! Ok so i cudnt finishd this on time cos of interruptions.. but gosh.
dis was a gud read.

he shud pls 4give her..i feel lyk i'm her sef

badderchic said...

@ Anon

I know who you are but why are you goin all anonymous? you are welcome love.

@ Mz. Dee

almost dere darl,

off to bed, will moderate more comm in the mornin.

Enigma said...

Stringing us along ehn? Cool..

How do i hook you up? i would definitely want your autograph actually, landing Monday evening...

Im serious o!

naijaleta said...

I haven't read the post I'll read later. I just came to warn you. I noticed that you're always tasiing(picking on) Afrobabe. Why now? Abeg leave our Afrobabe alone o if you dont want blogville 'aluta'.

O ma tasi gal yen ju. Are you jealous of something? Oya tell me.

Anyway, how you dey?

theicequeen said...

na so i no get luck oh! now now, lasnt night i read this thing na, no part two, i log off..and what happens? this!! im almost 100th..mshu.lemme go and read joh

ShonaVixen said...

like afrobabe..i hate begging! I wont beg..and please can he stop being so mad!!!WTF...this Tade..she should have bit off that his blambi(d*ck)'s beginning to tick me off..which means you're doing a good job gurl!!

Tyger said...

first of all,

thanks for the alert...

you are too okay!

okay make i go read now

Tyger said...


this guy is bad....

he reminds me of someone though...hmmm

he will come round... he just doesnt want her doing that shit again...

na wa oh

Naapali said...

It is time for him to stop pouting and end it.

Chari said...

The guy's own is too much joo...ahnahn!

(Still tryna remind maself that this is fiction o!)

See, ehn I would have broken at the last bedroom scene where his eyes were cold ahnahn now...tiz not fair...wetin

...nice one sha Schairlady got me hooked and wanting for more...desperately

N.I.M.M.O said...


And as Afrobabe said, the begging sef don dey too much. I doubt if I could last that long with my wife begging me with 'everything'. Haba!

Obviously, he's becoming an alaseju here. When a woman is using 'everything' to beg you and you are still doing yanga. You dey find another thing be dat.

badderchic said...

@ Enigma

Me too no joke.

@ naijaleta

Afrobabe is one of my fav favs in blogsville, you must be gettin d wrong vibe. no start fight o!

@ theicequeen

Ma binu, na you go first read when I update...Amen!

@ ShonaVixen

Sometimes you need to stoop to conquer abi? me sef hate beggin but no be me be the girl abi? lol your body dey sweet you abi?


you r welcome dear.

hope they are good memories o! lol

hope he comes round soon.

@ Naapali

abi o! they guy dey vex person with im ako sef. lol

@ Chari

I wonder o!

@ N.I.M.M.O

Me sef fear, the post is long o!

I concur jere, dont mind the eediot. psheew.

naijaleta said...

Kilode wa de? Ebe lan'be osika! The guy should take it easy now. Anyway, maybe he's building up the expectation.

Naija Idol said...

The guy sef dey overdo d thing. make e go siddon for where e sheet put.

But i must say that im loooooving the story. as in. u dont even know how much.

badderchic said...

@ naijaleta

oro naa suu mi o!

@ Naija Idol

Over do worry am.

Afrobabe said...

you are my personal person jare, birds of the same feathers....naijaleta leave that thing nothing dey fight fit happen for here, we are alergic to drama..

truely like nimmo said she has swallowed her pride and is begging with everything....he is asking for awon boys oh...

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

kai..the guy is hard oh.
and rejection makes one hornier

theicequeen said...

eyya, i'm seriously feelin for the chick oh! husband is feelin like baaaaad guy abi?

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

he's such a bitch. awww this is brutal. i would av given up abeg. wot kind of wahala oga ohh. he never vex do?????

hiss* i for don sleep te te sef. rubbish. hiss*

Buttercup said... wa o...

Toluwa Lase said...

i like this...i bet she wld never try dt crap with him again...