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Who says I should live my life scared?

If GODb4mi...Wu u fit b?

Ragga boi.

Ragga boi.
Bad guy somebori

Saturday, 2 August 2008

another series....

husband and wife fight, a true blend of fact and fiction. enjoi.

"You must be joking, what do you think you are doing?"

"what does it look like?"

"you know I don't appreciate being spoken to like that"

"what now you are my teacher?"

"I am your husband"

"like I needed any reminding "

"what has gotten into you?"

"obviously not you, I probably should go ahead and buy myself a vibrator"

"that is not funny Tejumade"

"It wasn't meant to be Tade, look, I don't want to be having this conversation with you right now, I'm busy."

"oo! but you are going to, we are going to really what you want me to do? first it was your mother, then my mother next thing it was the family thing I forgot to attend, then I came home late on the neighbors birthday, wife, if you want to pick fights with me, let them be genuine sensible fights, kilode? what do you want me to do? I don't need this from you, I just got went through Lagos traffic."

"Really? then you need a break, fine, let me kuku go to my parents house. Ill be back when I become sensible again."

"don't you dare!" barely a whisper, it was a threat, more than a command

"how dare you Teju, what else do you want me to do to make you happy?"

"you can come home earlier, you can ask your friends to stop coming to watch football in my house! you can fork me the way you used to before we got married, I want a baby Tade, hell you can show me you still love me!"

"Ive told you, we will have our own baby when God says and for the love of almighty how have I not shown that I love you ehn? do you want me to tattoo it on my forehead? Ive already done it on my arm, where else do you want it you this woman?"

"I just want my husband back!"

"You have him, you have me,just stop! don't make me do what I don't want to do."

"right, like I'm to believe you aren't seeing someone else, you are a guy, its expected."

If looks could kill she would be dead by now, even she wished she had not said those things.

"...In your life Tejumade Adebo don't you ever, don't you ever suggest that I'm cheating on you, don't you ever threaten me with moving out and don't you DARE disrespect me!"

she is speechless but stubbornness no go gree, she just has to say something stupid like

"then don't act like I don't matter to you anymore"

that was the last straw, he pulls her to him for a fleet second she is scared,he has never been a violent person but right now she was real afraid of this madness,this thing she had pushed him to,this madness she has caused.

Tade pulled her to him and pushes her onto the table in their bedroom, face down her face is in the clean laundry she had just brought in,she cant breathe but it doesn't seem like her husband of 3 years can notice that, he is wild, he is mad, why shouldn't he be? with one hand holding her neck down he pulls aside the shirt she was wearing, his shirt and searches for her g-string, lost between her buttocks, for the first time without asking her first he rips it apart the fabric stings her skin, he had ripped it with one hand, his motive was to cause her pain... a lot of pain she yells out his name


he bends and says into her ear

"shut the fuck up Made!"

...She did.

soon enough she felt her husband's very hot member near her wetness O! yes she was wet, she was always wet around her husband but not yet she thought, not wet enough

"Tade please"

"I said shut up Made"

he pierces through her, sliding his cork in and out of her, soon enough both his hands are gripping her neck and hers gripping the table, faster and harder he goes, it hurts, but he doesn't care, not right now, his wife has a very big mouth, he needed to 'stuff' it.

"Does that dick feel like it has been forking someone else ehn Tejumade?"


he hits her then, hard, very hard on her ass, she screams, he hits her again, then again, then again

"Tade jo! please!"

he holds on to her waist and slams into her again, over and over


he turns her over and now her back is on the table, legs wide apart with her husbands dick inside her, she is a sight, he tears open her shirt and pulls out her breasts, he squeezes them roughly... puts one nipple in his mouth...bites on it.

"hmm Tade! yes baby, baby, kiss me."

she still doesn't get it does she? this is no lovemaking, he pushes her back on the table and puts her legs on his shoulder, now he's going to hit her womb, she cant stand it, he knows.

she screams

"I'M SORRRRRRRRRRY! please baby not so hard, I beg you, jo, please"

he's not listening, he's still hitting her hard! this should be slow his conscience tell him, you are hurting her, stop man, you are hurting her, not as much as she hurt me he says in his mind

he slows his pace but still hits her hard, he looks at his wife, she is enjoying this, she is, look at her he thinks, who go know sey my wife love fork like this? Lady in the street, freak in the bed!

"Tade Jo, please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I wont ever,uhnnnn, please, yessssss! I promise, baby, oooo! uhn! baby, Tade, Im comiiiing!"

mistake. she shouldn't have said that, he puts he legs down and slides out of her, he pulls her off the table and makes her kneel in front of him, Tade shoves himself tasting of her into her mouth, she starts to eat him like her life depended on it, she holds on to him like he was a lifeline licking the whole length of his cork clean, he feels himself building, no, it was not yet time to come, not yet, and if he was to come, it was to give her that baby she has been going on and on about he pulls her back up and pushes her towards the wall, she doesn't need to be told twice, she's up on him her legs around his waist, her back to the wall, he jams into her HARD!, sucking on her left breast, spanking her with his right hand.

"AH! baby! my husband, shit, I'm in trouble today,yesssss, Tade, fork me, ye harder, baby, my love, yes, I'm going to come Tade, I cant help it, taDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

he feels her come all over him, he feels the come dribbling down his thighs, but not yet, he places her back on the table and quickens his pace, faster....

"tell me, does that dick feel like it has been forking someone else?"

"NOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm coming again! My love, fork that poosy, fuck your wifes poosy."

"its not my wife's poosy, Its mine!" his fingers tighten on her breasts

"Shit, Shit, shit, MADEeeee! Tejumade!" he falls against her as he empties himself into her, he is spent as his eyes refocus they settle on the clock in their room, a souvenir from their wedding

'Tade and Tejumade
together forever'

he looks into her eyes, his misty, hers starry.

"you hurt me Tejumade, you hurt me real bad"

to be continued.


Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

awwww lolololol! i like the turn of this.

this babe... lol!

the fact he wanted to hurt her and she was enjoying it lol. irony eyy??? little did he know that all she wanted was this; hard fuck!!!

well at least in the end every1 is happy.

umm i wonder if this is wot goes on in men's mind whenever they shag their women after/during steamy arguments.

altogether good read. loved it.

ShonaVixen said...

FIRST!!!!Whoa gurl, you gone and did it this time!!This was so soo good, i have read it twice was hot..H.O.T.T!WHOA girl, u the next Zane for sho!!Lurved it!!!xoxo

Afrobabe said...

ok, in a conventional world that would be called rape...but hot danmmmm girl that was hot....

Seems like something that would happen to me....naaaa more like something that has happened to me...

badderchic said...

@ all

can a husband rape his wife?

off to bed, its 4.30 in the mornin, Afro I had you in mind while writing, glad y'all loved it!

Naapali said...

baddestchic in full form. so which part was fiction?

Chari said...



chai...*shakes this shouldnt be what I should be readin on a sunday morning...nice work here o if u ask me..

Chari said...


I am down...I need me some healing right here mayn...and reading ur piece didnt help one bit!

Afrobabe said...

Now look what you've caused...I read this just when I was trying to stay away from ermmm doing, now I not only want to do..I want to do a bad boy...I want to be bitten and I want to cry out!!!!!

Mz. Dee said...

Oh boi... i no be the woman but the thing sed dey pain me 4 here!!

oya na..if she no get bele 4rm dis one eh... make d woman go meet native doctor!

naijaleta said...

Excuse me badderchic, did you say you had Afrobabe in mind when writing that stuff? Are you a man or lesbian?

Naija Idol said...

Teju got what she wanted na abi??? some good luvin nd probably a bun in the oven or maybe 2 sef.

BADder chick, this was HOOOOT!!

Anonymous said...

you're a psycho

Anonymous said...

it is rape tho.
she didnt consent to it... jus like under-age sex is rape even if there is consent.

badderchic said...

@ lighty

As in me sef dey wonder if this goes through guys minds, I mean I know this is waht Im gunning for anytime (most times) Im looking for 'trouble'

@ Vixen

o gbonaa meen, I don know se blog chics go enjoi am, no forming here o! lol

@ Afro

You and I both know this one no be rape *wink wink* it has happened to you abi? I trust you!

@ Naapali

you want me to reval my secret ingredients? dont worry in private

@ Chari

abeg take am easy o! no go wound, abi you sef need italian speaking somebory like Jaja?

@ Afro

make sure you jist us when youe had your 'bad boi' lol

@ Ms Dee

hope the tin no too pain you sha, dont worry wait for sequel to know whetha she get belle or not

@ Naijaleta

Im not a guy, neither am I gay, I just knew Afro was going to feel the post, you see we have like minds Afro and I

@ NAija Idol

YES O! she asked for it and she gorrit abi? no be small thing o!

@ Geisha

oya me psycho abi? what does that say of you? my darling, you need to come to terms with the fact that this is the real world, adrenaline filled, sick, dirty, bondagey sessions are extremely normal, as long as they arent ctting off body parts or any of those unbearable stuff THIS IS WHAT MOST WOMEN WANT they just wont say it. so my dear this is not rape, just forkng her brains out, sha let me shut up before i spol you finish.

by the way, you still owe me a movie!

badderchic said...

Under aged sex rape? if the child is chopping agbalagba food, then she is an agbalagba, dont go hating r.kelly. did he carry her from a playground? Mall? school? abi cafetaria? or church or the town hall? he met her in a club, wetin she fin go ther if she no be adult? woo another talk for another day. lol

N.I.M.M.O said...

Babes, I wan ask whether you don marry. This was hot. I think its usually like this after a long break .

Like Doc Naps, may I ask which part is fiction?

Jaguda said...

heavy sista, heavy. hmmmmmm very nice. cant wait for the conclusion. hard fucking can be sucha turn on, especially when its unexpected.damn this was too hawt

badderchic said...


I dey wait for you, Jaja or Port to come marry me o! make wesef do re enactment *wink wink* and you go fit seperate fact from fiction

@ JAguda

the sequel promises to be hotter. lol

teecity said...

wow dat really blew my mind. but it does happen to d best of us.

Tyger said...

totally hot!

i sigh

iàm at work jo!

hot shit!

Mevis said...

Sweety, I don't care what anybody says, you got a standing ovation from me. This really turned me on, not that that's very hard to do but.......!
Very well done, you should think about going into a certain writing profession.....!

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

lmao lmao..
I had my man read this and his like "hell yeah..fuck, this is what i like"..should I be worried biko? I dont want my poosy to be

omg, I have not been here in a while..i kinda thought you stopped blogging..anyways whats your email?

oh and this post was so real and sexy, i can see married couples doing this

Yosh? said...

"what has gotten into you?"

"obviously not you, I probably should go ahead and buy myself a vibrator"

hahahaha words on marble! Have u been "shoplifting"? :d

"Tade Jo, please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I wont ever,uhnnnn, please, yessssss! I promise, baby, oooo! uhn! baby

badderchic said...

@ Teecity

as long as you are smiling dearie

@ Tyger

hope the feline didnt mess her chair up o!

@ MEvs

shweerie, as in me sef ey think am, I could be editor of my own magazine say better lover? shit that name's been taken, okay let me look for names while u guys look for investors but really imagine Afro, Idemmilli, Tyger, Ubong and em likes writing for a mag, the tin go pass penthouse and nackson joint together

@ Zephi

Oya go and look for his trouble now now! lol

@ Yosh

Im ready when you are ready *wink wink*

Enigma said...

Oh my God!! didnt realize alot of women like it this hard and rough, was virtually hearing her screams in my head (and im at work!)

I dont class it as rape..just learned another way to shut a woman up!

Steamy indeed...great read! *wipes brow*

Nice to meet you!

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ Zephi.....Tell him it is not like that oh...

depends on u and depends on the fire...some times sprinkling the water doesn't put the fire out!!!

Sometimes the fire has to be beaten out..

@ badderbabe, that dont look like rape to me, looks more like one of my rules!!!

NaijaBabe said...

No comment!

Mevis said...

@ badderchic

ah i dont mind oh.
uhm you guyz can start by sending me soft porn stories, ill pay SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!
anybody that sends me a nice sex story gets...... i dont know, how much do you think its worth?

oya send me your first one, by lets say monday..... thats your deadline!!!!!!

badderchic said...

@ Enigma

to the best of my knowledge alot of girls "like it this hard and rough" but they wont say, nobody wants to be labelled freak except of course you are a BLOG CHIC! at least some of us.

you heard her screams? thats the way forward. lol

"I dont class it as rape..just learned another way to shut a woman up!"


lovely to meet you!

@ Afrobabe
for a moment there, I though you wrote "Sometimes the fire has to be EATEN out...

fear catch me...excitement too!

@ NaijaBabe

I concur

@ Mevs

you subscibe first, I hope you know we dont do soft porn, who in the world likes it soft? *wink wink*

deadline? YEs BOss!

Buttercup said...

oh my word.....gosh, u'v got me wantin some!

1st time here!

Mevis said...

ok, by 'soft porn' i mean something that makes sense, as we all know, we like it rough.

im looking forward to subscribing, but ill have to see a sample on monday first, before i do, im sure you understand, i need to test the product first..........................................!

Nice guy said...

this is some rated R stuvs mehn...its even better than watching porn i tell...with the detailed goodness

Lady Koko said...

oh ma gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MA GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!1 OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GOSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *left eye lid twiching*

badderchic said...

@ Buttercup

You are welcome in the name of the lord, I can see all over you, the glory of the lord, you are welcome in the name of the lord.

e kaa bo.

@ Mevs


@ Nice guy

As in i am seriously blosheen

@ Lady Koko

Dont go having a cardiac arrest on me girl, wait for the rest. lol

@ All

In my history of bloggin, I have never had this many comments, you people like iranu (rubbish/ yanma yanma) tooooo much...and Im lovin it, this avenue to display my mutual iranu tendencies. lovin you guys seriously!

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ the fire being EATEN out....that would work!!!

Nigerican said...

OMG *jaw drops*... that sounds like the best sex Seriously, it's the kind that leaves u wanting a cigarette even tho u don't smoke.Nice blog, great post.

Nigerican said...

OMG *jaw drops*... that sounds like the best sex Seriously, it's the kind that leaves u wanting a cigarette even tho u don't smoke.Nice blog, great post.

theicequeen said...

yeee, that ish was hot ohhH! wetin dey worry all of us sef? i've seen almost all the comments so we secretly like rough play abi? lmao..i no go lie sha, ish was hawt fast and contine oh jare, i bo fit handle anticipation!!

meanwhile this part made me laugh ehn.."do you want me to tattoo it on my forehead? Ive already done it on my arm, where else do you want it you this woman?" lmaooo! i can just visualize him asking her, gesturing with his hands and everything..hilarious!

haven't been here as frequently as i should..forgive me?/

badderchic said...

@ Nigerican

I concur!
thanks love

@ theicequeen

E be like sey na soo pple like rough tin true true o! as in?

You are forgiven.

kay-shawn said...

Erm.... that was really hot. It got all steamy in here.

Thanks for stopping by mine. Would def. be visiting you more often.

Pink Lips said...

You dis chick, very creative sha!!

Toluwa Lase said...

1st tym hurr...

interesting! very!